Holly Homer has an amazing affiliate story. She promoted an affiliate offer for the second time and her results were absolutely incredible! In her first promotion, she made ZERO sales! In the next one, promoting the exact same product, she made 22 sales…and more than $3500 in commissions! How’d she do it? This episode will share all her secrets!

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Today’s guest has an amazing affiliate story. She promoted an affiliate offer for the second time, and her results were absolutely incredible.

In her first promotion, she made zero sales. In the next one, promoting the exact same product, she had 22 sales and more than $3,500 in commissions.

How’d she do it? Well, this episode will share all her see secrets.

So I am super excited to share a guest today that’s just like, her story blew my mind, and I got to be a part of it.

This is the crazy thing. We had a client I’d say a client who was really just a friend, Dayna Abraham, who had a launch.

And I write about this in my book kind of as a turning point in my life in realizing the power of what I do as a business.

And I write about it in the context of understanding that your passion, your purpose, and your business, your platform, doesn’t have to be some massive, world changing idea.

And I will fill that in in a second here. But I met Holly homer through helping Dayna Abraham with her launch.

Dayna had a big launch coming up in the parenting news. She had a course called Calm the Chaos.

And about three weeks before, basically, I could tell, I was like, Dayna, do you need some help running your affiliate program?

She’s like, yes, please.

I was like, well, I can’t do this full time. I’ve got a little bit of extra time over the course of the next few weeks. I can help out.

And I came in, and I didn’t really do a lot in the scheme of things, not nearly what we do fully for our clients, right?

But I spent like an hour, hour and a half a day in a help day now and I coached her affiliates, and I strategize with them.

I did some trainings for her affiliates and really just the basics of what we do for our clients, right?

And Holly had made zero sales the previous promotion.

When I reached out to her and said, hey, will you please promote again?

Basically, I reached out to some of Dayna’s affiliates, like, hey, please come promote again, she was like, I don’t know if I should. I made zero sales last time. I don’t I don’t know if I even want to.

You know, it just didn’t work last time. I said, hey, I will help you. I will coach you, all these things, right?

So she gave it a go and made 22 sales and Dayna had a bunch more affiliates like that. She had one who had a goal of five sales who ended up doing over 40.

She had one who had previously done, like, 30 make 75. So we helped all these affiliates grow and I talked about this, I don’t know, like, 100 episodes ago.

And I talked about this in the book where I said my initial reaction was, man, I helped a lot of affiliates make more money. That’s awesome. I helped entrepreneurs make more money.

I helped Dayna make almost three times more money. That is awesome. I have a heart for entrepreneurs. I want to help entrepreneurs, and I just helped a bunch of entrepreneurs make more money.

And then one night, I was walking down the stairs, and I had this epiphany as I share in my book, I had this epiphany where I was like, oh, my gosh, we just had an amazing bedtime with our kids.

It’s one of those bed times where the kids were getting along and it went fairly fast, but it didn’t feel rushed.

And they brushed their teeth on time and they got their jammies on, and they just were, like, so loving. And I was like, oh, my goodness. It was not chaotic. And as I’m walking down the stairs, it hit me. I was like, oh, my goodness.

There are potentially hundreds or even thousands of other parents, other families having the same experience tonight because I helped Holly and some other affiliates make more affiliate sales.

I helped them with affiliate marketing. That’s all I did. I didn’t do some grand thing. I didn’t find a cure for cancer. I didn’t save marriages or anything like that.

On the surface, I just helped them with affiliate marketing. But the downline impact was huge.

So the lesson there, of course, is lean into what your skill at I’m the best in the world at teaching affiliates, and that’s all I did, and it had a massive impact on the world.

So that’s the lesson from my experience.

But today I want to share Holly’s lessons.

How did she go from zero to 22 sales?

So let’s dive right into my conversation with Holly Homer.

Matt: Welcome, Holly.

Thank you so much for being here today.

Holly: I’m super excited to be here.

This is going to be fun.

Matt: All right, so, Holly, before we get into this affiliate promotion, I will just tell everybody, like, I just told Holly the breakdown of what we’re going to do, and then I forgot to tell her about part one.

So tell us about you first before we get into this affiliate promotion, some of the lessons that you learned, some of the things that you did that people can take away from this real quick, tell us about who you are and who you serve.

Holly: Okay, well, I run Kidsactivities.com,

which is funding to stay with your kids and resources for parents.

And our kind of age group sweet spot is between moms of kids of 18 months to 6 years, and so it’s a pretty large site and then we have a large Facebook page that goes along with it quirky mama.

So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last well, I’ve been a blogger for 13 years. It started out as a hobby and now supports the entire family. So it’s been an amazing journey.

Matt: That is so cool. So that’s you and you decided to promote something. I’ll let you kind of tell us about that.

Decided to promote something that’s pretty good. Fit your audience, or at least a segment of your audience.

Tell us about this affiliate promotion that we’re going to talk about today. Who is with I’ll have a few questions on that, but tell us about the affiliate promotion first.

Matt: So one of my dear friends, blogging friends before she did all this, Dayna Abraham, has a really amazing kind of a parenting discipline type course, but it’s so positive and has its roots in the sensory world, which is where I met her, because her blog before this was all sensory based.

And I have children with sensory issues, and we talked a lot about sensory issues on the blog.

So when Dayna came out with a product, I was so excited and it is a 495, I believe, product that takes them through, I think, three months worth of coaching. I mean, it’s an amazing value, what they get and really, it’s called Calm the Chaos.

I think it’s so perfectly named because that’s really what you end up with. It’s just less chaos and more harmony in your life.

Matt: So a couple of questions on that. Have you used the course at all?

Holly: I have not used the course, but I have been very involved with what Dayna was doing prior to that, so I know a lot about what she put into it.

My kids are not teenagers, which makes it really difficult for me to speak quite honestly to that.

Matt: That’s why I asked you that because I knew the answer. I was pretty sure I knew the answer.

So the takeaway there for everyone is, okay, there’s this myth that goes around in affiliate marketing, says you have to have used the product to be able to recommend it.

It’s not true. So here’s what she had going for:

First of all, your focus is on your audience. Your audience, you said, is 18 months to six year old kids. Not them, but their parents.

You have teenagers like anyone so my audience, for example, is beginning bloggers, beginning online entrepreneurs. That’s not where I’m at today.

I recommend products for them, not necessarily what we use. You’re recommending products for your audience, not necessarily what you use but you did have a relationship with the product creator.

You know, she’s amazing. You know she’s going to put out awesome products. You have no way to go out and adopt a bunch of 18 months old, 18 months old you can use this product.

And it seems as if I’m not going to go out and use a different email service provider than the one that we use just so I can recommend it.

And so there’s a valuable lesson just in that we could end this now. Valuable lesson. You don’t have to have used the product well.

Holly: And this is one of those products that I would have died to have access to when my kids were little.

It’s such a no brainer. That’s what makes it so exciting and that’s why I was like, oh, my gosh.

Thank you, Dayna, for making this.

Matt: That’s beautiful. I feel the same way, because if I recommended today the same products I was using when I was starting my online business, I would be recommending how to get good at MySpace. Okay?

Holly: Twitter was huge back then.

Matt: We don’t talk about those. I don’t teach you how to get a MySpace because it exists, but it’s a shell of what it was.

And so you have to think about that. Think about, like, what does your audience need in 2019?

Okay, so you got the product we talked about, the product you decided to promote Dayna, what were your expectations or goals going into the promo? And I don’t mean financial, like, number of sales goals.

Holly: Well, let me start with a little story.

Matt: Can I interrupt? Because I will point out, guys, I know a lot of the backstory here because I ran this launch for Dayna.

So some of these questions are leading questions and then, honestly, that I don’t know.

Holly: Yes. So I need to admit something publicly that it’s always good when you have, you know, people admitting things.

But yeah. So when Dayna first launched this program and I don’t remember exactly when the launch was, but it was at least a year and a half, two years ago, for the first time, I was on board. I was probably our first affiliate that signed up.

And I joined her group and I did everything that they said to do and I won the leads contest, sending her literally 6000 people into her ecosystem for the program and then I made zero sales.

I know, so but like, as an affiliate….

Matt: Feel like there should have been some can I edit this later and put the wop wop (music).

Holly: I mean, that’s how I feel.

Matt: Have like the Celebration Music 6000 womp womp music…!

Holly: And then the womp womp (music) is in my heart every time I tell that story. So luckily I won some money for the leads contest, but I won no money for anything beyond that.

But I’m an affiliate and I didn’t know a lot about launches and it was before I got involved in kind of the internet marketing world and all that kind of stuff, so I was kind of a bystander affiliate just watching what was going on.

So I just assumed that the whole thing had failed because, I don’t know, I guess I probably would have paid more attention to what was going on afterwards if I had money rolling in I guess.

I just assumed, oh, she hasn’t gotten her conversion together yet.

Matt: We did this many sales and we’re doing awesome and you’re like, Eh…!

Holly: I’m sure it wasn’t me. No, it was totally me.

Anyway, when the launch came around again, I just quietly stepped back and didn’t participate.

Well, Dayna knows me and she called me out. She called me up and called me out and she’s like, Holly, why aren’t you doing this?

It’s such a perfect fit for your audience and I was like, Dayna, it was awful.

I didn’t make any sales and I worked really hard and obviously I’m working with sponsors and all these other people that are paying me solely an affiliate that doesn’t pay me money, it makes my heart hurt.

She’s like, whoa. She’s like, yeah, there was an affiliate on that first launch that made $10,000. And then I’m like, mad. I’m like, oh my gosh, what are you breaking?

So she said, let go ahead and join the next one, we’ll make sure you have all the information. I’m like, oh, that’s what I need, I need all the information.

Matt: Yes, because I know when we connected, you told me part of that story, so I know that the expectations were potentially like nonexistent.

Molly: Right. I had no expectations. I was like, any better than zero. I mean, quite honestly, one sale would have been a victory at that point.

Matt: Fast forward to this promotion. As far as I know, your list size is about the same, maybe marginally bigger, but not exponential growth. I think you actually sent less leads.

Molly: I did, because when before a lot of those leads were social media leads and Facebook is not as lovely organic ways as it was back then.

Matt: So less leads and this time you did how many sales?

Molly: 22. Yeah, I know.

Matt: That’s not like ten to 22. It’s like zero less leads, 22 sales, which is awesome.

Molly: I know, it goosebumps and money in my bank.

Matt: I don’t know which one of those is. Yeah, I do, actually. I know which one is better.

It’s money. Good feelings only go so far, let’s be honest. We like both.

Molly: Yeah, I was going to say, although I did say to you afterwards, I would have paid to learn that and instead I got paid to learn it because…

Matt: Oh, that’s my favorite kind of learn. We call that PTL.

Molly: Yeah, paid to learn. Obviously I’ve used this knowledge like a lot since then, but yeah, it was so good to get this knowledge that we’re about to share with everyone.

Matt: And there’s so much more I haven’t even shared with you yet.

Okay, so zero to 22. Also, I think you finished, if I’m not mistaken, in third or fourth place.

Molly: I think it was fourth

Matt: That’s funny because we were just talking to the third place affiliate and so, yeah, we did awesome.

So let’s talk about what are some of the things that you did in this promotion, specifically that you hadn’t done before.

Whether it was a mindset thing, whether it was just know how, whatever, maybe what are some of the things that you did this time that you didn’t do in the past, either with this promotion or any affiliate promotion?

Molly: So I think the simplest way to explain the big difference is that I treated it completely different.

But the first week and they follow a very I would assume a Jeff Walker launch formula.

Matt: Yeah.

Molly: So the first week, free content, amazing free content that Dayna puts together.

Second week is cart open and catering more towards overcoming objections, answering questions, and making people comfortable with a purchase and so I split what I did up into two and basically two separate campaigns.

The first campaign was to my big list, which is around 50,000, we call it monthly because I just hate paying for people who don’t open emails.

So I sent out emails every single day that week to the big list without apology, to sending them to the free content and telling them my story with behaviour and my struggles as a mom dealing with kids with sensory issues and how some of the things that Dayna’s teaching were some of the things that saved me.

And just got really granular about how all this content that she and by the way, her content was amazing because it was very clear that my people could go through just her free content and learn so much that their lives would be better off whether they purchased or not.

Matt: That’s not best content, by the way. If you’re creating prelaunch content, you want the second best training on earth to be your free content and then the best is, of course you’re paid.

Molly: Yeah. And so much of what she was teaching in that free content, we would have written blog posts about that stuff I would have shared anyway.

So I didn’t have any problems just doing a full court push through the entire list for that entire week and then I was tagging everyone that clicked through.

So everybody that clicked through to any of the free content during that whole entire week.

The other thing I did do on that week is I looked at the week as a whole and then resent to the unopened. The ones that had the best click through rate.

The funny thing was, the one that had the best click through rate was not the one that had the most opens. It was, like, by a mile.

So I just wanted to see what had the most click throughs and those are the ones that we sent to the unopened.

Matt: There’s two things I’ll share real quick that I takeaways everyone you said you emailed each day to the free content.

So repetition, repetition, repetition. I call this the falling in love phase.

The prelaunch content is your objective as an affiliate, is to get them to fall in love with Dayna. It’s not going to happen by sending one email.

You said, Dayna had we looked at those kind of pods with what we call them, like with our launch, we have these little pods, which is your first prelaunch video, usually with the download, and then followed up by a Facebook Live answering questions, followed up by a watch party, where it’s kind of a hybrid of those two.

It’s like, we’re watching it together. We’re stopping the video. We’re answering questions, we’re commenting, blah, blah, blah.

And the more of those things, people attend, and the more that you mail to those things, the more they’re falling in love with Dayna.

So they watch the video and they go, I think I could pay attention to this lady.

But then they attend the webinar or the Q and A, and she actually mentions them by name and answers their question, which is an objection crusher, by the way.

And so by doing that by mailing to each of those pieces and not just sending leads to say one thing, you’re not only getting more opt in, that’s great, more leads, that’s awesome.

But you’re moving them on this continuum. You’ve heard me say this, that zero to ten continuum.

And every time they get that email and they interact with Dayna, they move from a four to a five, from a five to a six, closer to a buying decision, and then mailing to the unopened.

And the strategy that you use to take those emails, they were already preparing well and resending those. It’s one of the easiest ways people to get an extra five or 10%.

Molly: So true. And then I’m like, always, like, why don’t I do this every day? It’s so silly when I do that.

Matt: And you can do that, by the way, if you’re not already.

Molly: Yeah, I mean, I do when I think about it, but it’s just one of those things.

Matt: Plan for it. That’s the calendar. I’ll just tell you how we do it real quick. Told you I had more to share with you.

So if we have a piece of content going out on Tuesday, roughly eight days later, so sometimes we might have something else going on eight days later, but it’s sometime in the future, we’ll just put it on like we’re going to resend to that and then we resend to it again.

And we resend to it again and we resent to it again. Unless it’s something that’s, like, time bound.

So we’re not going to resend about our Black Friday promotion after Black Friday.

You know, but a podcast about I’m trying to think. So the podcast episode about Black Friday will kind of hyper compress. That recent, like, three times before Black Friday.

But a podcast that I did recently about connecting with VIPs and influencers, that’s evergreen. About that once a month forever.

Because if they didn’t open it, there’s only one or two reasons they chose not to open it. Well, three reasons they didn’t see it or they’re new.

Holly: Right, exactly.

Matt: Just put that on your calendar and just do it like clockwork. I know if we mail twice to unopens, the number of people who open those two emails will equal the number of people who open the first email. I just doubled our open rate with a fraction of the effort.

Holly: Well, and I mean, you’re only resending your best stuff in general anyway, so they’re going to get a better quality email, too.

Matt: They are. That’s true. We schedule the resends, but every now and again, we’ll call an audible and we’ll be like, that post kind of bombed.

That video got, like, eleven thumbs down compared to 40 thumbs up, and normally it’s like 100 thumbs up to one thumbs down. Maybe we need to not mail to that video again. Let’s just pretend that never happened. Great point there. So that’s awesome.

Let’s just look at something else that maybe you did in there that was different or not different, just something you did that led to success in this.

Holly: Yeah, I love the whole idea of the launch cycle like this because I’m always looking for the excuse to email so that you’re not like, hey, Holly here again. I know I’ve told you 32 stories about my children today, and so it gives you something to a topic to top.

You’re doing this for 13 years, and you run out of things to say after a while to a certain extent. So that’s one of the things I thought was really fun and then there was the different types of content.

And so, like, a mom on my list who is really in the trenches of struggling with discipline is going to react to that story that I tell about my child having a tantrum in the atrium of the library.

But if you’re not in the middle of that, that’s just, oh, I remember those days type story and you might be more interested in the pajama party that Dayna through that week and like, hey, I’m not doing anything tonight.

I want to connect with other people. I’ll go to the pajama party. So when you have those different types of content, you can hit the different types of people that might be on the list for different reasons.

Matt: Yeah, we call those ETMs Excuse To Mail and so anything you can look for as an excuse or a reason to mail.

Just to your point, I know this is exactly what we taught when we were going through this launch with you, it’s like they might not sit down and watch a video because that sounds like work, but a pajama party where I get to learn about and it’s at a defined time.

Like, you show up at 9:15 for the 09:00, you miss 15 minutes of it, so you show up at nine. Whereas if you give them a video and say, watch it at your leisure, I don’t know that I’m going to have any of that anytime soon right? What does that even mean? I don’t have leisure time. But if you tell me it’s at nine, I’m a show.

And the same thing with the Q and A. I have a question. You get that question answered, it’s like you were halfway to a buying decision.

So just having those excuses to mail if you’re running a launch, have excuses to mail and if you’re an affiliate mail, every time there’s an excuse,

Holly: Yeah, mail and I think there was the one time, I think there was one day that week that I may have even emailed twice that day just because it was like, okay, now this is not no longer live. Here’s the replay in case you missed it.

Matt: Yes, I love that as well, because that is an excuse to mail. Oh, you missed the live. Going to email you.

Holly: Yeah. I may have even excluded the people who had clicked. I don’t know. I love to hang out. If people knew how much information we knew about them from just their clicks on the email, I think they freak out because it’s super fun to go in there and be like, yeah, I saw you did this, so you’re excluded for the next one.

Matt: Oh, yeah, I mean, that’s tagging. Are you on convertkit?

Holly: I am, yeah.

Matt: You can form a pretty aggressive demographic profile of people based on what they’re clicking.

Holly: Right.

Matt: And in fact, I’ll bet, you know, when people reach the point where their kids are too old for your stuff, because what happens? They stop engaging with your content.

Holly: Right.

Matt: And then they started reengaging. That means they have about a two year old now. Two months old. So congratulations, here are some pull ups.

Holly: Well, and that’s funny to say that because originally when I didn’t understand tagging, I would tag people that interacted with potty training content and then two years later, I sent everything to the potty training list and then it occurred to me, I have no idea when they joined that tag.

Hopefully their potty training journey is not two years long. They really will buy this.

Matt: Yeah, I’m glad. Both of our kids potty train in about 90 days. There’s one friend of mine, his kids, they started young, but it’s weird. He started young potty training, but now he’s like, old for potty training.

Holly: Right.

Matt: And it has it’s been like a 14 month process and I’m like, I can’t imagine

Holly: I feel the pain of that with just one of my three.

Matt: Awesome. So what else, something else that you did that made a big needle mover?

Holly: Well, let’s go on to what the second part was. So the first part was the big list and then the big list ended like the big list portion of my campaign ended with the open cart announcement.

Matt: Good.

Holly: And one of the reasons why I did that, because Dayna, of course, had 365 bonuses. I threw in my own bonuses. So I figured even if someone hadn’t interacted with the free content, if they were a shopper, there was no reason not to buy this.

It was like $42,000, not that much, but it was like crazy amount of value and she had a payment plan, too and then if they did click through to the cart, I started a new tag, interacted with cart.

Matt: Good one.

Holly: Then my big list goes to sleep and I create a new list. Actually, my big list goes back to normal, except now I’m excluding everyone who has clicked through to the free content.

So those people are not on the normal kids activities plan for the next week. They get special stuff. My regular list goes back to doing the same emails that we do every day regularly.

So now I have a list of about, I think that list was about 3500 that had interacted with her content. So that’s what I concentrated on for that second week and so I emailed them every single day.

And then sometimes if there was something that I was doing, like I did an interview with Dayna, so I emailed them twice that day. I did a Q and A live video, so I emailed them twice that day.

And then if you’ve been following Matt very long, you know that I’m going to announce a number on the last day that is going to make some people’s heart stop. So on the last day, I sent seven emails.

Matt: We recommend five. I sent ten once, but seven.

Holly: Not everybody got seven emails, but the people that had interacted with the cart definitely got seven emails.

Matt: Yeah, and I’m assuming because it’s easy with convertkit as it is with almost every email.

Holly: Yeah.

Matt: There are a few. It’s not. You gave them the option to say, I’m no longer interested in this and it’s simple, you just put some text at the bottom that says, hey, I love Dayna’s program, I think you should join.

But if you don’t want to hear anything more about it, click this link, just tags them. You tell convertkit or whatever, don’t send to this tag and the beauty of that is that frees you up, Holly, to say something like that.

And I don’t think you had 46,000 people that didn’t get a single email on that day, but it’s the 3500. Here’s what you know about those 3500 and I think when you know this.

It makes you feel more confident. They woke up early on car close Friday morning. I believe it’s when car closed.

They lost a little bit of sleep on Friday night because there was a tension.

Should I join?

Should I not join?

Can I afford it?

Can I not afford it?

How are we going to make the budget work?

Will this actually help me?

Oh, by the way, my kid is driving me nuts.

Do I need this?

Do I have the time?

Can I make the time?

I’m working two jobs right now. They’re wrestling with this decision, and all you’re trying to do I always picture them.

This is mental visualization is I see them literally sitting on the fence, looking over here at not buying, then looking over at buying, looking at not buying, looking at buying.

All I’m trying to do is just draw their attention to this side to make the decision and I see them getting off the fence, coming over there, and I take this whole visualization exercise. I’m sure I’ve shared it with you. Where I walk them through and I see them getting the result that I want them to get.

That’s all that is on Cart close day. Holly, so I love that.

Holly: Of course I’m watching all this because I’m going through it for the first time and I’m kind of obsessed by data, so I was like, I’m just curious, like, how many people because I put the little “Hey, if you’re not that into Dayna”, I get it, I love her.

And just click here because I didn’t want them to obviously unsubscribe on the whole list, but yes. So anyway, only 136 people out of 3500 clicked that.

So that made me very bold to go on and say, “Hey, guys, let’s have this conversation because like you said, I know what this is going to do.”

And there was an email or two that said, “Okay, I get that you’ve gotten another email or two from me today, but I need you to understand why this is so important to me.”

Matt: It’s an important email.

Holly: Yeah.

Matt: We name our emails after people that we stole them from and so that email, that similar email is just, hey, I realize I’ve emailed you a bunch, but here’s why it’s called the John Workman email.

And it’s actually really if we name it after Mark Seavercrop on it, he wrote the email, but he wrote it for a friend of his name John Workman.

And that’s a very effective email because you’re acknowledging the elephant in the room, which is, oh my gosh, you’re emailing a lot about this. To your point, what is that? I don’t even know what the percentage is.

Holly: Yeah, not much at all compared to and I’m sure I get so many unsubscribes a day that it would be hard to pinpoint that I’m sure there’s a few unsubscribes in there, too, but for the benefit, for the ROI that it offered, it was not any big deal.

Matt: Yeah. Especially when, like you said, this is a program that is a great fit for your audience. There is a statistical probability that they unsubscribed because you’re promoting this. They were never going to buy a thing from you.

Holly: That’s why I’m saying I wouldn’t want them on the list anyway, because I have to pay for them. I’m just really happy when people instead sending me a nasty email about, you’ve sent me too many emails, I would just rather have them float off into the ether in a very happy way.

Matt: You are passionate about what you are promoting and you’re passionate about what you do and who you’re serving.

To that point, that meant there was 3000 some odd people that are just sitting on that fence looking back and forth and here’s the cool thing for you, Ollie, I know you know this. If you never promoted Dayna again, you’re going to make another 22 sales over the next year and a half.

Holly: Right.

Mat: Because there’s a lot of those people, that something life circumstances, what kept them on that fence. They really wanted to jump off to this side and that life circumstance changes.

It’s completely out of your control. You’ve done what you were supposed to do. That life circumstance changes because they get a new job and suddenly 497, whatever.

Suddenly the battle they’ve been going through. Maybe it was a health challenge that ends. It’s hard to think about buying anything when you’re in a hospital bed.

Holly: Right. You think about all the things like you said, or they just had a baby, so their attention is somewhere else. There’s just a million reasons why right then wasn’t perfect.

But what’s really cool is hopefully she’ll allow me to come on next time again, and then I can just add to that group that we can carry on.

Matt: Yeah, I know we did an affiliate promotion recently that we did heavy the last two or three years. We didn’t do a thing this time and I literally had no idea.

I didn’t even know what was going on until I got tagged in a Facebook post. We finished in 11th place. Now, this is like big names, right?

We finished, like, 10th, 3rd, 9th the last couple of years. We only finished two spots lower than we did last year. Not even doing anything just because of the number of people we had sent.

So we finished in 11th place. I logged into PayPal. We just got, like, a $15,000 deposit from them. That’s just the first thing we made $24,000. I didn’t do anything.

Like, it’s not well. I only sent one email. I didn’t even know the promotion was happening. Because you’re promoting something completely different. At time as Pete Vargas we made 20 something thousand dollars. That’s what I love about this stuff.

There’s a lot more coming your way. I love that you sent seven emails. There’s something else. You mentioned that you interviewed Dayna. That’s something that you did this after not only before the card had opened, but also afterwards.

Tell us, is that something you felt like worked and if so, how did that work for your audience?

Holly: Dayna and I have we’ve actually been on Facebook Live multiple times and then I had Virtual Summit this summer that Dayna was one of the speakers on.

So our ecosystems are very closely related, and so a lot of my people, especially back when she was blogging real heavily, we shared a lot of the same audience because we were doing similar things.

It’s just such a natural fit to have her voice come on and talk about, because what I love about her and my community is that we are not the glossy moms or the pinterest moms. We’re like the moms that have dirty dishes in our sinks because it’s hard to get everything done at the same time.

And so when she comes on and tells the story of why she put this together, your heart just breaks for her because you’ve been there for her. You’ve been there too. Maybe not to the extent that she was. But at some point, you’ve been in a situation where you’re like, I don’t know the answer.

And so it’s such a powerful story, and I think it’s something that, quite honestly, mom should hear all the time, because a lot of times, we just get into those situations and think, “Oh, my gosh, there’s no hope” and so when I can show, look, it sounded like there was no hope and look at the before and after, and it’s a transformation that is undeniable.

Matt: Yeah and I love that because I think when people see the produced video and her videos are very produced, and I love them, I think they’re fun. I think that more of her personality.

I’m just not critiquing Dayna here, and I will tell her this in person. I think 80% of her personality comes through the videos, and that 20% is what, again, makes people fall in love with her.

And to your point, that’s the beauty of doing a Facebook Live is it is live. I say anytime I interview somebody, I say, hey, I’ve got a few questions that I’d love to ask Dayna.

I would love if I don’t have to ask a single one of them, I want you to ask them again, what am I doing there?

Crushing objections, and I’m putting them in charge, and I’m connecting them to Dayna, as opposed to just interviewing a person, which is great, but now it’s like they’re controlling the interview.

Like, this can go any way we want it to go. It is an opportunity for somebody to tell a story. I mean, you know this, where she goes, she was on the live stream with Ryan Lavesque. You know this?

Holly: Oh, that’s fun. Yeah.

Matt: Okay. You don’t know this?

Holly: I don’t think so.

Matt: This is public, so I can totally tell you. She was doing a live stream with Ryan Lavesque and I can’t remember if she was I think she was, like, the next guest or had just finished, and all of a sudden, Ryan’s like, I want to introduce so and so this other person.

And then you hear out of nowhere, you hear, “hey, do you know where’s my dongle?” And it’s Dayna. And next thing you know, Ryan is cracking up.

And for those of you who know Ryan, he is, like, very straight, but for him to just go, “Where’s Dayna’s dongle?” “Can anybody find it?”

And she’s like and he’s like so it becomes this whole thing and it was like, hashtag, where’s Dayna? Where’s the dongle?

Or the Q and A that they did during the launch where Jason Farted? and you can see let’s be honest, any dude knows what he was doing.

If you watch, like, 10 seconds before she realizes that, he goes like that. That’s who they are, though. He’s not that personality.

Holly: This completely falls in line with when I teach social media in my other life is.

What I’m completely preaching at all times is that people come onto social media and they’re trying to be all glossy and perfect, and that’s not what we connect.

Like, if we were to sit down on a weekend with our high school friends, what stories are we telling?

We’re telling about so and so got in trouble with this and you remember when that embarrassed you and this embarrassed me and you’re all laughing at dime because we connect over where is Dayna’s Dongle?

So if you’re just connecting in a glossy way, that’s not connection. That’s called, like, broadcasting. They might as well watch television anyway. I’ll get off my soapbox.

Matt: I’m with you. We could go down that river troll. The fact is, you did the interview, and that was what was important and it certainly I know it made some sales.

So show one more takeaway or one more thing that you did. Maybe, Holly, that used to made a difference.

Holly: Yeah, I mean, I think the really good use of tagging, I think, makes you more comfortable with what you’re doing and obviously doesn’t annoy the heck out of people who are like, listen, Holly, just because I clicked on the link once doesn’t mean I want seven emails on day seven.


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