If your audience is made up of bloggers, vloggers, writers or business owners…or ANYONE who creates content…this opportunity is for you.

A group of affiliate marketing experts have packed all their trade secrets and best practices into one, convenient source of ‘how to’ information.

You don’t often see that.

And, better still, this valuable collection of expertise is discounted.

Introducing “Ultimate Bundles”a goldmine of discounted templates and trainings for smart, ambitious content creators. 

(You’ll find me in there.)

I’m excited about this opportunity because:

All of this valuable information on how pull off an affiliate marketing program that rocks in one place. You get The Content Marketing Dream Team and all their valuable “how to” information…at a discount!


About Ultimate Bundles

Create! Launch! Convert! That’s the theme of this offer.

“Ultimate Bundles” is a collection of discounted templates and trainings for smart, ambitious content creators.

(Of which, I’m proud to be included in.)

We’ve included swipe files. Graphics. The works!

And, if an affiliate requests one, they can even get customized landing pages for the contributors…for FREE!

All told, there are 43 products in this content creators treasure chest.

Ultimate Bundles is made up of videos, eCourses, templates, workbooks and ebooks.

What’s Included:

There are 43 products in the package:

  • 34 eCourses/Videos
  • 1 Printable
  • 2 eBooks
  • 6 Templates/Workbooks

Target Audience:

Any content creators (bloggers, vloggers, writers, business owners, anyone who creates content)

2022 Launch Dates:

February 17th-23rd, 2022


$97 + $50 cheat sheets

Upsells: The Collective subscription ($30/mo) and The Genius Blogger’s ToolKit 2021 ($97)

Average cart prices for similar bundles was $114.67 and $117.39 (so around $116)


70% for Contributors/40% for affiliates, with a newly introduced tiered system (need Matt’s help to figure this out  – we uploaded the data to Basecamp).


We’re going to introduce tiered commissions instead of prizes.

EPC, average commission per sale, etc:

Stats for The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2021 (Sept 2021):

EPC: $9.52

Average commission per sale: $56.79

% of people who purchased the $50 cheatsheets: 29%

% of people who purchased one of the $97 upsells: 9.97%

Sales page conversion rate: 9.5%

Refund rate: 4.9%

Stats for The Writer’s Toolkit 2021:

EPC: $7.37

Average commission per sale: $56.01

% of people who purchased the $50 cheatsheets: 50%

% of people who purchased one of the $97 upsells: 4.85%

Sales page conversion rate: 6.24%

Refund rate: 6.5%

Who are some affiliates you have committed to promote so far?:

Suzi Whitford

Gold City Ventures

Amira Irfan

Rachel Ngom

Bob Bly

Chelsea Clarke

Kate Ahl

Carly Campbell

Lucrezia Lapichino


Blogging for profit is a never ending learning experience, but with the help of the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit I am able to stay on top of all the new trends and best strategies. Take it from someone who’s bought the bundle 4 years in a row – and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. In fact, the GBTK has been a contributing factor in me quitting my job and going full time with my blogging business. Because when you have access to the right educators – anything is possible!

Ana Skyes

I love how this bundle is jam-packed with so much value covering all the different areas that bloggers need to master on their blogging journey. Within a year of purchasing my first bundle, I was already earning a full-time income as a blogger!

Frances Vidakovic

I love the toolkit because it provides something for everyone at each level. And it’s structured in a way that allows you to move through it at your own pace.

Kate Ahl

Something I absolutely love about the Genius Bloggers Toolkit is that there is something for bloggers at every stage. Whether you are brand new to blogging, or have been in the game for years – you will always learn something new and find incredible value year after year!

Chelsea Clarke
The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit has so much amazing content. I bought the bundle last year and couldn’t believe how many resources were included! Believe it or not but I’m still working through last year’s content…

Gold City Venture

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2 thoughts on “Affiliate Opportunity: Ultimate Bundles

  1. Jupiter Jim says:


    I’m a member of your $17 a month program. I would like to know WHO I am promoting. May I ask who created this bundle? Maybe it’s on this page, but I cannot seem to find it.


    Jupiter Jim

    1. Matt McWilliams says:

      Hey Jim…it’s created by Ultimate Bundles 🙂

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