An Interview with…ME! (Pt 2 of 3) [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Episode 276

I almost made a HUGE mistake and I would have missed out on something that has completely missed on something that has completely transformed my business and my life. In this episode, Mark continues to interview me on my experience masterminding with Jeff Walker, Michael Hyatt, and Amy Porterfield at Blackberry Farm.

Podcast episode about building your business around affiliate marketing

An Interview with…ME! (Pt 1 of 3) [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Episode 275

OK, so THIS was fun (and nerve-wracking)! Mark Sieverkropp interviewed me about my recent getaway to Blackberry Farm where I got to spend four days hanging out and masterminding with Jeff Walker, Amy Porterfield, and Michael Hyatt. It was a life-changing experience and a bunch of FUN! I also learned a ton and recently shared my takeaways in a 12-part podcast series. Listen to this epic 3-part interview as Mark asks me to take it deeper, share more takeaways, lessons, and more!

Podcast episode about building your business around affiliate marketing

The Recurring Revenue Revolution (An Interview with Stu McLaren) [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Episode 273

One year ago, I was locked in a room writing the scripts for our No Product No Problem launch videos. Over the course of two grueling days, I wrote more than 200 pages of scripts. As I wrote the scripts, I channeled my inner Stu McLaren…someone I’ve admired and followed for some time. Stu is my marketing muse. And I’m so pumped to introduce him to you today. Every word out of his mouth is like a little gold nugget of awesomeness that you can use to grow your business. So listen up as Stu and I discuss how to create some serious recurring revenue in your business.

Podcast episode about building your business around affiliate marketing

What Does Your Audience Expect from You? [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Episode 264

One way or another, you are conditioning your audience. I recently did a Facebook Live about conditioning your audience to click and buy, but what about the way you deliver your content? How are you conditioning your audience? And are you delivering on their expectations? In this episode, I share another HUGE takeaway from my trip to Blackberry Farm…this one from Jeff Walker.

Podcast episode about building your business around affiliate marketing

My Mom Told Me I Wasn’t a Success…But I Knew She Was Wrong [VIDEO]

I Was Living In My Mom's One Bedroom Apartment, But I Was a Success!

Have you ever had someone you care about say something that cuts you to the core? That’s how I felt the day that my mom told me I didn’t look like a success. It hurt. A lot. But I KNEW she was wrong. In today’s video, I share WHY I knew she was wrong – and how you can guarantee your success as well!

Learn More About The Marketer’s Box

Why We Created The Marketer’s Box (PLUS a LOT of Other Questions)

Yesterday we opened The Marketer Box™ for enrollment and the response has been unbelievable! In this video, I wanted to address the questions that we have been getting the most about The Marketer’s Box™ plus I share the biggest change I’ve made in my personal development in the past few years. 

Why Valedictorians Rarely Experience Massive Success [VIDEO]

The Shocking Reason Valedictorians Fall Short of Their Perceived Potential

This may surprise you, but valedictorians usually are not that successful after they are recognized for their accomplishments. There is a shocking reason for this – and it could have HUGE implications for you and your business. I explain what it is in this video.

How Successful Marketers Constantly Innovate [VIDEO]

Three Reasons You MUST Innovate as a Marketer

If you are a marketer, you’re an innovator. Plain and simple. All successful marketers innovate. There are three reasons that marketers are constantly innovating, and in today’s video, I share all three of those reasons. Watch this video and ask yourself what new twist you can put on an old framework in your industry!