Why You Should Promote the Same Products Over and Over [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Daily Episode 174

I got an email from an affiliate recently asking about promoting the same product for the third time. Is this wise? Or perhaps there are advantages to doing so?

Here’s what he wrote me along with my response:

I have run the promo the past two years and it has gone well. Just a bit worried that it may be played out to my audience. As well, the people who have opted in previously are already on Michael’s list. So, not sure of the effectiveness this year.


That’s a common misconception…very common. And totally wrong.

Watch who does well on leaderboards with similar list sizes. It’s the guys who are promoting something for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th times.

3 reasons:

1. You know how to promote it
2. You get the ADVANTAGE of those people who’ve followed Michael for the past year and NOW you recommend something again. I mean talk about WARM leads dude.
3. The workload is less because you can copy a lot from previous years and focus on things like bonuses and FB lives

Don’t NOT promote and miss out on all the people you sent the last two years. THIS is the year you really capitalize on them.

And remember two more things:

1. X% of your list is new. 20%? 50%? Those people don’t know about this
2. Even the people who DID get the promo last year don’t remember it. Dude, they don’t even remember what you sent this LAST MONTH or even last week.

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