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Have you found, like me, that the people we thank the least are the ones we should thank the most?I’ve written a lot about how the Revolution can help you professionally. I can personally attribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to my habit of writing notes. They work for that. Trust me.But what about those closest to you? Your spouse. Your children. Your mother, father, friends, and others with whom you interact with daily and will provide no monetary return. What about them?Today I challenge you to make them a priority in your thank you note writing.

The Revolution is based on the premise that one thank you note each week will change your life. That’s still true. I’m not diminishing that.

But those closest to you deserve more. If you only write one note each week to someone, your family and friends will go a long time between notes.

So today, write each of them each a thank you note. If that means ten notes, write ten. If it means writing twenty or thirty, you are either a Duggar or I envy the number of friends you have.

Write to your children, grown and away from home or newborns, or anywhere in-between. My wife writes notes to our two-year old all the time and they are some of her most prized possessions. She asks me all the time to “read Mommy’s notes.”

Write to all those closest to you and let them know just how thankful you are for them.

You may get writer’s cramp, but it is well worth it.

With Gratitude,

Matt McWilliams

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2 thoughts on “Thank You Revolution: A New Challenge

  1. brianlittleton says:

    Keep being a leader, Matt – you’re good at it. And thanks for all the support over the years re: ShareASale.

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