Getting noticed today is easier than at any point in human history. But standing out today is harder than ever. No matter what market you are in, it’s crowded and messy. So how do you stand out? Today, I’ll share four ways your can differentiate yourself.

Those four ways, in case you missed them all in the video are:

1. Your Style / Personality

This includes:

  • your writing style
  • your speaking style
  • your appearance

In short, this is the way in which you express yourself.

2. Your Experience

This includes:

  • your pedigree (“I was trained by…”)
  • your degrees
  • your credentials
  • awards you’ve won
  • places you’ve worked

In short, this is your résumé.

3. Your Background

This is different from experience in that it is more personal.

This includes:

Typically this shows the obstacles you’ve overcome and the hard-knock lessons you’ve learned.

4. Your Method

This is the way you do things, such as:

  • blogging vs. podcasting (or both)
  • daily content vs. less frequent
  • personal stories vs. case studies

In order to stand out, you must pick a style that stands out. You must have experiences and a background that is different from the rest. And your method must be unique.

If you can stand out in two or more areas, you are on your way. If you can hit three or all four, you’ll definitely make your mark.

How do you stand out?

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