What to Do When an Affiliate Promotion Isn’t Performing

(And How to Avoid it in the First Place)

What do you do when you’ve agreed to promote something and it’s a total flop? Maybe it’s not resonating with your audience. Perhaps the sales funnel isn’t converting. Or for reasons beyond your understanding, it’s just not working. What do you do?

Affiliate promotion not performing

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous was recently going through this exact problem. He agreed to promote someone’s launch and it tanked.

How to Get More Face Time with your Boss | One-on-One Meetings

Everyone wants more face time with their boss.

Face time with your boss equals:

  • Influence
  • Deepened relationship
  • Inside knowledge
  • Likely path of promotion

You will have more influence with your boss, a better relationship with him or her, get inside knowledge that will help you…all of which will lead to you performing better on the job. You will also be more likely to be promoted than those with not as much face time.

How to get more face time with your boss

In the post Do You Want to Know My Number One Leadership Tool?, Mark asked a question in the comments about how to approach his boss about doing one-on-one meetings with him. I’ve written numerous posts about the power of one-on-one meetings for leaders, but never from the other side. The fact is, that if they are as effective as I say they are (they are), but your leader is not doing them, then you should make an attempt to do them.