In case you haven’t noticed, the 2016 presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has been kind of a big deal around the world. But what does it mean for online marketers? And really, what does it truly mean for anyone?

Remember, entrepreneurs win no matter who is in the White House. But winning is a choice and a daily commitment to excellence.

How are you choosing to respond to the election, now and after? (Remember to keep it civil)

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2 thoughts on “What Does the 2016 Presidential Election Mean for Online Marketers?

  1. Martin Longden says:

    Matt, what happens in the US economy and politically, affects us economically in the confidence for the US and world markets, and policy shaping domestically as well. As the saying goes,”When the US sneezes, Australia catches a cold.”

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      No doubt, but when you catch a cold, it’s still up to you how you handle it. 🙂

      I’ve had many colds over the years. Prior to five years ago, I used to get really tired and decide I was just going to feel like crap for 3-4 days. About five years ago, I discovered a solution. It was a little medical (some natural stuff) but mostly mental.

      I think the election is the same way.

      I can do what I can to avoid a cold but there is nothing I can do to 100% prevent it other than live in a bubble.

      I can do what I can to create a better political system but most of that is beyond my control.

      What I can choose is how to react.

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