Can Online Business Advice from 2001 Still Apply Today?

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Do you remember 2001? When Tweeting was something only birds did and most businesses didn’t even had a web site. Is it possible that what was true about online business then is still true today?

Recently, I looked through one of my wife’s old business books from college. In the section about entrepreneurship, it had a half page about online business. A half page out of 400+ pages. That was the extent of their lesson on the internet.

How I Tripled my Income in 3 Years…After Getting Fired

I still remember the horror, the helplessness, and the hatred I had in my heart. I’d just been fired from the job I hated, but felt that I needed to keep. We’d just moved into a new home, with a new mortgage and our six-month old was asleep upstairs.

Increase income after getting fired

My first reaction was panic. I was terrified.

My next emotion was helplessness. I literally had no idea what to do. Sure, I hated my job. In fact, just the night before, my wife Tara essentially told me I needed to find a new job…or else. The stress and chaos was too much for either of us.

Next, I felt hatred. Towards the owner of the company. Towards myself for not leaving sooner on my own terms. Towards…well, “the system” and “the man.” I was just angry.

Community Matters | John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire Mastermind

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Are you prepared to ignite?

That’s the question that John Lee Dumas asks at the beginning of each episode of his amazing podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire. After spending nearly an hour with him yesterday being interviewed for an upcoming episode, I consider John a friend. After listening to approximately half of his more than 300 episodes, I am on fire.

My episode will air in the next two months. In it I share my entrepreneurial journey. I also asked John to share a very important tip about community for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and all leaders alike.

Entrepreneur on Fire Mastermind Community
Take it away John…

Don’t go it Alone, Community Matters

The good old 9 to 5. Health insurance, regular paychecks and a built-in community of individuals who are there to help you when you have questions, support you when you’re prepping for that big presentation and who motivate you when you’re having a bad day.