If you think you can’t afford List Launch Academy, I totally understand.

Years ago, when I purchased my first “online course,” I was in the same position.

I put that in quotes because it was so long ago that the course was actually MAILED to me. It was a bunch of DVDs and CDs and a printed workbook from a guy named Corey Rudl (who sadly passed away in 2005).

It was the same price as LLA (well, $2 more per month) – $99 a month. The problem was I didn’t think I had $99 a month.

But swallowed hard and made the purchase, hoping it would somehow pay for itself…and it did! I made considerably MORE than I invested in the program.

In fact, by the 3rd month, It had paid for itself. Essentially, the next 9 months were free…but with a lot of profit!

Look at the math from our LLA students:

The AVERAGE student added 347 subscribers during the 12-week program. Some, like James Kaleda, added a LOT more. James added 3,200 in less than 100 days.

But let’s go with a round number of 300.

The average subscriber for most niches is worth $3-$8 per month, but let’s go with HALF that.

Typically, you’ll start slow and to get to 300, your progression will look something like 50 the first month, 100 the second, and 150 the third. Assuming you ONLY get 300.

Month One: 50 subscribers X $1.50 = $75 – so the COST to you is only $24
Month Two: 140 subscribers (you gain 100 and keep about 40 of the 50 you added last month) X $1.50 = $210

PROFIT: $91!!!

Not a HUGE profit, but you’re just getting started.

Month Three: 270 subs X $1.50 = $405

Even if you make only $1 per subscriber per month…you bring in $460 spending $291.

PLUS…as you grow, the principles remain the same.

And you’re only paying for one year. After that, it’s 100% pure profit…and LOTS of it!

OK, this email is now really long, but I wanted to show you how this works out.

This is the PERFECT time to invest in LLA!

The students who do the best…who end up with 500, 600, 1000, or 3000+ subscribers are the ones who HAVE to.

They HAVE to make an ROI. They MUST take action. Their backs are against the proverbial wall and if they don’t succeed, they have to give up on their business.

Their success rate is through the roof.

The ones who are more likely to fail are the ones who don’t NEED to succeed. They’re doing OK financially and this is just kind of something “on the side.” If it fails, oh well.

I had two friends who went through Corey’s training with me. We formed a mini-mastermind group that met 2 days a week to discuss the lessons and help each other.

I was 24, sleeping on my mom’s pull out sofa, living off of frozen pizza. I never went anywhere because I couldn’t afford to put gas in the car.

Each month, I watched those lessons and took action within DAYS of getting them. Nothing could stop me.

And each week, two of us were always on time for our meetings. We came prepared and had studied everything in-depth. We’d already taken some action and were PUMPED to be doing what we were doing.

The other guy…well, let’s just say he was in a great place financially. His dad helped fund his business and he definitely wasn’t living off of frozen pizza.

By the third month, he stopped coming.

Today, two of the three in that group have built successful online businesses. One is still exactly where he was more than a decade ago.

It sounds like you could be more like the two of us who succeeded.

Fast forward years later…and I DID have a new daughter, Aracelli. Also a new home and my wife had just quit her job to raise Aracelli.

New home, new baby, mine is the only income…except that I’d just been fired from the company I that I helped start. I remember sitting on the couch for hours that Saturday…numb and pitiful. Feeling sorry for myself.

I honestly don’t know WHAT changed…but something came over me that afternoon and I’ve never looked back.

Despite having no income, we invested in starting a blog. It felt like the riskiest move ever…but it also turned out to the best business decision of my life…and the impact it has created has blown me away.

You can do it with or without LLA. I would never suggest that you NEED it to succeed online. Just as I probably didn’t NEED Corey’s program or the blogging program.

But you do need to make a decision and commit to succeeding. And I do wholeheartedly believe that LLA will help you to do that.

Sorry for the long email haha…believe it or not, I went back and edited it to try to make it shorter 🙂

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See you inside,

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