It’s time I came clean.

I’ve been keeping a secret from Jon Stolpe for way too long.

Child telling a secret

He is the reason I started a movement. He is the reason I started the Thank You Revolution.

Not the hundreds of thank you notes I’ve written over the years. Not the hundreds of responses I got. Not the even the prospect of turning it into a money-making venture.

None of those led me to start a movement.

But Jon did.

That’s how I start a post today over on Jon’s blog.

It’s about the impact that you may never know. Were it not for this post, Jon would never know that he inspired a revolution. He would never know that he is responsible for stretching me to do something WAY outside of my comfort zone.

I encourage you to check out Jon’s blog right now to read the full post. It’s one of the most most fun posts I’ve ever written.

And while you are there, let Jon know you appreciate his inspiration (and check out his other posts, too).

0 thoughts on “A Secret About the Thank You Revolution | Jon Stolpe

  1. David Mike says:

    I always tell my students that what keeps me coming back to work, is when someone graduates, and takes the time to write me a thank you note letting me know that I have been a positive influence in their life. Carries me a long way! I need to start returning the favor. I recently posted a comment on FB when I was on vacation thanking everyone. At first everyone thought it was a retirement speech but, after reading all the way through, let me know that they appreciated me. Reciprocation is awesome when it is encouraging! Your book is motivation me to take action. Thanks!

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      And you inspire me to keep doing this! Thank you.

  2. Jon Stolpe says:

    Aww chucks! Thanks so much for sharing on my blog and for inspiring us all.

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