The Power of Gratitude: A Thank You Revolution Story

For whom are you grateful?

Do they know that?

How have you told those people?

These are important questions to ask yourself…every day. Or least once a week. Every Thursday is Thank You Thursday. And it is a perfect time to ask yourself who you can thank.

Jon Stolpe's Thank You Thursday Story
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What is Thank You Thursday? I’ll let this post tell you.

One person in particular has taken Thank You Thursday to heart and was kind enough to share how it has impacted him and those around him.

His name is Jon Stolpe and this is his story.

A little about Jon…

Jon is passionate about small groups, missions, family, marriage, parenting, and Philadelphia sports.  Jon is also a writer and blogs daily at Jon Stolpe Stretched. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wonderful wife, Leanne, and their two kids.  Connect with him on TwitterFacebook or his blog.

A couple of months ago, Matt posted about starting a Thank You Thursday Revolution.  I don’t know if you remember that post, but I took him up on the challenge.  Matt’s challenge involved writing a Thank You Note (or notes) every Thursday.  He encouraged readers to put a recurring reminder on your calendar to make sure we remembered to write a note.

My world has been rocked by the Thank You Revolution.

Since I read Matt’s post, I have delivered a handwritten Thank You note to someone in my company every Thursday.

Typically, I have left the note in the company mailbox of an unsuspecting recipient.  Occasionally, I have dropped a note on someone’s desk at the end of the day.  In each case, I haven’t made a big deal out of the delivery. I have intentionally waited until the end of the day to deliver the message.

In most cases, the notes are discovered the next day when the recipient retrieves his or her mail.  Sometimes it takes a week or two before the notes are discovered.  In most cases, the response has been amazing.

Co-workers have come up to me after receiving their notes and expressed their surprise and gratitude.  They are overwhelmed that someone would recognize their actions and attitudes in the office.  They have been so appreciative of a simple note that took me only a few minutes to write and deliver.

One powerful story…

A couple of months ago, we hired a young man to fill a support role in our department.  One of his responsibilities is to order cell phones and set them up for employees throughout our office.  I received his assistance in setting up my new iPhone, and I really appreciated his persistence and positive attitude in providing support to me.

The next day, I wrote him a thank you note expressing my gratitude for the things I mentioned above.  One week later, he picked up the message in his mailbox.  As I was walking through the office, I noticed that he had his Thank You note displayed on the shelf in his office.  Later that day, he came up to me and thanked me for thanking him.  You should have seen his face.  It glowed as a smile stretched across his face.

There is tremendous power in basic gratitude. (Click Here to Tweet)


We live in a culture where most everyone is focused on themselves.  We have come to expect hard work and little appreciation.  Yet the reality is we all want to be appreciated.  And gratitude is contagious.

Whether you consider yourself a leader or not, you can become part of the revolution right now, right where you live and work.  Try it!

It is truly this simple:

  1. Grab a box of thank you notes from a local store or online (affiliate link).
  2. Schedule a recurring reminder on your calendar.
  3. Observe those around you doing great things.
  4. Write a simple thank you note. It’s not that hard. Read Matt’s post for a simple formula for writing them.
  5. Deliver it to an unsuspecting recipient.
  6. Sit back and watch what happens.

I dare you.  Join the Thank You Thursday Revolution. 

Question: How has gratitude impacted your life and your leadership?  What steps do you need to take to make appreciation part of your everyday experience? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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