Your Best Really is Yet to Come…if You Let It

“Your best is yet to come.”

You’ve certainly heard that before. Perhaps, like me, you’ve rolled your eyes at it when a well-meaning parent or friend said it.

Three reasons the best is not to come

“There’s no way I’ll ever accomplish more than I have.”

“I’ll never build my business bigger than it was before the collapse.”

“This is the best job I’ll ever have.”

Have you ever said things like that to yourself?

You hold yourself back when you say things like that. Typically for one of three reasons.

The Three Reasons Your Best Won’t Come

1. You believe the lies.

You allow the lies to tell you that this is as good as it gets.

When you start to achieve any level of success, others who have never done so will flock to tell you how lucky you are. They will use subtle and not-so-subtle ways to convince you that your best has arrived.