The 7 Obsessions of Highly Successful People

Healthy Obsessions That Lead to High Performance

When I was a teenager, I was obsessed with one thing (and it’s not what you think). I woke up thinking about it, I went to bed thinking about it, and it consumed my mind throughout the day. After school, I could not wait for it. I planned every minute of my day around it. I was obsessed…and highly successful at this one thing.

The 7 Obsessions of Highly Successful People

For me, that one thing was golf. And the lessons I learned reaching the top levels of that game have benefited me throughout my life.

Help Matt McWilliams Launch The World Changer Show Today

It is finally here!

After months of planning and preparation (and a few last minute scares), The World Changer Show with Matt McWilliams is live.

The World Changer Show Podcast with Matt McWilliams

Today is officially launch day.

It’s a once in a podcast’s lifetime chance to burst onto the scene and onto the top of the “New and Noteworthy” section of iTunes. That helps tremendously in getting the word out and raising the visibility of the show so that we can inspire other World Changers just like you.

Today I am releasing five episodes. I’ll explain why below. Here are the episodes:

Episode 001: A Quick Introduction

Episode 002: You Are What Hear and See

Episode 003: John Miller, author of QBQ on Personal Accountability

Episode 004: You Are What Hear and See, Part 2

Episode 005: Farnoosh Brock on overcoming victim mentalities, abundance mindset and much more

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When the Thank You Revolution Speaks Volumes | @QBQGuy and @Skropp2

Listen to this post

Do you want to truly impress someone?

Perhaps someone who has sold more than a million books and has spoken in front of tens of thousands of people. Someone that you consider “famous.”

Mark Sieverkropp didn’t set out to do that…but he did. And he shared his story with me recently. It’s a story of how the Thank You Revolution helped Mark connect on a deeper level with John Miller, the author of QBQ.

Here’s Mark’s story.

John Miller QBQ Signature
Check out how the #ThankYouRevolution helped @Skropp2 connect better with @QBQGuy (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

Last time I guest posted for Matt, I talked about some hard advice I received from John G. Miller.

In that post, I talked about how it was a bit embarrassing and I felt like I was a complete idiot for the things I had screwed up. But John was very gracious with his help, and as I mentioned in the other post, I was grateful that John was the type of man that would take the time to figuratively put his arm around me and give some advice.

Well, now let me share with you what legendary radio commentator, Paul Harvey, would’ve called “The Rest of the Story”…

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48 Days Coaching Master Program with Dan Miller

Receiving Tough Feedback | John Miller’s Advice to Mark Sieverkropp

So what would you do if someone you looked up to told you everything you did wrong when you reached out to him?

Maybe you’ve thought about emailing or calling this person for months or years. And you finally do. And then…

That’s what happened to Mark Sieverkropp recently when he reached out to someone he looked up to. But I don’t want to ruin the story, because it’s really good and there is a lot to learn from it.

So without further ado or explanation, take it away Mark.

Getting Tough Feedback - Mark Sieverkropp

I have been waiting several months to share this story. And I don’t believe there is any better place to share it than on Matt’s blog!

This past summer I was working on a project, Happen To Your Career, with Scott Barlow. (You may recognize that name from the fact that our very own Matt McWilliams was featured on our podcast). In the process of this, we were doing some marketing and contacting folks to ask for their help.

Interview with @QBQGuy, John G. Miller, Part Two

Welcome to the final day of Family Leadership Week and part two of my interview with the author of Parenting the QBQ Way, John G. Miller.

If you missed yesterday’s interview, you can listen to and/or read it here.

You can listen to part two of the interview here. Warning: The audio quality is not great and I had the sniffles.

Or you can read it below.

QBQ Author John G. Miller Interview by Matt McWilliams
Matt: This is my question.

What suggestion do you have for parents who had bad models (i.e. their parents)? I know the first step is to take responsibility for my own parenting. What do you think are the next steps?

Interview with John G. Miller

Welcome to Day Four of Family Leadership Week!

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to interview the author of Parenting the QBQ Way, John G. Miller. If you missed my review of this book, you can read it here.

QBQ Author John G. Miller Interview by Matt McWilliams

You can listen to the interview here. Warning: The audio quality is not great and I had the sniffles.

Or you can read it below.

A little about John:

John G. Miller is the author of QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, Flipping the Switch: Unleash the Power of Personal Accountability, Outstanding! 47 Ways to Make Your Organization Exceptional and co-author of Parenting the QBQ Way. He is founder of QBQ, Inc., an organizational development firm based in Colorado dedicated to “Helping Organizations Make Personal Accountability a Core Value.” A 1980 graduate of Cornell University, John has been involved in the training and speaking industry since 1986. He lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife, Karen. They have seven children and one grandson.

After I insult John by saying he is like my grandfather, we get into the interview with some great questions from readers and a few of my own.

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Practicing the QBQ for Parents

“When is my child going to stop acting up?”

Have you ever asked a question like that? I have.

But no more. As I mentioned yesterday, my child is a product of my parenting

Practicing QBQ for Parents by John Miller

If you are asking questions like this or the IQs (Incorrect Questions) below, you need John Miller’s book, Parenting the QBQ WayIf you read yesterday’s post, I show you how to get a money back guarantee from me. That is how much I believe in the book.

Before we go any further, this is day three of Family Leadership Week. Tomorrow and Friday I have a two-part interview with John Miller. Make sure to subscribe to my RSS feed or get posts via email (and get my free book as a bonus) so you don’t miss either post.

Book Review: Parenting the QBQ Way by John Miller

My child is a product of my parenting.

That is the key takeaway of the book Parenting the QBQ Way: How to be an Outstanding Parent and Raise Great Kids Using the Power of Personal Accountability by John Miller.

Not the schools. Not Head Start. Not the church. Not her friends. Not the celebrities du jour. My child is a product of my parenting.

Parenting the QBQ Way by John Miller: Personal Accountability

And with that easy-to-acknowledge but hard-to-swallow fact, John Miller issues a call for personal accountability in parenting.

Before we go too much further, welcome to day two of Family Leadership Week. The rest of the week looks a little something like this:

Wednesday, March 6: QBQ Practice. This one should be fun.

Thursday, March 7: Interview with John Miller, Part One

Friday, March 8: Interview with John Miller, Part Two

Part one yesterday is here: The Problem with Parents Today.

Ask QBQ! Author John Miller Your Questions

I am reading a book that is already changing the way I lead my family.

It is changing our daughter’s life. She is not quite two (that’s her below) and has so much life in front of her. But the impact from this book can begin affecting her life even as a toddler…and continue well into adulthood.

Aracelli McWilliams

The book is Parenting the QBQ Way, Expanded Edition: How to be an Outstanding Parent and Raise Great Kids Using the Power of Personal Accountability by John Miller.

If you listen to Dave Ramsey, read about business, or currently have a pulse, you have probably heard of John, AKA “The QBQ Guy.”

This is John’s fourth book. There are currently more than 1,000,000 copies in print. I would highly suggest checking out all of his books here.

What QBQ did for businesses like Dave Ramsey’s organization, this book can do for parents, if only we can get it in their hands. (NOTE: I just caught myself there…let me rephrase that in a QBQ…”What can I do to get this in the hands of more parents? What can I do to demonstrate parenting that would make others ask me where I learned it?”) This book is truly that powerful.