When COVID hit, companies across the world cut their ad budgets BIG TIME! That meant a LOT of online influencers were up the proverbial creek without a paddle… UNLESS they took advantage of affiliate marketing. You see, these brands had to eliminate all expenses that didn’t have a clear ROI and that they had to pay for upfront. But affiliate marketing is actually doing amazingly well right now. Companies are looking for low-risk, guaranteed ways to make money. So while some of these influencers’ incomes dried up overnight and never returned. SOME influencers switched to affiliate marketing and are making MORE money than they were from paid promotions. Like blogger Jessica Turner. She’s a major influencer in the “mom niche” (her blog is called The Mom Creative). Her revenue went south when COVID first became a thing here in the US but it quickly recovered because of affiliate marketing. So I asked her to come to share what’s working for her during these crazy times and she agreed! I’ve known Jessica for nearly a decade and have worked with her as an affiliate for some major brands and she knows her stuff! She’s been one of the top affiliates for multiple companies and what she’s sharing is bound to be AWESOME! Join the conversation as Jessica and I discuss how influencers (and everyone) can take advantage of affiliate marketing during these unusual circumstances.

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