Here are some of my favorite comments from October. This is what makes this blog so awesome…your comments. Your life experiences and reactions shared with everyone, for the benefit of everyone. Thank you for these bowls full of awesomeness!

Each of them below has an excerpt but I highly recommend you read the full comment in the link.

Matthew DiGeronimo (@MJDiGeronimo) on The Magical Time Investment Calculator

Great post, Matt. Another time sink that most people completely overlook (as did I for years), is the time lost in “activity switching.” Many people pride themselves on their ability to multi-task. Scientists have time and again, proven that there is no such thing. We can do one thing at a time, but we can “switch” between those activities and convince ourselves we are doing multiple tasks simultaneously.

Read his full comment here.

Luke Stokes (@lukestokes) on Top Three Things I Would Do Differently as a Leader

Putting the people you lead ahead of yourself is key, even if that means someone else should lead them.

Read Luke’s full comment here.

Bret Wortman (@BretWortman) on The Greatest Political Speech Never Made

Let’s abolish the idea of “retirement”. Did you know there’s no word in Hebrew for “retirement”? That the whole idea of retirement only came about in the last hundred years or so and wasn’t even popular until Social Security came along?

The Jews say that if Hebrew doesn’t have a word for it, then man created it, not God.

Read his full comment here.

Lily Kreitinger (@lilykreitinger) on The Happiness-Success Paradox

Happiness IS a choice. I completely agree with that. I also believe that happiness can only grow in a thankful heart. And… being happy does not always equal feeling happy. I am happy about my marriage and family life, but there are times when I’m frustrated, hurt or angry. I am happy at work, but I face challenges that make me feel impatient. Thanks for the inspiration! I have made a choice to be happy today!

Read her full comment here.

Jeremy Carver (@CabinetDoork) on Top Three Things I Would Do Differently as a Leader

Why do we always have to be on some stupid fast track before we’re ready? I tell people now, that their first 10 years shouldn’t be about $ or position… It should be about becoming.

Read Jeremy’s full comment here.

Erik Fisher (@erikjfisher) on The Greatest Political Speech Never Made

Matt McWilliams for President.

Isn’t it obvious why I feel that was a top comment? That was all he said. It’s enough.

Luke Stokes (@lukestokes) on The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made as a Leader

So much of leadership turns into a discussion about intrinsic verses extrinsic motivators. Leaders are followed because of the vision communicated. A follower emerges when someone believes the leader can help them reach that vision. It has to be something they actually want.

Read his full comment here.

Dallon Christensen (@dallonc) on The Greatest Political Speech Never Made

Time and time again, those who have a sense of ownership over their careers, businesses, and lives do better than those who wait for others.

Read his full comment here.

Joshua Rivers (@JoshuaWRivers) on Learning How Team Members Communicate

 I STILL need to take the DiSC profile.

This is pretty much the entire comment. I only included it as another reminder to Josh to take it! Josh?

Loren Pinilis (@lifeofasteward) on Learning How Team Members Communicate

I’d love to know the communication specifics of the different DISC types. I’m super-high-D, so basically my communication style is short, direct barking at people,

Read his full comment and my response here.

Jon Stolpe (@jonstolpe) on How Not to Suck at Email – Part Two

Email or IM may seem quicker and more efficient, but it is part of what’s destroying meaningful communication. We have to get out there and communicate vocally (face-to-face). Kids these days are growing up lacking the skill to talk to each other. EMail should be used as a follow-up tool for a voice-to-voice communication. Efficiency doesn’t always mean effective.

This was his full comment. Spot on Jon!

Mary Ann on The Greatest Political Speech Never Made

I just can’t imagine Jesus saying those words. There is some truth in it, but there is none of Jesus’ compassion. And with the current corporatist climate, it’s getting harder and harder for each of us to take our prosperity into our own hands.

Read Mary Ann’s full comment here. While I disagree with it, it is very well thought out and certainly will cause you to think.

Todd Liles (@ToddLiles) on The Myth of the Solitary Leader

Matt, this is a great post, and I can see the influence in your life from the people we both respect. I think my vision of a leader is both solitary and a group leader. The solitary moments are important for discovering ourselves, and to connect with God.

Read Todd’s full comment here.

8 thoughts on “Bowls Full of Awesomeness: Top Comments from October

  1. Lily Kreitinger says:

    You’re rocking it Matt! Thanks for the many RTs and mentions but especially thanks for providing in-your-face inspiration and food for thought. Keep up the great work!

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      Thank you for keeping me inspired to share!

    2. Jon Stolpe says:

      I couldn’t have said it any better. Thanks so much for bringing great content every day and for creating a community that is making a difference.

  2. Chance Smith says:

    Jon, agree completely on IM & Text. I really need to work hard on face to face and voice to voice. There are so many assumptions made through the digital communication. I hate it when i allow myself to get caught in the digital warfare Thanks guys and thank you Matt, for the highlights!

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      Exactly why I do this every month!

      1. Chance Smith says:

        Love it! FIrst time I have seen this method to keep us engaged and rewarded for great responses! Very original.

      2. Matt McWilliams says:

        Never thought of it like that but now that you mention it, it was a good idea for that too.

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