Should I Focus on Affiliate Promotions or My Own Products? [VIDEO]

Why The Answer is Not Either/Or but Both/And

It can be hard to choose what to focus on: Your own products or affiliate promotions. But what if it didn’t have to be either/or but it was both/and?

Affiliate promotions or my own products?

Asheritah Ciuciu from One Thing Alone recently reached to me and said this:

I’m still trying to figure out where affiliates fit in. Obviously, I don’t want to detract from our own work and momentum, but some side income would be nice as well.

How to Use Affiliate Leaderboards to Skyrocket Your Sales

Why They Work and Best Practices for Making the Most of Them

Do affiliate leaderboards actually produce more sales? The answer is a resounding YES and I’ll explain why below. I’ll also share how to make the most of your leaderboards to dramatically increase your sales.

How to do affiliate launch leaderboards

At their core, affiliate leaderboards are a form of psychological persuasion.

They encourage people to aim higher, achieve more, and fight it out. They are fun and engaging and produce more sales. But why?

How I Got a 400% Increase in Tweets per Blog Post | Click to Tweet

Beginning four months ago, I saw a 400% increase in the number of tweets per blog post I write.

How? And why should you care?

Increase your click to tweet response

If you are a blogger, you should care because I am about to show you how to do the same thing I did.

If you are not a blogger, I am about to share a killer marketing tip with you.

If neither of these intrigues you, I promise punch and pie to one random person who leaves a comment on this post, so at the very least scan it, read the question, and let me know your thoughts. (Special note: Punch and/or pie only valid to Burmese residents named Tim)