Review of Project:Success by Mark Sieverkropp

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What’s the next big thing in your life?

Do you have big ideas, but feel stuck? What if there was a step-by-step guide to help you get unstuck and moving towards your dreams and passions?

Thankfully, there is. It’s called Project:Success, the new book from Mark Sieverkropp.

Project:Success Book by Mark Sieverkropp
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I was super fortunate to receive an advanced copy of the book and it blew me away. Mark is a first time author, but the ideas in this book are well-tested and proven to work.

I interviewed Mark ahead of the release of his book today. I’ve included some highlights from the interview below as well, but I highly encourage you to listen.

How would you describe Project: Success to someone? 

Project: Success outlines the process used by successful people the world over to accomplish their goals and dreams.  The mindset, plan, and process included in this book will help you achieve success in any aspect of your life.  Project: Success changes the way you think and the way you look at your goals and dreams and give you the tools and resources to accomplish them.

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