Episode 088: The 3 Reasons You Can’t Lead Alone

The Myth of the Solitary Leader

When you think of a leader, what do you think of? Do you think of Bill Gates secluding himself in a cabin for a week to think big things. A solitary leader who single-handedly uses his genius to solve every problem, launch every new initiative, and change the world? Well, in today’s episode we’re going to hang up your superman cape and share the 3 reasons that you can’t lead alone.

The 3 Reasons You Can't Lead Alone

Everywhere we look there are leaders being held up as single-handedly taking on the world and fearlessly leading their companies to record profits and accolades. Donald Trump, Mark Cuban, Jack Welch, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates. Society tries to tell us that these leaders lead fearlessly and lead alone. But the truth is actually very different.

Why You Need to be the Best or Just Give Up – A Lesson from Jack Welch

Is it time for you to give up something?

Some job that you’ve been stuck in for a decade with no advancement. Some project you just can’t wrap your head around. Some company that you hold on to just because that’s what your family’s always done.

If you’re going to do something, anything, your goal should be to be the best at it. Nothing less will do. So, what are you giving up?

Be the best You either need to be the best (or at least moving in that direction) or just give up. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

Be the best or give it up

In 1982, soon after becoming CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch made a bold statement: That GE would either be #1 or #2 in an industry or it would get out.

If a GE business wasn’t the best or nipping on its heels, there were only three options:

Fix, sell, or close.

Leaders, stop doing this | Jack Welch’s dvice on reacting to mistakes

If you are a leader, stop punishing your team when they make mistakes.

Here’s what Jack Welch says about it in his book Jack: Straight from the Gut…and he’s Jack Welch. You’re probably not. (But, if you are, seriously, hit me up, let’s do lunch)

Jack Welch on mistakes and building confidence When people make mistakes, that’s the time for encouragement and confidence building. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

Be a leader. Build your team up.

That’s what they need when life kicks them down.

The same goes for your children, your friends, your spouse, and your family.