In late March 2019, I spent an amazing four days at Blackberry Farm in the mountains of Tennessee. The trip was a prize for the top affiliates of Michael Hyatt. My wife, Tara, and I spent this time with Michael, Jeff Walker, Amy Porterfield, and their spouses. I left with so many new ideas, strategies, and stories…and I shared them ALL on my podcast.

Below, you can binge-listen to all 12 episodes of “The Blackberry Farm Sessions” now – plus watch a live interview where I go more in-depth into my takeaways…and what has happened since!

Michael Hyatt, Jeff Walker, and Amy Porterfield at Blackerry Farm

Episode 1: The Power of a Promo Plan in Affiliate Marketing

I was reflecting on our biggest affiliate marketing successes right before I recorded this and it all came down to one thing: A PLAN! I recorded this at a gas station somewhere in the middle of Kentucky on my way to one of the most special places on earth…Blackberry Farm. It’s the site of the top affiliates getaway with Michael Hyatt, Jeff Walker, and Pat Flynn…and me. To get there, I had to beat out some legends like Ryan Levesque, Ray Edwards, Stu McLaren, Kevin Harrington, and more. How did we do it? I share how in this episode.


Promo Plan Template

Blackberry Farm picture
The first day lunch mastermind was AMAZING! So many of the ideas I share in this series came from that lunch. Left to Right: My Wife, Tara, me, Jeff Walker, Amy Porterfield, Michael Hyatt, and Michael’s team members Chad Cannon and Joel Miller


Episode 2: Is FEAR an Effective (& Ethical) Marketing Strategy?

I think we all know that fear CAN be an effective marketing strategy…but it can feel so wrong. So, is there a way to use this powerful emotion in an effective AND ethical way? That’s what today’s episode is all about.

Our cottage for the week…what an experience! The level of service at Blackberry Farm is unparalleled!


Episode 3: My Mountaintop Experience

I just climbed down a mountain (literally)…after being at the top. And I had an experience I just had to share with you today. It’s a quick, but powerful episode!


Episode 4: Is Past TRAUMA Holding You Back in Your Online Business?

Is it possible that something from your past…perhaps something traumatic…could be holding you back in your online business? I know that idea might seem crazy, but I had an experience recently that proved that it was true for me…and it might be true for YOU, too.

I crossed many figurative and literal bridges that week…


Episode 5: What Does Your Audience Expect from You?

One way or another, you are conditioning your audience. I recently did a Facebook Live about conditioning your audience to click and buy, but what about the way you deliver your content? How are you conditioning your audience? And are you delivering on their expectations? In this episode, I share another HUGE takeaway from my trip to Blackberry Farm…this one from Jeff Walker.


Facebook Live on Conditioning Your Audience

My favorite picture of the week by far…Tara swinging with the Smoky Mountains in the background.


Episode 6: The Single Word That Will Transform Your Business

What if there was a single word that could transform your customers’ and your audience’s experience? And what if this single word could transform your entire business? There is a word that can do this…and I share it in today’s episode.


Ultimate Guide to Monetizing a Small Email List


Episode 7: This New Tool is a Game Changer for Our Business

There’s a new tool for online marketers that has made a HUGE impact on our business! I share what that tool is and how we use it in this episode…



Taking notes with the others as we hear from Brian Lee, the General Manager of Blackberry Farm teach us about customer service. It was pretty cool to see just how much everyone got out of this session (and how many podcast episodes it produced).


Episode 8: This Mindset Shift Will Transform the Way You Sell

This one simple mindset shift could completely transform the way you look at selling. Which will ultimately completely transform the way you sell. Which will ultimately help you to sell more of everything you want to sell…whether it’s affiliate products or your own products and services. This shift forever changed the way I look at selling…even though it’s not about selling.


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Just after the single best meal of my life (seriously)…


Episode 9: The #1 Question Your Business Must Ask (That Almost NO ONE is Asking)

There’s a question that your business should be asking…but almost no online marketers are asking. But it’s something that we’re asking ourselves about a lot in our business. It’s a question I got from a trip I took with Jeff Walker, Amy Porterfield, and Michael Hyatt. …and it could change everything about the way we do business.


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Episode 10: Good News…You Don’t Have to be the BEST

I’ve got some good news for you today…you don’t have to be the BEST to succeed with your online business! You just have to do this one thing really well. I’m continuing to share some lessons I learned from my retreat with Jeff Walker, Amy Porterfield, and Michael Hyatt in Tennessee last month…and this one has made a HUGE impact on my business and my mental well-being.


All our recommended affiliate programs

Tara and Jeff at the final breakfast. So cool to see them connect.


Episode 11: Two Words That Change Everything

There are two words that have completely shifted the way I look at almost every situation. These two words are my “Word of the Year” and they’ve opened up all kinds of new possibilities for me…and they’ll do the same for you.

Many great conversations were at this fire…and many amazing ideas were shared.


Episode 12: On Comparisons and Insecurity

If you’re constantly comparing where you’re at right now in your business to others…or if you struggle with insecurity when you look at the successes of others, then today’s episode is absolutely for you. I had a big breakthrough recently that will help you a lot!


START Mastermind

Final group picture of the week…what an amazing time!


Facebook Live: An Interview with ME About My Trip to Blackberry


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