When you offer an upsell or downsell, should you pay affiliates a commission? I’ve seen it done many different ways. No commission, full commission, partial commission, but the answer ultimately boils down to one thing.

Watch the video above for my take and the best answer I got when I asked other experts.

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What is the Right Commission to Pay Affiliates?

Stu McLaren

What’s your take? Should affiliates be paid on upsells and downsells? If so, how much?


Matt helps online business owners and brands, small and large leverage the power of partners to grow their businesses. He teaches you how to make money as an affiliate and how to work better with affiliates. Entrepreneurs and companies such as Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington, Zig Ziglar, Ray Edwards, Brian Tracy, Lewis Howes, Shutterfly, Jeff Goins, and Michael Hyatt have trusted Matt to run their affiliate launches.

5 thoughts on “Should You Pay Your Affiliates a Commission on Upsells and Downsells?

  1. Anthony Metivier says:

    Great video and really appreciate the strategies, especially regarding live events.

    A great idea on lifetime cookies … something for SamCart, for example, to implement on their software. Does InfusionSoft have it?

    Shared in the little Secret Facebook group I’ve made for the affiliates I’m working with as I learn the ropes. Always appreciate your thinking and insights! 🙂

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      As far as I know EVERYONE has that ability – even SamCart 🙂

  2. Ryan Wakefield says:

    Do you recommend paying a commission to an affiliate on a future sell of a totally different product? If yes, do you do that for every future purchase of any product?

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      I would refer back to the general guideline of do what “WOWs” your affiliates.

      That might not necessarily mean “always” and “every” but remember that it’s better to pay them something than skimp and have them not promote in the future.

      I liken it to when we had a sales staff with my second business. Sometimes, we had situations where two salespeople both worked on a sale. And we paid them both a full commission.

      Why? Because we knew that giving them both $200 paled in comparison to the value of keeping them excited. We never lost a single salesperson in nearly 5 years.

      Even if it cost us $50,000 over the course of those 5 years, it was more than worth it.

      I look at this the same way.

      1. Ryan Wakefield says:

        Good thoughts. Thanks @Matt_McWilliams:disqus!

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