The biggest limiting belief that holds people back from success with affiliate marketing is the belief that affiliate marketing is salesy, sleazy, or scammy. A lot of the conventional teaching online says that promoting affiliate offers will leave your tribe burned out and that you can never build a tribe if you are promoting affiliate offers. But guess what… Conventional teaching is WRONG! Yes, I am flat out saying that ANYONE who has taught you these things and held you back from the success you deserve is either lying, or at best, severely misguided. If you want to know how to sell without being salesy, sleazy, or scammy…and SERVE your audience with affiliate marketing, keep listening!

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Affiliate Marketing Sales Secrets: How To Sell Without Being Salesy, Scammy or Sleazy

In the last episode, I shared how to get started with affiliate marketing fast. And one of the things that I didn’t cover is obviously how to really sell, what are the sales secrets that the top affiliates are applying. And we’re going to talk about those in this episode, we’re going to talk about how to sell without being salesy, without being sleazy, without being scammy. So why do I even need to talk about that? About being salesy, sleazy, or scammy? Part of it is because of this myth that if you promote affiliate offers, like we’ve talked about the myth of it, being a distraction.

In other words, your audience can’t possibly buy something from someone else and you and the lifetime in their lifetime. In other words, your audience can’t possibly buy something from someone else and you in the same lifetime, that’s ridiculous. We talked about the advantages, how it teaches you how to sell, how it creates buyers. You know, Dan Kennedy says a buyer’s, a buyer’s, a buyer, right? We talked about how it conditions your audience into becoming buyers, not just lurkers, who hoard your free content. We talk about how you don’t need a huge following, and we’re going to really dive into that today.

You don’t need to wait. It’s not a distraction. It’s not something that you have to have this massive following. But what about this reputation that affiliate marketing has for being scammy, for being salesy, for being sleazy, I’m going to take a step back and just say that in many ways, those beliefs, that reputation it’s justified in many ways.

There are a few bad apples out there. They get all the attention, all the bad apples, get the attention. The one guy’s scammed, a bunch of people there. One guy did some ads that weren’t true. Well, that would be like judging the entire human race based on Jeffrey Dahmer, based on Hitler. I mean, that would be ridiculous just because there are a few stupid people, a few people who are evil, a few people who’ve done wrong. It doesn’t mean that all humans are like that. And so if you’re listening and you’re going. I am a little bit fearful of being sleazy or being salesy. That’s a good thing that shows me that you care about your audience. Your number one priority is to serve your audience. So that’s what this podcast today is all about how affiliate marketing can serve your tribe and how you can promote things without being sleazy or salesy or scammy.

That’s what we’re talking about today. So let’s dive right into the secrets of top affiliates. These are the secrets that we found of the affiliates, who convert at the highest rates, not necessarily who make the most sales, but the ones that convert at the highest rates. Some of these I’ve shared before in various pieces, right? But we’re going to put them all together today in one episode full of all these secrets and secret number one is well secret.

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Number one, when I think of secret number one, I think of Zig Ziglar. He said that “selling is essentially a transfer of feelings.” In other words, if you’re going to sell effectively, you have to have passion. You have to have belief. You have to be passionate about the product you’re promoting. You have to believe in the product you’re promoting. If you don’t have those things, if you don’t have passion and belief, you cannot pass them on to potential buyers. So in other words, you can’t transfer a feeling you don’t have.

In fact, if you don’t believe in the product, you have a lack of passion. It’s going to be evident in your marketing. It’s going to come through that. You don’t believe in the product you’re promoting. So the first affiliate marketing sales secret is you have to passionately believe in the product you’re selling. There’s a big mistake I see. I see a lot of new affiliates are trying to chase a buck. They’re trying to promote products that they don’t believe in. And they have literally no passion for the product, but the commissions are great.

They start seeing those, those dollar signs, dollar, dollar, dollar, dollar bills. Y’all, that’s what they’re seeing. And the next thing they know, they’re struggling to put together a marketing plan that what am I going to do? How am I going to sell this? What language am I going to use? It’s inevitable, right? The promotion totally bombs. Their marketing sucks, their conversion suck. And ultimately they end up making no money. So the key point here, you would be better off promoting something that you’re passionate about, that you passionately believe in even if the commissions are lower, I promise you I would rather make a 20% commission on something that I am a huge fan of promoting a person that I passionately believe in than promoting something with a 40% commission that I just don’t believe in it. You’re going to make more money and you’re going to serve your audience better in the long run. Like you can never sell something that you don’t passionately believe in.

Secret number two, I’ve used this example many times, but imagine a picture in your mind, a guy asking a girl out on a date, and just to be clear, like dating is selling, that asking for that first date, that’s a sales pitch. All right. And we talked about this in the first secret, right? If, if this guy truly believes that he will be successful, odds are, he will be. Now there’s no guarantee that just because you believe in something you’re going to be successful, but I can guarantee you, if you think you will fail, you will fail. You will project your failure to your prospect, right? In this case, the girl who wants to ask that on a date, and that’s what makes secret number two so powerful. In order to succeed at selling affiliate offers or really anything, you have to visualize making the sale.

That’s a secret number two. They visualize success. Now I shared this exercise a while back, so I’m not going to go super in-depth into it. But here’s what I found. It’s a visualization exercise. It only takes a couple of minutes. Results are extraordinary. And so anytime I sit down, I stand, but anytime I write an email copy, I write a blog post. I record a podcast. I did it today. You name it like I do this visualization exercise. And it puts me in the right mindset for success.

I shared it in depth. I don’t think I’ve done it on a podcast, but I did it as a live lesson. So we’ll link to that. We’ll link to that. If you want to see it in action, I’ll put a link in the show notes. You can also get a guide, right? It’ll walk you through this step-by-step for you. Just go to Mattmcwilliams.com/visualizeguide. We’ll put that in the show notes. It walks you through this visualization exercise.

Essentially it’s kind of like a meditation, but what you’re doing is, I walk you through, you get comfortable, close your eyes, take some breaths, again, walks you through step-by-step. And we’re picturing the person reading your email or watching your video. What kind of emotions are they having? We want to go into vivid detail. Like where is he watching it? Where is he reading it? And then we picture them clicking the enroll button, seeing the price, we picture them clicking to the sales page. We picture them clicking that enroll button and seeing the price and they go on that’s worth it, we pictured them taking out, their card and entering it. And then we picture them enjoying the product. And then what’s their future.

If we’re selling a weight loss product, then we’re picturing them three years from now in the best health and shape of their lives. And we’re picturing the guy or girl, we’re picturing them living the life of their dreams. I mean, just so happy. That’s what we’re picturing. That’s what we’re picturing. So that’s an important exercise. Again, if you want to grab that guide, you can grab that at Mattmcwilliams.com/visualizeguide.

Secret, number three, you got to put your audience into a buying mood. You need to warm your audience out before you try to sell to them. All right, before you can sell anything, the audience has to be in a buying mood. Now, this only happens if they have a need for a product, of course, you’ve got a rash and, and you’re, you want to buy rash cream, you have a need, you probably don’t need a swimming pool, but you want one. You’ve got to have an extreme desire for that. So you’ve got to warm them up. And one of the biggest mistakes I see affiliates making is they try to sell to a cold audience. They come out of nowhere with a promotion, and then they just expect their audience to develop a sudden need or sudden desire for a product, That’s not how this works.

You know, Zig Ziglar, I’m going to quote him probably a few times today. I said every sale has five obstacles. Number one, no need number two, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust. I, so if there’s no need or desire, they’re not going to buy. If they don’t have money, they’re not in Italy. Truly don’t have money. You know, a dead broke person is not going to get a swimming pool. A dead broke person will find a way to get the rash cream. That’s a totally different thing. That means if you were literally truly broke and you can’t get any credit, no nothing.

You will find a way to get life-saving medicine. There’s no hurry again. Hurry to get a swimming pool for example, but it’s March. And we kind of has been wanting the swimming pool for years. And if we don’t get the swimming pool put in and I don’t know how long that takes, I’ve never actually put in a swimming pool. I don’t know how long that takes, but let’s just say it takes a month, a few weeks to dig it and lay the concrete, let it dry. I guess it could be a month. Yeah. And that could Google that. But so if you don’t put this in May, by late May, we’re not going to get to enjoy it this season. Who puts a swimming pool, at least where I live in Indiana.

You don’t put a swimming pool in early August. Hey, we get to use it for four weeks. Ooh. So and no trust clearly. And when you don’t warm up your audience properly then you face all five of the obstacles, right? You haven’t established a need. You haven’t even given your followers time to even consider coming up with the money. There’s no hurry because there’s no need or desire. There’s no trust for you or the product you’re selling. So you have no chance of selling none. Whatsoever, you’re not going to sell because here’s the thing, a cold audience doesn’t buy.

You’ve got to warm up your list. And we’ve talked about this in past episodes. You got to provide consistent, valuable content to your tribe. You cannot try to come out of the left-field, selling something. You got to just keep them warm, regular posts, regular content. I don’t care if it’s a weekly video, a weekly blog post a weekly podcast. If that’s all you do, I do more. But if all you do is just once a week, something you gotta do that. You can warm up your audience by interviewing the product creator or having them write a guest post or something like that. Do a video interview. You can interview people who’ve used the product, who’s been through the course. You can link to content from the product creator. You can quote the product creator link to articles about them. You can create a mini-course that leads into it.

We’ve talked about this before, where you can create some sort of a mini-course that does some of the pre-work that somebody might go through. But these are always to warm up your audience.

You have to have them warm. You have to have them on fire, ready to buy so that they have those things, right, Zig Ziglar, talk about they have a need or a desire. They have a want, or they realize they actually have a need. You know, like some people might think, yeah, my marriage is kind of bad, but it’s not, I’m not on the edge of divorce. And then you teach them some stuff and you actually go, oh my gosh, my like my marriage is going to fall apart in a year. There’s suddenly gone from the desire to the need. And again, they’ll come up with the money, the words for the hurry, my marriage is falling apart, you know? And, and they trust you because you’ve warmed them up. Secret. Number four, secret number four is they go the extra mile. I’ve done about 80 affiliate promotions over the past 15 years that I’ve run.

Actually, my next launch will be coming up in January and it’ll be my 60th big product launch that we’ve run, that our team has run. And I, and I noticed something unusual, right? There’s always like one or two affiliates who stood out. There was just something about them. Like their marketing, everything they did just stood out. In other words, they went the extra mile. Zig said there are no traffic jams on the extra mile.

And so the thing about this is when, when you do this, when you go the extra mile, you stand out now standing out in terms of going the extra mile on affiliate promotions requires four things. Number one, you gotta have creative thinking. You gotta have a creative thing. Number two, you gotta have more effort, more effort. That’s important.

Third, you’ve got to have a willingness to try new things. And that means you fourth. You’ve got to have a willingness to fail the people who do this the best. They’re the affiliates that have what I call the X factor, right? It’s this immeasurable. It’s not quantifiable. It’s intangible in other words, right? But it’s this quality made up of creativity and personalization.

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And I’m going to share some ways you can go the extra mile, but this is the thing you can’t stand out. If you’re stuck in the crowd, we’re going to talk about this in a few episodes where we talk about we’re going to have a whole series on holiday promotions and it may have back-to-back episodes, the series on a holiday promotion. And I’m super excited about it because I’m going to, I’m going to go, we’re going to do eight episodes. I’ve done 12 in the past 12 days of Christmas. This year, we’re doing eight for the eight days of Hanukkah. And it’s totally different. I’m sharing stuff. I would say 90% of it. I’ve never shared before, maybe 80, 80% of it. I’ve never shared before.

And so we got all kinds of new stuff that we’re gonna be sharing. I’m super excited about that. And I think it’s the third and fourth episodes. It is the second and third. I’m not sure. So for the episodes are going to be an affiliate, marketing focus, four are going to be about affiliate programs. So for those of you running affiliate programs, we’ve got content for you. We got content. If you’re doing affiliate promotions, if you’re doing both all later relevant, and even if you’re, that’s the thing just real quick, I know I’m getting off on a rabbit trail, but even if you’re, you’re just an affiliate, some of the affiliate program stuff is going to be handy. And the reverse is true because a lot of this stuff overlaps.

And when there are two episodes, one is how to stand out in your affiliate promotions, two, how to stand out with your affiliate program. And one of the keys is just to go the extra mile. You can’t stand out if you’re stuck in a crowd. So how do you go the extra mile? I’m going to share a few different suggestions that you can use in your affiliate promotions.

Things like getting on the phone with people, getting on the phone with people, calling your most engaged prospects, right? These are the people like think, oh my gosh, like I can’t get on the phone with 500 people. You don’t need to get on the phone with 500 people. Let’s say you’re promoting a workshop, a free workshop that leads into a big product launch.

And you’ve got a thousand people who registered for that workshop. These are all prospects now, but here’s the thing. When you get to the time to sell 500 of them are never going to click on the sales page. So we’re not going to call them. 50 of them are going to buy already. We’re talking about getting to the last day of the promotion 50 of them already bought, maybe it’s 30, but we’ll go to 15. So we don’t need to call them. They already bought, you’ll have another 300 who, you know, maybe I’m more, probably more like 400 who clicked to the sales page once never click again. We’re not going to call them. That leaves us with maybe 50 upwards of a hundred.

Usually, it’s in that 7% range we found. So out of a thousand, about 70, 75 people, they click two times to the sales page, but they still don’t buy if someone clicks multiple times to the sales page, but it does not buy, they are highly interested but reluctant. And what I’ve found about these people is it, usually, it comes down to one question that holds them back one, hangup, one go, one weird situation. And when you call them or have them call you, the sale is easy. These are five to seven-minute calls. These are not hour-long ordeals. You answered a couple of questions and you’re good now from a practical purpose, even if you’re only mailing 20 people to 15 people even then make sure that you space out the emails.

I mean, like the average number that I mail is when I do this as probably about 35 40 people we’ll have three, 400, opt-ins maybe 500 opt-ins for the promo. And we’ll end up with 35 40 people that we, we basically say, Hey, call me, or we give them a link to schedule a call. And what we do is we send those emails over the course of about three hours. So even with just 40 people, we’re mailing them in 10-minute batches. So it’s only going to be like two people at a time. That way I don’t get a flood of people calling me all at once, getting my voicemail, I’ll get like a call, and then I’ll go 20 minutes and get another call.

And every now and again, somebody will go to voicemail, but it really helps address that problem. Now there’s a specific email that we use to get people, to actually schedule the call or to call me if you want a copy of that. We’ve got the exact email template, in the script to use, just go to Mattmcwilliams.com/phone.

I’ll give it to you there. And I’ll put that link in the show notes as well. Secondly is used live chat, the same principle. You’re just going to use live chat. Instead of a phone, I wrote an entire post about using live chat. I’ll link to that in the show notes as well. The third is just to get very personal.

The affiliates that I saw that stood out are the ones who, they’re promoting a weight loss product and they’re showing them before and after it’s embarrassing. You know, they’re telling the story about how they sucked as a spouse and were abusive towards their wife. They’re getting very personal. So if you want to go the extra mile, you think you’re being personal, take it up a notch or three, the fourth week we talked about this, just, you know, create your own promo content. One of the best examples I ever saw, was my friend, John Meese and he created his own video series that ultimately led to Ray Edwards, copywriting sales funnel and so it’s really cool how he did it. And this is just going the extra mile, right. It really stood out.

He had a list of only about 1300 people and ended up finishing in like 11th or 12th place on the leaderboard, which is nothing short of remarkable. There are tons of other ways to stand out. Things like sending a thank you email when somebody optins. I have people request their opt-in list all the time. They don’t request it so they can send a thank you email. So here’s what you do. You request your opt-in list. 20 people don’t matter. 10 people, a hundred people, 500 doesn’t matter, send an email and say, Hey, thanks for registering for so-and-so’s workshop. Thanks for registering for so-and-so’s webinar or aren’t they going to get that from the person?

Yeah. But why don’t you thank them? Give them a peek at what’s coming up, courage them to stay engaged, tell them, give them the link to the Facebook group. Oh, well it didn’t, let’s just say Stu McLaren didn’t Stu didn’t. They send out, encourage them. Yeah, they did. But now they will love you for it. They will love you for it. Join them on the journey, join them on the journey. One of the best ways to increase affiliate sales as I’ve mentioned, thousands of times, right? Offer a bonus, putting together a bonus can be really hard sometimes. But what if you could offer a bonus, an amazing bonus that you didn’t have to do anything upfront. So if you’re promoting a course, for example, just share your biggest takeaways from each lesson, go through it with them. It’s a 10-week course get on for 10, 30 minutes to an hour session and just share your takeaways and answer questions, coach them through.

Like, that means just you getting on zoom. You don’t have to do anything in advance, right? If you’ve got an audience that’s like a super niche within the product that you’re promoting. So I think of the product launch formula, maybe your audience is all authors. What if you offered a specific product where you’re going to take or those 10 weeks where you’re going to take the concepts that Jeff is teaching in protocol and formula and apply them to the author specifically, that stands out that’s going the extra mile. All right. Secret number five, secret number five is that the single biggest factor in increasing your affiliate income is not, it’s not a larger list.

It’s not more traffic. It’s not more leads. It’s closing sales. They know how to close sales. They know how to close sales without being scammy, without being sleazy, without being salesy. And I shared this before in a whole series where I talked about closing sales. So I’m not going to go into depth. I mean, that’s like a three-hour series. But what we noticed was there was always this group of closers who outperformed the rest of the closers. And in the words, there’d be like in the top 10, in the top 10, there’d be like five affiliates who would close 60% of their leads. And the other five would close less than 2%. There would be a group of five that would close like 9%. And then the other five would close two and a half percent.

This wasn’t contingent upon where they finished on the leaderboard. It was just that within that top 10, there’d be five who would really do well. And five who wouldn’t are four and six or six and four. Right? And so what was this difference between these two groups? One group knew how to close sales. One group knew how to close sales, and I’m not going to go into the whole, again, that whole series that we had before, but just know that this applied across all niches, across all price points, across all different sizes of promotions. So it didn’t matter if it was a multi-million dollar promotion with a $2,000 product in a massive niche. That’s super popular. It could be a $300,000 affiliate launch with a $500 product in a small niche. Right? The same thing happened over and over again.

I’m just going to share kind of the five keys. Go listen to that whole series. Go listen to the whole series. I think it was a 10 part series on closing sales. You want to go and listen to that, but the number one factor was the frequency of emails in the last 48. And especially the last 24 hours, the top five closers mailed an average of 5.3 times in the last 48 hours. Now I studied this a few years ago and it was actually 4.1. That number has gone up the other five. So the five that weren’t as good as the closing average of 1.8 times mailed is an average of 1.8 times in the last 48 hours. So 1.8 to 5.3, that is a dramatic difference.

Three times as many emails. I, but what about unsubscribes? Well, when I do this, when I mail actually melt five times on cart close day, typically I’ll mail it. 7:00 AM shortly after lunch one, 2:00 PM a mail again about seven to 8:00 PM. I’ll mail right after midnight Eastern, and again at two 15 Eastern on a, on a midnight Pacific car close. So midnight Pacific is 3:00 AM Eastern. I usually get like one or 200 subscribers when I do that out of thousands of people. Why? Because first of all, I’m only mailing people who are engaged. I’m only mailing my opt-in list or people who’ve clicked. Second of all, I give them an out, I put in the emails, something along the lines of says if you’re not interested anymore in about this hearing any more about this product, click here, and I won’t send you any more emails about it, but you’ll still get my regular great content.

Sometimes I’ll send an email to 2000 people five times a day, I’ll get zero unsubscribed. I probably average about three-quarters of an unsubscribe per cart, close day. There are no negative side effects basically to mailing more and you will make substantial substantially more money. When I average this over the course of numerous promotions, I averaged a little bit over $10,000 on a cart close day mailing five times, two times, I average $4,790. So literally more than twice as much money.

If you study what the closers are doing, you will flat out, see that they are emailing more and cart closed day than others. The second factor was bonuses. And I’ve talked about this in-depth, the top converters, they had bonuses, they had good bonuses and the key was they were selling their bonuses work. Like, don’t go through all the effort to get people into a sales funnel and not closing because you didn’t offer bonuses. And we talked a minute moment ago about how to create a good one. Well, go create that kind of bonus and then go, I’ve got, I’ll put a link in the show notes for how to create a bonus package.

I mean, I’ve talked about this in-depth. The third key to closing more sales, the number three key in order of effect was promoting the end of, end of promo live events. So if you’re promoting something as an affiliate and there are any live events near the end of the promotion, make sure to share them.

It could be a webinar. It could be an AMA, a live stream, special guests doesn’t matter. You know, like these are objection, crushers, right? People come, they get their questions answered. They see other people like them. Who’s had success and they buy they’re also non-pitchy for you, especially AMH. So you just offer a valuable live of it.

And what we found is the top converters, 13% of their sales came directly from the end of promotion webinars or other live events, all the non-converters, only 5% of their sales did. And so this is super important. This is super important. The top converters had nearly twice as many of their optins are there, their sales come from the end of promotion events, the fourth thing. And I sort of talked about this earlier, but it’s a different X factor. It’s a different factor. This X factor, actually, this is the fifth thing, sorry, this is the fifth thing. Let’s see, what are the frequency of emails? No, this is the fourth thing. All right.

So I said earlier, I had five, four. You only have four for you today. There are 10 in that whole series. I thought I was going to share five, but I guess I’m only sharing for this X factor in closing sales is like the top converters. They’re just more creative in their approach. They’re more personal, they’re more creative. They’re more, sometimes their emails feel more spontaneous.

Like you can’t measure this stuff, right? Just think outside the proverbial box, once in a while, especially when you get down to those last 48 hours, I want to share a few ideas just to kind of get your juices flowing. This isn’t an exhaustive list. All right. But again, if you want more on the X factor, go listen to that series on closing sales, but you could forward an email for an email, like from the product creator. You just make it look like you forwarded it. You take their copy forward it one little tip there is, make sure you change out the links to your affiliate link. Don’t just copy and paste their email and keep their links, not your affiliate link. If you have somebody who buys for that email.

That’s not just a traditional sales email for that email. It’s talking about how great they’re loving the product, right? Offer a very limited-time bonus for six hours expire a bonus in the middle of the day, share an embarrassing confession. I bought PLF product launch formula. I didn’t go through it for nine months. That’s an embarrassing confession share a success tip about using it, something that adds to the process, right. You know, add to the conversation. And so the key here is just again with the X factor is just to get creative, you know, think out outside of that box. So the key message here is that you can do this.

You’ve got the information, especially if you go listen to the series on closing sales, you go watch the video about the visualization exercise, right? If you go learn how to warm up your audience and you go download that script for how to do a phone, how to get people on the phone, right? You overcome those limiting beliefs that you’ve got the five secrets of successful affiliates.

We talked about those passion and belief visualizing the sale. You’ve got the exercise, right? Warming up your audience, going the extra mile. I shared six or seven ways that you can go the extra mile, right? Closing sales. That’s what separates successful affiliates from the crowd. And I shared four ways that you can dramatically increase your close rate and go listen to the whole series because it’s super powerful.

You can do this. That’s the big message. You can do this. You can run a successful online business using affiliate marketing, whether it’s to launch your business launch. You’re in many ways, your whole freaking life into a new level you can do. So now that you know these secrets, what’s the next step. Right? Well, step one is apply what you’ve learned.

Go listen to that series and learn more about closing sales. Try the visualization exercise, schedule a promotion, go back to the last episode about how to get started fast post your first affiliate link, prepare a promo plan with passion and belief as we talked about, right? As I said, do the visualization exercise go the extra mile, commit to taking action.

Those are your next steps. And then step two, continue to learn a great place to do that is inside of affiliate, insider monthly, you get all the latest stuff on affiliate marketing. I’d love to have you join aim. We call it Aim Affiliate Insider Monthly. There’s so much great content in there and you’re gonna keep up with what’s.

What’s the latest in affiliate marketing. What are some of the success stories out there every month? There’s a success story. We call it an insider profile where we basically take somebody who they’re probably like you, small list, small following, maybe it’s their first affiliate promotion. And they did $8,000. Maybe it’s their second affiliate promotion. They have a list of 2200 people and they did $35,000. You may be thinking, well, I don’t have 2200 people. Do you have a hundred? So divide 35 by 22. And you get roughly 2000 bucks. You can make 2000 bucks with a hundred people, maybe a little bit more. Even I hear that all the time. Well, that’s a terrible example. That person has 5,000 people and made a hundred thousand dollars.

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How many people do you have? 500. So just divide by 10. You could make $10,000. So we have the insider profile. I take you backstage every month into one of our promotions or things that we’re learning in our company. We call it a backstage pass. We also have every single month, what we call an Affiliate Trends Report an ATM report was the latest in what’s going on in affiliate marketing. And then every month we get together we talked about this earlier answering questions, right? Every single month we do our fireside chat where I answer every affiliate marketing question you could possibly have. So sometimes I’m on there for a while answering all the questions. And that’s awesome. So if you’re interested in joining aim, we’d love to have you.

We have a great community of, of just absolutely amazing people in affiliate, insider monthly, you can get a trial one Bock 50 cents a month because you get two months for a dollar. If you go to Mattmcwilliams.com/AIMtrial. I’ll put the link in that show notes and you can get access.

Like I said, $1 gets in and you’ll get two months’ worth of contacts. Depending upon when you’re doing, you might get three months. Cause you might get the previous month. Typically what we do if you register, like at the end of the month, we just give you that month plus the next two. So you might get three months. If you joined at the beginning of the month, you might miss out on that. It’s kind of hard to tell sometimes. So get tons of stuff. And before we go, make sure you subscribe. So you don’t miss a single episode, leave a rating and review just like I want to give a quick shout out to thankful on apple podcasts who left a review five-star review. Thank you. Informative and motivational.

Matt shares tons of great affiliate marketing knowledge. This podcast helps keep me motivated and focused. That’s awesome to hear and make sure to come back for the next episode. This is why you want to subscribe because you don’t want to miss this. I’ve got three lessons from a hater. This is going to be like one of my favorite episodes. This guy,

I was doing training for Jeff Walker’s mastermind. And then for his product launch formula owners, the training was called serving your audience through promoting other launches. And this guy called me childish and unprofessional and left the training. And you would think that, okay, maybe there was a temptation in the past, this might’ve derailed the whole thing. And I would’ve gotten depressed and felt bad actually was one of the best things.

One of the best things that happened. And I think, I think it’s going to be great. If there are three takeaways that you can learn from your haters and if you don’t have haters yet, you’re going to have them soon. I hope so because it means you’re doing something right. As I remember who was Dan Kennedy, I think he said, if you haven’t offended somebody by noon, you’re not, you’re not marketing hard enough.

So come back for that. Make sure you subscribe. So you don’t miss that and I’ll see you in that episode. Thank you so much for listening today.


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