BLUF Your Way to More Affiliate Sales (And Other Writing Rules)

10 Rules for Better Writing to Help Boost Your Commissions

Great writing can be the difference between affiliate marketing mediocrity and affiliate marketing rockstardom. For nearly a decade, I’ve followed 10 simple writing rules. These rules have helped me to make millions of dollars online. And since they are universal rules, they will work for you.

Affiliate marketing is all about communication. If you communicate well, your audience trusts you, which means more sales. If you communicate well, your audience is compelled to buy, which means more sales. If you communicate…well, you get the point.

Have You Found Your Story?

“I wish I had a better story.” That’s a thought that’s repeated itself in my head from the beginning of this journey of my blog. I wish I had a more amazing story of overcoming obstacles, facing down my demons, and ultimately of a glorious redemption. What I really wanted was a story that was easy to sell.

Have You Found Your Story?

I thought when I first launched my blog nearly three years ago that the only way to attract readers was to show my authority. To demonstrate that I had all the answers. To prove myself worthy of respect.

Boy was I wrong!

#1 Secret to Writing a Viral Blog Post…or to Any Success

Do you know the #1 secret to writing a crazy viral blog post?

It’s also the #1 secret to being successful at anything.

But most people don’t want to talk about it. You won’t find it in many how-to guides. It’s not fun or sexy or “no one ever told me about that before” amazing. In fact, it’s downright boring.

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First a story…my story.

I recently had my first truly viral post. It was this one: How to Properly End a Meeting, Regardless of Your Role.

Take a look at that post. There is nothing special about it. It was one of the least commented upon posts I wrote all of last year.

Don’t get me wrong. I thought it was good or I wouldn’t have shared it with you. (Trust me, I write a lot of crap that you never see)

Your Locus of Control

What is your Locus of Control?

Huh? My what of what?

Don’t worry, we’ll get to what that is and why it’s important soon. But first…

Sixty Day Blog Challenge Matt McWilliams

A few weeks ago I wrote a guest post for Dan Erickson’s blog entitled Take the Sixty-Day Blog Challenge

I asked Dan to do a follow-up post…and explain the Locus of Control. In addition to blogging, Dan also writes songs, poetry and has written two books, A Train Called Forgiveness and At the Crossing of Justice and Mercy. He’s also an on-again/off-again runner like myself.

Take it away Dan!

My Writing Playlist | Music to Write to. Soundtracks and more.

I am often asked what I listen to when I write.

I write a lot, both for this blog and professionally for clients. I usually write blog posts early in the morning and finish before 7:00 AM. There are little to no distractions and I often write to the sound of absolute silence. But I do often write to music, especially during the day when distractions abound.

My writing playlist

I never write to music with words (with the exception of Gregorian chants and other non-English singing). I get too caught up in the lyrics to focus. When I am not writing, I listen to these songs that mean so much to me.