What My Favorite Band Taught Me About Leading Well – 5 Lessons from Counting Crows

My wife, Tara, and I recently attended the Counting Crows concert here in Fort Wayne. They’ve been my favorite band for more than twenty years and I’d never seen them. That is until she got me the ultimate anniversary gift…3rd row, VIP tickets. Amazingly, while there I observed five things they do that all great leaders do.

Leadership lessons from the band Counting Crows

During the course of the day and night of the concert, I noticed five things about the band that stood out. I was surprised to find leadership lessons from a rock band, but that is exactly what happened.

5 leadership lessons from Counting Crows

1. Great leaders continue to hone their craft.

Counting Crows released their first album in 1993. Few of you, if any of you, were online back then. It was before smartphones, instant messaging, blogs, and buying music online was unheard of. Even before that, lead singer Adam Duritz and his bandmates were in other bands, writing songs, and developing their skills.

Communicate Like A Rock Star by Joseph Lalonde | Presentation Skills

Did you ever notice how effective many musicians are at communicating?

OK, I know not all of them are (Ryan Adams, I’m thinking of you) but the real stars are experts at it. Most of them have a great mix of talent and training in communicating well.

So what is it that makes them great? Joseph Lalonde is going to answer that below. He is a youth leader at Oak Crest Church of God and an awesome writer. He usually writes at his blog, where he shares leadership tools and encourages you to become a better leader, but today we’re blessed by his wisdom here. I encourage you to connect with him on Twitter as well. He’s got some good stuff in both places.

Take it away Joe…

Communicate Like a Rock Star
Can you remember the last time you went to a rock concert?

The music was loud. The crowd was excited. The singer may have shared a few words.

There was energy in the room. People were ready to listen to the guys on stage.

They couldn’t wait to get what the band offered.

Have you been able to create an energy like this in your organization? My guess is most likely not.

Your presentations may be dull. They don’t catch the attention of the audience. And those who heard you speak may not remember what you said.

If you’re there, I’d like to encourage you to begin communicating like a rock star. It could change the way you communicate forever.

My Writing Playlist | Music to Write to. Soundtracks and more.

I am often asked what I listen to when I write.

I write a lot, both for this blog and professionally for clients. I usually write blog posts early in the morning and finish before 7:00 AM. There are little to no distractions and I often write to the sound of absolute silence. But I do often write to music, especially during the day when distractions abound.

My writing playlist

I never write to music with words (with the exception of Gregorian chants and other non-English singing). I get too caught up in the lyrics to focus. When I am not writing, I listen to these songs that mean so much to me.

The Playlist of Life

I am under the influence.

Of some powerful tunes, that is. Right now, I am writing this from approximately 33,000 feet somewhere over the Rockies. The airplane is obnoxiously loud. But I have my music. So I am good.

I can’t write without music. I’ve tried.

There is something about different types of music that unleashes my creativity and intelligence. From Baroque music to Gregorian chant to country, techno, rock, and folk..all of it is good stuff. My playlist is eclectic to say the least.

The local NPR station in Fort Wayne has a show called Under the Influence, on which guests share the five songs that have influenced them the most.

I thought it would be fun to do so myself here.

My top five most meaningful and impactful songs:

5. Round Here by Counting Crows

It is hard for me to believe that this classic is nearly twenty years old. I feel kind of old now.

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