Overcoming the Negative Voices in Your Head | How I Did It

And the winner of the Murphy’s Law Award goes to…

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Those words began twenty-one years of negativity, self-doubt, and a victim mentality. And they came from my eighth grade social studies teacher.

It seemed funny at the time, but she awarded me the Murphy’s Law Award.

Other kids got “Hardest Worker,” “Most Creative,” or “Most Helpful to Others.” I got “Most Likely to Have Things Go Wrong.” Gee, thanks Mrs. So-and-So.


How do you deal with PAIN?

I’ll tell you how I normally have in the past.

mid-week-motivationI sulked.

I ran.

I cursed God.

I quit.

I quit on everything. I quit chasing my dreams. I quit doing the right thing. I quit on what God had called me to. I quit trying to get better.

I quit thinking that I would ever be anything more than what I was, what I knew, and what I had been told I would be.

When pain came, everything else shut down. I became a hated man within my own body.

But I heard something that began the process of changing my view of pain. It was this quote below. Below I share the video in which I first heard it.

It somehow destroyed the little boy inside of me that said that PAIN is evil. It kicked the dream-stealing, PAIN-resistant demon inside of me right in the face.

Eric Thomas I Used the Pain to Push me to Greatness Quote