Cuonzo Martin’s Secret to Dealing with Criticism

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I love Cuonzo Martin’s approach to dealing with his critics.

Disclosure: I played golf at the University of Tennessee and this post will be rather partisan. If you’re not a Vols fan, it’s OK. The world needs all kinds of people and God still loves you.

Three weeks ago, it seemed his job as basketball coach at UT was in jeopardy. Then, his team went on a tear, winning five straight games by an average of more than 20 points and almost beating the #1 team in the country. They made the NCAA tournament and faced defeat against Iowa Wednesday night. Then, I watched as something special happened…they came back to win in overtime, outscoring Iowa 14-1 in the last five minutes.

After the game, a reporter asked him: “You showed a little bit of emotion there in the last few minutes, kind of looked up at the administration, celebrating with the guys. Not something I think you usually do. What does this night mean, especially with maybe criticism you faced for the last few months?”

Check out his response:

Cuonzo Martin Quote on Handling Criticism
“I don’t deal with criticism. I’m consumed with success.” ~@CuonzoMartin (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

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