If You Build It…They Won’t Come | Small Business Marketing

Life isn’t like Field of Dreams. Just because you build something it doesn’t mean anyone will use it.

Open for Business Sign

Just because you open a business, create a killer product, offer top-notch consulting services at competitive prices, or incorporate yourself doesn’t mean that people will flock to give you money. The fact is that most businesses fail because of their marketing and sales.

How Great Leaders React to Mistakes

For some leaders, every mistake is life or death, or so it seems.

Angry Leader Overreacing to a Mistake

As a small business owner and having worked with numerous companies with 50 or less employees, no one has ever accused me of under-reacting to mistakes by my teams. In fact, when I first started as a leader, the “Wrath of Matt” was a part of company lore.

In short, I was an idiot.

The Number One Interviewing Mistake Small Business Leaders Make

“Let me tell you why our company is so great.” That was the number one mistake I made during the interviewing process. I’ve come to learn it’s incredibly common. And I think I finally found the reason: Insecurity. Insecurity is a very strong, and perhaps offensive, word to small business leaders, but that is the […]