Affiliate Opportunity: Experience Product Masterclass with Marisa Murgatroyd

Check Out Marisa's Premier Course

There are lots of course out there about how to create an online product, but there is only one course that teaches its students how to create an Experience Product.  My friend, Marisa Murgatroyd’s course, the Experience Product Masterclass is flipping product creation on it’s head AND converting VERY well for affiliate partners.  Read on to learn more about this awesome affiliate opportunity!

Self-publishing School with Chandler Bolt affiliate program

Affiliate Opportunity: Jeff Goins’ 2018 Tribe Writers Launch

Tribe Writers Launches again October 2018

How do you build a blog from nothing to more than 100,000 readers in less 18 months? Answer: You follow exactly what Jeff Goins teaches in his Tribe Writers course. It’s launching again this October and it’s going to be his biggest launch yet!

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Tribe Writers is best-selling author Jeff Goins’ online course for those who are serious about to honing their message, building an audience, and getting published.

How to Know if Your Launch Will be Successful

What Should be in Place for Your First Launch?

You have a product ready. You know it will change people’s lives. The question you ask yourself now is: “Will my launch be successful?” How can you know if your launch will be successful?

Will be product launch be successful?

This is the exact question I get asked frequently. Here’s a recent example from a reader:

Do you have criteria for “what should be in place” to judge whether a launch would be successful or not? (Email list numbers, FB page Likes etc..)

The Guarantee of Success

Humans are intrinsically wired to do things which have a certain guarantee of success. Even climbing Mount Everest, where 1.6% of climbers die trying, has a success rate of 50%. In other words, you are 31 times more likely to reach the summit than die…sounds appealing.

We want to know if we are ready to launch. We want to make sure everything is in order to guarantee success.

An Awesome Launch You Need to Know About

5 Reasons You Should Promote Ray Edwards' Copywriting Academy

Attention: If you have a list of marketers, salespeople, business owners, or anyone looking to sell something, you need to read this. In one week, Ray Edwards is launching his absolutely amazing Copywriting Academy…and we’d love to have you join the launch.

Ray Edwards Launch

Here’s what you need to know about this awesome launch and 5 reasons YOU should join.

About the Course

Online Copywriting Course & Coaching Program, “The Copywriting Academy”. This is the copywriting course Ray’s readers, students, and JV Partners have been clamoring for. This is a complete (but concise) course on how to write copy that sells, without seeming “salesy”. Both direct-to-camera and screen-capture tutorial video, also includes templates and worksheets.

Our first JV Launch (October 2015) of this product was a smash hit… and our JV Partners had big paydays. Not only that, but STUDENTS love this course and are raving about it!

An awesome NEW conversion-booster for this launch will be some KILLER video Case Studies, showcasing ordinary people getting extraordinary results with our coaching program. So while we hit a home run in October, this upcoming launch should perform even better!

How Josh Turner Ran a 7-Figure Launch

Ryan Farrell Shares What Worked and What Didn't in the Appointment Generator Launch

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into a massive product launch, this post is for you. Josh Turner’s JV Manager, Ryan Farrell, recently shared their winning playbook…and you get to peak inside.

Josh Turner JV launch Appointment Generator

Josh Turner recently launched his new course, The Appointment Generator. And they launched it big. By the time the dust settled, they’d sold nearly $3,000,000 worth of courses.

The reality is that most of us will never do a mega-launch like that, though I am confident many of you will. Regardless, there are some huge takeaways from Josh’s launch that Ryan shared. I’ll break them down into two sections:

  • What You Can Learn for Your Product Launch
  • What You Can Learn Promoting Affiliate Offers

This post is merely an overview and has my biggest takeaways, but the FULL interview with Ryan is amazing. Click here to get immediate access.

Insider’s Access to Ray Edwards’ 6-Figure Affiliate Launch

Powerful Lessons from the 2015 Copywriting Academy Launch

If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall when a popular online entrepreneur recaps his six-figure affiliate launch, now is your chance. Ray Edwards, a client of ours, recently did just that with his team (myself included). We held a one-hour team meeting to breakdown his Copywriting Academy launch…and Ray decided to share it all.

Ray Edwards launch recap

Last fall Ray Edwards launched his amazing course, Copywriting Academy. This was his first ever affiliate launch and ended up bringing in almost as much revenue in one week as he did the entire rest of the year. All round, it was a huge success.

BUT…oh, there is always a “but”…we had a lot to improve upon.

4 Life Lessons from Michael Hyatt’s Product Launch

What can a successful product launch teach us about our life, our career, family leadership, and more?

Michael Hyatt Wow Learn what @MichaelHyatt’s product launch can teach you about success. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

In case you missed the entire internet earlier this year, Michael Hyatt launched a new course called, 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever. The registration recently closed, but I realized afterwards that what Michael and his team did can teach us a lot about the following aspects of business and life:

  • Marketing
  • Life success
  • Career advancement
  • Marriage & Parenting (Family)

Here are four life lessons from his launch.