Why You Should Take the Path of Most Resistance

What Abraham Lincoln's Story Shows us About the Power of Persistence

It has often been said that failure is the path of least persistence. Success, then, is the path of the most resistance. Abraham Lincoln’s story illustrates that so perfectly.

Why You Should Take the Path of Most Resistance

There will always be pain. There will always be fear. There will always be obstacles and naysayers.

Thank You for 2 Great Years!

Thank you for making the past two years amazing.

Tomorrow marks the two year anniversary of me starting this blog. I realize that most of you reading this haven’t been here that long. One of my favorite parts of doing this is welcoming new members to the community every day.

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Every year, I revisit my inaugural post, entitled Beginnings (Or…The Declarations of a Failure). It’s an important exercise for me to look back to how it all began and to reconsider my original thoughts. After all, our greatest lessons in life come from studying our past.
Two years ago tomorrow, I launched my blog for that very reason. To learn from my own past and to share my life, my failures, my successes, my heartaches, and triumphs with others. They are all a part of my learning.

I originally declared, as you will read below, that “I am a failure.” I didn’t mean it in a “poor me” way, but rather an “I’m okay with that” way. However, I’ve since learned that my declaration that “I am a failure,” was misguided. It was wrong.

5 World-Changing Attitudes You Must Adopt Today

If you want to change the world, there are certain attitudes you must adopt.

They are non-negotiable, absolutely essential to success, and you will notice them among all successful people.

NOTE: I go more in-depth and share some personal stories in the audio. Click the play button above to listen.

#1 I am a risk taker

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World changers take risks.

They do as Reid Hoffman, one of the co-founders of LinkedIn, suggests. They jump off a cliff and then assemble an airplane on the way down. They demonstrate faith, which Martin Luther King, Jr. described as taking the first step on a staircase when you don’t even see the second step.