You Don’t Have to be Perfect to Change the World

“How can I change the world when my life is so messed up?”

So, your life isn’t perfect. Join the club.

This is something I hear so often. People who question their ability to be a world changer just because their lives aren’t right out of a black-and-white sitcom from the 1950’s. Their lives aren’t bright, shiny, sterile, and wrapped up in a pretty little bow.

In other words, their lives are real. Their problems are real. And yet, somehow, they can’t change the world? I don’t think so.

You don't have to be perfect to change the world
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The notion that you have to be perfect to change the world is ridiculous. In fact, no world changer in history (save for one) was perfect.

3 examples from history

Abraham Lincoln

If he were alive today, Abraham Lincoln would probably have spent the past twenty years watching soap operas in a Snuggie while popping anti-depressants. He was prone to severe and debilitating bouts with depression that often led to suicidal thoughts. But he described his depression in a letter to a friend as “a misfortune, not a fault.” That is the attitude that allowed him to be a world changer.

The Path of Least Persistence | Lessons from Abraham Lincoln

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Failure has been defined as the path of least persistence.

Success, then, will always be the path of most resistance.

Abraham Lincoln was Persistent

There will always be pain. There will always be fear. There will always be obstacles and naysayers.

And there will always, always, always be hope.

The story of Lincoln

Many of us know the general story of Abraham Lincoln, the poster child for persistence. He had nearly everything go against him and yet, by all accounts, he left a nearly unmatched legacy.

A Proclamation

The blood was still fresh in the soil on the now hallowed grounds of Gettysburg. The country was well on it’s way to more than 600,000 deaths in the American Civil War. And President Abraham Lincoln issued the following proclamation in the midst of so much chaos, bloodshed, and pain. He reminded us that no […]