Why Some People are Always Happy and Influencing Others

Why are some people always happy?

Why are they gaining followers and influencing others, while others are just negative and have no influence on the world?
The answer may surprise you. Most of the time, they are rooted in the same reason: Our brain’s filter.
Why some people are always happy
Your brain scans the world only for what you program it to look for. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

Every day, you are overwhelmed by a barrage of messages competing for your attention. Your brain is literally being pulled in hundreds of different directions, all in a span of minutes.

Even while doing something as mundane as meeting a friend for lunch, we have the input of the background music (I know that song, who is that?), the conversations of others (that lady sure is loud!), and choosing what we want to eat (I know I should eat healthy, but the fried cheese with the butter dip sure sounds good). Not to mention trying to listen to his story about his son’s baseball game, thinking ahead to your 2:00 meeting with your boss, and the fact that you need a new washer and dryer. And that’s just a small percentage of the information-processing going on in your brain in a one-minute span.