I’m currently on my way back the way back from Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula LIVE event. This was one of the most uplifting, encouraging, and educational events I’ve ever attended. After it finished, Mark Sieverkropp and I shot a recap and shared our biggest takeaways.

If you have not attended PLF Live or other live events with other internet marketers, you should. There is nothing that can substitute for meeting and learning IRL (in real life).

The new relationships made, the old relationships made better, and the lessons learned…we share them all in this video.

One of my huge takeaways was from Mastin Kipp. This single quote was worth the price of admission:

The energy you put into your body is the energy you put into your business and your life.

Resources Mentioned In This Video

Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula

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What online marketing events are you attending this year?

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