Virtual summits make for great affiliate promotions. They are easy to promote, free for your audience to attend, provide a great service to your audience, and offer some awesome backend commissions. Today, I share exactly how to best promote a virtual summit even if you aren’t a speaker.

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How to Promote Virtual Summits as an Affiliate (If You Aren’t a Speaker)

Virtual Summits make for great affiliate promotions. They’re easy to promote, free for your audience to attend, provide a great service to your audience, and offer some awesome backend commissions.

Today, I share exactly how to best promote a virtual summit, even if you aren’t a speaker.

I love virtual summits. I love just how easy they are to promote. Usually they are pretty quick promo.

Sometimes I’ll send like two emails and that’s it. Typically, I might do more like two to four.

The other thing I love about them is you get to be the hero to your audience for getting them access to this summit. They offer nice upsells early. Like, there’s usually a VIP pass.

Typically when we do them, there’s a VIP pass for the summit where your questions get answered and things like that.

And then there’s after, there’s upsells later to things like the all access pass and courses and things like that that give some nice commissions.

I love them. And I’ve reached the point now where usually I’m a speaker for the Virtual Summits.

I don’t think I’ve promoted one without being a speaker for four or five years. But back in the day, I promoted some just as a speaker.

And when we run Virtual Summits, like, we’re running one pretty soon here, actually called Scale Fest, and I’ll put a link in the show notes on how to become an affiliate for that promotion because it’s a great opportunity.

You’ll just put the link, go check it out if you’re like, hey, I’m looking for a good virtual summit. You listen to this.

You’re looking for a good virtual summit to promote, go check out the link to the Scale Fest summit. It’s a great affiliate opportunity.

Now, when we run these, typically the biggest promoters are the speakers. But there are opportunities for non speakers. And so for you affiliate managers, pay attention.

Most Virtual Summits, 80% of the opt ins and sales come from the speakers. When we run Virtual Summits, 80% come from the non speakers.

The biggest few are typically still speakers, but most of the sales come from non speakers. And this is a big reason why a lot of people are like, oh, we only got 10,000 leads, 10,000 people registered, or 5000 or lower.

We’ve run so many virtual summits 30, 50, even one with 124,000 people that is bigger than the biggest college football stadium in the United States.

Like, that is a massive number of people. Why?

Because we’re able to get nonspeakers to promote only that 124,000 people and only like, 15,000 to 20,000 of those were from speakers.

The other 100,000 plus were from non speakers, just regular affiliates promoting the summit.

So, again, as an affiliate, this is a great opportunity for you to make some good money from an easy promo for you affiliate managers.

Listen up, because you’re going to learn how to help your non speaker affiliates actually become great affiliates for your summit.

So previously, this was a live video. It was open only to our Insider members, but I wanted you guys to get this info.

I’ve got Robby Miles on, and he’s joining me. We’re taking a look at how you can be an affiliate and succeed with these virtual summits even if you’re not a speaker.

We talk about why virtual summits are not dead. That’s how we start off. I thought about sharing that here, but I’m like, no, we cover that in the video.

Or it was in the live video, but we cover that in this lesson. The difference between giving and asking during promotions, that’s a big thing.

What does that look like? Well, summits are like they’re like a give. We’re giving. We’re not asking.

Even though you can make some money, how to build relationships with speakers, which will help you grow your influence and maybe get them as podcast guests and stuff like that.

And we walk you through a full email plan for promoting your next virtual summit.

So let’s dive right into this lesson. It’s a powerful lesson on how to promote virtual summits.

Matt: Hey, what’s up, insiders? And I’m super excited this month to talk to you about how to promote virtual summits as a non speaker affiliate. I think we all kind of understand how we’re a speaker for virtual summit.

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to do that, it’s a really cool experience getting to be a part of that audience and be one of the featured speakers.

Promoting an event like that as a speaker kind of easy. Hey, I’m speaking at this event, and you should join it. Right?

But promoting them as a nonspeaker affiliate, I’m going to share some of the ways and some tips for doing that coming up here today.

So I’m joined today by Robby Miles. As always. Robby, welcome.

Robby: Hey, Matt. It’s great to be here.

Matt: Yeah. So I’m going to share first of all, we’re going to start with it’s a backstage pass. This goes back to a promotion that I did recently.

Now, I was a speaker. We’re going to take those principles and extract them for non speakers summit called the Monetize Your genius summit that we promoted was run by Danielle Anika.

And we’re going to take a PDF. By the way, for all of you, there’ll be a PDF below this video of the email that we sent promoting that summit that you guys can use just to kind of get an idea of some of the ways that we promoted that.

If you want, like, all of our emails that we’ve ever sent for everything for summits and other stuff, make sure, by the way, you go grab our ultimate affiliate swipe file.

You can just go to affiliate swipe file. What is it? Affiliateswipefiles.com.

Make sure you go check that out and grab a copy of that. We’ll send it to you for basically the cost of shipping for your 1st 30 days and if you don’t like it, then you send it back, and we don’t charge anything.

And if you love it, then we’ll charge you something, but not even close to what it’s actually worth, because we’ve heard amazing things about this book.

To get started with affiliate marketing the right way, download my free quickstart guide to affiliate marketing. Grab your copy here!

Some of you insiders already have the book, and you know how awesome this is, so go check that out. So, first of all, why are virtual summits great affiliate promotions?

I first want to kind of overcome a myth that says that summits are dead. Virtual summits are dead.

Everybody and their grandmother is doing virtual summits. Okay, first of all, that’s not true. It is simply not true.

There’s a lot of talk in the online marketing world about virtual summits, but that’s because we’re in the online marketing world.

I can promise you this is I call this the target test. The reason they don’t say the walmart test is there’s a certain connotation with walmart.

But if you go to target, I feel like target, at least when I’ve been there, is a pretty good cross section of America.

It’s pretty average income. You get some higher income people.

You get some CEOs shop at target, and also school teachers shop at target, stay at home mom shop at target, and automobile mechanics shop at target.

Like, it feels like everybody I know shops at target. Not everybody I know shops at walmart.

And so the target test go into a target, find 100 people, ask them if they’ve ever attended a virtual summit.

Now, first of all, that’d be a really weird thing to do, but if you did it, I bet the most number that anybody would get that have ever attended a virtual summit would be three, probably one or two.

And in fact, if you asked 100 people five or more times, I bet on occasion you’d get zero people. Most people have never even heard of a virtual summit, let alone an attended one.

And the same thing is true. Like, we’ve heard this throughout history about every new technology that’s shown up on the internet.

Email marketing is dead. I was hearing that one for email marketing is dead. If you go google the phrase email marketing is dead, right?

You will find articles all the way back to 2002, 2003 to say email marketing. It’s on its way out. It’s just dead. Really?

You’ve been wrong for 18 years, 19 years. You’re the same crap. Right?

It’s still the number one way to sell anything online. 15 to 20 plus years, people have been saying email marketing is dead, and it’s still not.

Well, now, about five, six years into the virtual summit craze, everybody’s saying the same thing here’s why it feels like there are so many virtual summits. Why?They’re dead.

You and I, Robby, this applies to you. This is me. All of our insiders, we’re hypersensitive to these types of things because we’re in this world.

We have friends who run a virtual summit. Maybe you spoke at a virtual summit. You’ve attended a virtual summit.

You’re thinking of running a virtual summit. You want to promote a virtual summit.

You’re on a lot of email marketers list, and one of them is doing a virtual summit or speaking and promoting at a virtual summit.

The reality is, like I said, most of your audience has never even heard of a virtual summit, let alone attended one.

So I just want to get that out of the way up front. Virtual summits are not dead.

So I’ve got five reasons for you why virtual summits are a good affiliate promotion. Then we’ll talk about some of the strategies.

The first benefit to you, the first reason why I love promoting them as an affiliate.

There’s no hard sell. All we’re trying to do, we talk about often in terms of promotions. There’s gives and there’s takes.

When I say, go buy this product, it kind of feels like a take. It has a take feel to it.

Robby: Even if you tell them how amazing the product is, it’s still a take. You’re like, here, I’m giving you all this value by getting this amazing product. Buy it. That’s still the key. There is you’re asking something of them.

Matt: Yeah. Even if it’s go buy this product for a dollar when it normally costs $100, you’re asking for a transaction. You’re not asking for this at all.

Like a typical virtual summit will have 20 to 30, maybe upwards of 50 amazing speakers. Many of them will be people that your audience has never heard of. Many of them will be people that your audience is dying to see.

There’ll be at least one super recognizable speaker that your audience is like, oh, my gosh. This person is on, right? They get to see them for free.

A lot of times these people speak at events like this where there’s 10, 20, 30 speakers. I think of, like, the Global Leadership Summit and things like that.

I don’t know how much that costs. $100 probably, or to go see somebody deliver a keynote. You might pay $200 for dinner and a talk from them, and you get to see them for free. I have to pay a dime.

So this is a total give. They’re don’t have to pull out their wallet. They just have to register. Okay, so it positions you as just giving, and there’s no hard sell.

Secondly, there’s super high value, this kind of ties in what I just said, right?

Average virtual summit interviews probably about 30 to 45 minutes long. There are 30, 40, upwards of 50 speakers sometimes.

Claire Diaz-Ortiz, she had one that we ran many years ago. We ran the affiliate site called the Success Mentor Summit. She had 70 plus speakers. She had 35 hours of amazing content that you got to offer as an affiliate.

You can’t tell me that giving your audience 35 hours of free content from thought leaders in the industry wouldn’t be, like, insanely valuable to your audience. Of course it is.

As the affiliate, you’re going to be the one that gets to share it with them. So that makes you the hero to your audience, which is great positioning.

Third reason you should promote virtual summits even if you’re not speaking, there’s multiple entry points because there’s different topics and different speakers.

Typically, one of the things I hear about, say, a book, for instance, a book and I love promoting books as an affiliate because maybe we’ll send, like, two emails.

And I’m hoping to get affiliates for our book coming out. The passion of profit path like, we’re going to be working a lot with some big affiliates, but there’s only so many ways you can say, “Hey, go buy Matt’s book. Go buy Matt’s book.”

“Hey, today if you buy Matt’s book, you get this. And tomorrow if you buy Matt’s book, you get”, well, the same thing. And here’s a book coming out, and here’s who it’s for.

Did I mention who it’s for? Go buy the book. Go buy the book. Go buy the book. I mean, if I kept going much longer with that, you guys would all tune me out.

Robby: I almost muted you.

Matt: I know. Go buy the book. Go buy the book. Go buy the book. Like, you sound like a repetitive bird. It gets old.

But with a summit, there’s different categories of speakers, right? You’re going to have some big name speakers group with some lesser name speakers, and each group is going to be on a slightly different subtopic.

So you got, like, your broader things. I’ll use, like Chandler bolts. We ran his self publishing success summit.

There’s how to outline the book, how to write the book, how to get the book published to self publish it, how to market the book, how to use the book long term. It’s like a business card, right?

So each of these speakers is going to speak about some aspect of that subtopic. And so it gives you multiple entry points into the summit.

You can talk about a specific speaker. Oh, my gosh, Tony Robbins is speaking. Oh, my gosh, Jeff Walker is speaking. Oh, my gosh, Matt McWilliams. Okay, maybe not that one.

But you can talk about those things, right? Then you can send an email about the virtual summit as a whole. So you got one about a specific speaker, then one about the summit, like how amazing the whole thing is.

Then another one is about a specific topic. Maybe another one is about a specific nugget that one speaker shared. Debbie Steinberg Kuntz is doing this with hers.

She posted on Facebook the other day. We’re coaching her on running her summit in our your affiliate launch coach program.

And I saw it on Facebook, and it was just like, dad, watch this one quick tip. And it was like, I don’t know if you saw that, Robby.

It was maybe a four minute video. That’s something. As an affiliate, you can be like, hey, this one tip for Dads. And you can use that as an angle to promote him.

Robby: And that’s a sell takeaway, too, which I just love. It’s like, as you’re promoting it, you’re giving while you’re promoting another give.

So, like, you had mentioned, you’re the hero to your audience. Yeah, the double give. It’s a good feeling to be able to share those wins, especially when it’s a nugget that they can have a quick win on their own.

Matt: Now, that’s super powerful. So you’ve got these multiple entry points. This is getting into the tips, but one of the tips here would be pick three or four speakers that maybe you have a personal connection with.

Meaning you might even know them. Maybe you used to work with them, or you were a client of theirs, or they were a client of yours, or you read their book, you took their course, you watched them on Oprah seven years ago, and it changed your life.

And send an email specifically talking about that speaker. So you get to get personal. You get to help your audience see why this virtual summit is perfect for them to attend. So that’s reason number three.

Reason number four is you can connect with the speakers. Many of the speakers of the summit are also going to be promoting it to their list.

That means they will most likely be in the affiliate Facebook group. Not all the time, but many times they will. This allows you to connect with some of the all stars in your industry.

So maybe you can get a podcast or get them on your podcast, right? You can get them to endorse a book that you can get them to come on your do a Facebook Live with you.

These are people you might have a hard time connecting with otherwise, but because you’re both supporting my summit, you’re able to connect in deeper ways. Some of the people I think of Daniela.

Daniela is going to be an insider profile. Why? Because I connected with her. For her, actually, this is oh, this gets really deep. Okay, check this out.

We both promoted a summit that led to her promoting another summit for a client. That made us quite a bit of money.

Both being involved in that summit led to her reaching out to interview me to be on her summit, which exposed me to tens of thousands of people in her summit, which led to me getting to know her better, which led to me asking her to come to an insider profile.

And we’re going to do some other stuff together, partnerships together, all because we both were in a summit Facebook group together.

So you can connect with these thought leaders. You can connect with these experts in the industry. Could have a huge impact on your business going forward if you do that. Right?

Robby: Not everybody has to do this whole summit section thing, which you just talked about, right? Yeah. Summits within summits. It’s the Russian dolls of summits. Not everybody do that.

Instead, just connecting with these people in the Facebook group is oftentimes enough to just take that next step because you’re promoting them a lot of times directly, and they appreciate that as well.

Matt: Yeah. I mean, here’s some tips on that real quick. How do I connect with them?

Number one, compliment them on their presentation. When their presentation goes live Tuesday morning, be the first one in the Facebook group to say, oh, my gosh, I just watched your presentation.

Or if you got access to the speakers beforehand, which you should, so you can use them in your marketing. Oh, my gosh, I just watched your Robby Miles.

I just watched your presentation on how to use how to use Nasby for task management. It was so good. Well, then Robby’s like that’s.

Joe Smith. I kind of like Joe now. He was complimentary little things like that.

If Robby’s in the Facebook group, he’s a speaker, and he posts something and says, my audience is loving this summit, just comment and say, Mine too, robbie, isn’t this thing awesome?

Just interact with people, right? Be a human freaking being with him.

It’s not rocket science. But the little complimentary thing, that is one that is a little tactical there.

So the fifth reason why the top promoters get invited to speak at the next one all right, I will tell you right now, and this is not achievable for everyone where you may be at.

If you promote a virtual summit, you’re one of the top promoters, and I’m just being like, you’re one of the top two or three non speaker affiliates.

Very likely you’re going to be asked to speak at the next one. Very likely. And if you’re not, you can certainly approach them about speaking because now you have some leverage.

I remember when I think of leverage, I think of 2014, probably when I promoted Michael Hyatt’s five days to your best year ever.

And I promoted the year before my very first affiliate, promo made $588.00 Many of you know that story.

Well, I was his 34th largest affiliate. Well, about a week, a month before the launch, I said, hey, can I interview Michael? And his assistant kindly responded back and said, no, Michael doesn’t have time.

Well, fast forward about three days into the launch, and I’m in like, 6th place, and I messaged a friend of mine, and I said, so here’s the deal.

Michael Hyatt, originally he was assistant, said, no, I’m a 6th place affiliate. How do I go about this? Because I think I have leverage now.

It’s a different conversation. And sure enough, he had time. He found the time.

And this friend of mine, she gave me some really good advice. She just said she didn’t don’t come into it from like, a cocky standpoint.

I wasn’t planning on it, but just, hey, it looks like my audience is really responding to this.

I think they’ll respond even more if I can get Michael on the podcast. And so the other thing is, speaking at a virtual summit, if you can get that, if you can turn this into a speaking gig, it’s a great way to get in front of all the people as a part of that summit.

So if you’re one of the top affiliates, you’ll likely get the opportunity to speak at the next summit. And even if you don’t, then ask them.

I mean, you don’t have to be a jerk about it. Don’t be like, well, I’m not going to promote you anymore.

No, just say, “hey, I’d really love to promote this again to my audience next year or six months from now, but I know I’ll do even better if I’m actually a speaker. And here’s what I can contribute, here’s what I can share.”

Robby: I was going to ask about this because we’re talking about give, give, give, give. Now you can put me on mute, whatever, but this give, give.

How do you actually make any money in a virtual summit?

Matt: Yeah, so the upsells, okay, so you’re probably thinking like, okay, wait, I’m promoting a free event. How do I make any money? Well, here’s the thing. They’re going to have upsells.

So typically the package path that we recommend is the initial Upsell is immediate access to all the presentations.

Now, if you’re doing it live, that’s not possible. But if they’re pre recorded, you get immediate access to all the presentations.

You can watch them on your own time and you have lifetime access. Whereas during the summit, typically, we like to expire them after 24, 48 hours.

So you have 24 to 48 hours to watch them for free. Then they’re gone.

So you get lifetime access immediately to all of the presentations, plus a couple of other bonuses. We call that an all access pass. All right?

And so they can decline those and get all the valuable content for free. That’s totally awesome.

They have that opportunity. We’ll find anywhere between 3% and 6% will upsell like that immediately.

Typically we’ll value that all Access Pass between 97 and 297, just depending upon the industry and the depth of it. But we’ll offer it for between as low as or as much as 75% off. Typically, we won’t go 75% off on a $97.01, that’s $25.

It’s kind of cheap. But on a 97, we’ll go down to like 47. On a 297, we might go down to 97. So that’s $200 off. The eventual price, two thirds off.

And so they’ll get, like I said, all the interviews, maybe some other resources, transcripts, audio recordings, things like that, that they don’t get in the regular summit. So that’s the initial upsell.

That’s valuable. If you’re running the summit, that’s valuable because your affiliates are seeing immediate revenue come in.

So it’s like if I send 1000 people and I convert half of them into registering, and then I convert 5% of those and it’s $100 all Access pass, I’ll make $2,500. Like that sending a free thing. That’s pretty cool.

There’ll be some other back end offers as well, a related course, other products.

Again, these upsells not only provide insane amounts of value, but they also allow you the opportunity to make some commissions.

And so one of the things that I would encourage you to do speaking of bonuses, this wasn’t even on our list, Robby.

Create a bonus that you can offer for people who register for the summit.

And here’s a very simple one you can do that requires no work on the front end.

Let’s just say that the new summit interviews, let’s say there’s five a day for five days.

That’s what Debbie, one of our clients, is doing. So we’ll just use hers as an example.

They’re released every day at 09:00, a.m. Eastern time, every night at 08:00, 09:00, whatever, because hers is a parenting summit. So night time is going to work best.

We’ll say 09:00, maybe even 10:00 Eastern. Every night at 10:00, you are going to gather with the people that you referred in a private Facebook group, talk about the speakers and the lessons that day, and here’s what you’re going to do.

You’re going to pull out your journal and you’re going to say, here are the top five things I learned. What did you learn? Share them in the chat.

What were some of the big takeaways? Maybe bring on some people. Maybe do it on zoom. Don’t even do it on a Facebook group. Just do it on zoom.

Robby: I’ve seen people do it before, just in like, a Google document where they’ll have everybody share their takeaways.

Matt: Yeah, even that simple. There’s one where you don’t even have to commit to putting makeup on. Do it on clubhouse. Again, the limit to that right now would be that it’s iOS only.

But if you don’t want to make yourself up and look pretty, I can tell you right now I don’t want to do these at 10:00 at night because I usually have taken the dog out in the cold and my hair is standing up like six different ways and I’ll probably be wearing a beanie.

And nobody has really ever seen me publicly wearing a beanie.

Robby: That’s the reason.

Matt: Yeah, there’s no reason for that. I don’t summer. At least I’m not that guy. Or vest.

One of my favorite quotes of all time is, I don’t get vest. What is it, winter on your torso and summer on your arms?

Robby: Sorry, I’m from the Pacific Northwest. Vests are a thing up here.

Matt: You get a lifetime supply of vests the moment you’re born. Right?

You get one for every three months stage of your life. You come out of the womb in the state of Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho.

Hand you an 18 year supply of vest with backups that you can purchase if one of them should tear. Where are we going with that? I don’t even know.

Robby: Bonuses for people who opt in.

Matt: Yeah, so do that. That’s a good, super awesome way to just encourage people and again, turn these into events. That’s the big thing about these summits from a practical standpoint. Some promotional tips here.

Number one, don’t start more than about ten days before promoting, preferably really seven. When we teach people how to run a summit, we have what we call our 710 Four formula.

The reason for this is it works. There’s a little flexibility. I’ll explain it here.

That’s seven days of promotion, ten days of summit, four days of the upsell at the end, promoting the higher ticket item.

So that would be seven days of promotion, then ten days of the actual sum, and then four days of promoting your $1,000 $2,000 course or promoting your mastermind or promoting whatever it is.

The bigger thing, that’s not the all access pass that you’re selling.

So in that seven days, typically that seven days is when it will be like two thirds off or half off or 75% off, whatever it is, the all access pass, then that will go through typically the first day of the summit.

So now we’re within the ten. And then the next four days, it’ll be a little bit less off.

So originally, let’s say it’s 297, and you drop down to 997. Then it’ll go to 147.

So there’s a deadline and then some time. But right before the end of the summit, it will go up to 197 or even all the way up.

So we teach that to people who are running summits that anything more than seven days, maybe upwards of ten days. Okay?

Anything more than that before the summit starts. And we just noticed that attendance and engagement drops precipitously between the time the longer the time between they registered and when they attended.

Really, the ideal window is about three days. Now here’s the problem though.

If you wait until about three days before, it just shortens the amount of time you have to promote it.

So we found that seven days is kind of the ideal time to start.

That’ll look like an email seven days before an email, probably to unopened five days before, an email to everyone about three days before, an email the day before and an email the day of.

And you find the different things like we talked about.

Ready to turn your passions into a profitable business? Check out my new book here!

Turn Your Passions into Profits Book Matt McWilliams

Maybe at the beginning, you promote the whole summit, and then the next one, you’re promoting a specific speaker. I’m so excited that so and so speaking.

Here’s what I learned from so and so. Then three days before, you’re talking about a theme. Oh my gosh.

You have to attend the summit on day two. They’re going to be talking all about supplements, if it’s a fitness summit or something.

And then the day before, it’s really more focused on like a specific theme or a specific speaker, but also with an element of scarcity.

And then the day of, it’s like, hey, this summit starts today. Here’s what you’re going to get. Sign up here. Boom. Got to go.

It’s super quick. There’s only so many ways you can say it’s today. We do recommend if you’re really serious one after the first day.

So it can be like early morning of day two of the summit or the night of day one, and you just talk about how amazing day one was here’s who spoke.

You still have a chance to go watch their presentations for free if you register now.

And you’ll be registered for the rest of the summit where all these people are speaking. We found that converts really well too. So that’s what a promotional plan looks like there.

Second tip, and I sort of just touched on this, but at least two of your emails should be about a specific theme or a specific speaker. Get really granular with your promotions.

Again, it can’t just be like I said earlier, buy the book. Buy the book. Buy the book. Attend the summit. Attend the summit. Attend the summit.

That gets old. Find some different angles. If you can get access to some of the recordings, say that.

Say, “hey, I got access to the recording of Robby Mile speaking about productivity, and he talks about this NASB. And if you’ve ever been confused by Nasby, Robby will clear it all up in 30 minutes.”

He’s the most amazing speaker I’ve ever heard on this topic. I don’t know that being the most amazing speaker on Nasby is much of a compliment. I mean, I don’t know.

Robby: They’ve already got 700,000 users. Okay, I guess it is.

Matt: But it’s like being the coolest Dungeons and Dragon player in high school. It’s actually, like, nerd culture, to quote what’s his name from Parks and Recreation. Ben.

He’s like, dude, nerd culture has gone mainstream, man. When I was growing up, we made fun of the DND kids.

Now I know a lot of them, and they’re actually pretty cool and then last big tip here is, again, focus on the fact that it’s a give to your audience.

Don’t talk about the all access pass. Don’t even mention it in your or promotes.

Just focus on getting opt in. Focus on getting people to the registration page. They’ll see the value, and they don’t want to register. Who it’s for and who it’s not for.

So if this go back to Debbie’s example, hers is the bright and quirky what is it called? The Brighton Quirky child.

So I’m going to look up the actual name of the summit. I’m not even sure, but it’s for bright and Quirky kids.

In other words, these are kids with well, we’ll use the terms that we use in the world, even though she doesn’t like them. These are kids who are super intelligent, highly intelligent, typically their parents.

I mean, they’re like professors and CEOs and Silicon Valley type people. Right?

But their kids have ADHD. They’re on the autism spectrum. They have what’s the thing with the sensitivity to yeah.

Robby: Sensory disorder.

Matt: Sensory disorder, yeah. Our daughter has a friend who’s like that. Like, she cannot go to Chuck E. Cheese for more than 20 minutes either. Can I?

For that matter, I can’t. I don’t have sensory disorder, and I can’t stay in that place for more than about a half hour. It’s really ironic when I go, though, and Chuckie and I are in the same shoes.

Robby: Not a fan of the child casino, huh?

Matt: Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. Child casino with equally crappy food.

Where were we going with that? Oh, yeah. And so hers is about bright and quirky kids. So really play in to what that means and who that helps.

If your child is ABCDEF and G, this summit is for you. If you are, I don’t know, like, whatever.

It’s not if you think your child is perfectly normal or you’re not that intelligent, don’t attend this. No, if you’re a dad who blank. If you’re a mom who blank.

If you’re a busy executive who blank, start talking about that in the copy and get people interested in this.

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review post guide

Again, highlight specific speakers and what they talk about.

Don’t just say, and Marshall Smith is delivering a talk about how dads can communicate better with their children.

No, talk about like Marshall Smith is sharing a talk entitled how Dads Can Communicate Better with Their Children.

And he shares five specific questions that you should ask your teenager at least once a week.

Like, I got to know if I have a teenager, I got to know. What are those questions? You know? Like, there’s that element of mystery.

And so there’s some things like that that you can do in your copy that really get them excited to attend.

So just focus on the free. Don’t talk about the all access pass.

You’ll make money through their funnels if they’re doing them right.

So definitely find some virtual summits to promote. If you’re looking for some good ones, we’ve got some. We recommend Debbie’s, for example.

We’ve got other clients who run virtual summits and a lot of our friends. So just reach out to us, and I’ll be happy to recommend some.

So, Robby, any last words from you about promoting virtual summits as a nonspeaker affiliate.

Robby: I think one of the things to point out is that it can be really fun to kind of get caught up in.

Like, there’s a certain momentum that gathers around the speakers and the virtual conference or whatever you want to call it.

And so let yourself get caught up in that a little bit and watch the videos, enjoy them yourself, and just having those conversations with people, it can drive out some of the monotony of everyday life, too, and the marketing aspects of it.

Like, you can actually enjoy what you’re doing.

Matt: Yeah, I have a hard time with this because, like, everybody, I’m busy, but make some time to participate in that affiliate group, which, again, they usually lump the speakers and the affiliates together and have some fun in there.

Like I said, connect with those people. You can get a lot of value out of these things. Connect with your audience, attend some of the stuff if you can.

Like I said, share your takeaways and create a pop up Facebook group or a zoom room that you’re just going to meet in every night to discuss some of the lessons.

It doesn’t have to be a 45 minutes thing. It can be a 20 minutes quick zoom room. Can you say that?

I’m going to jump on for 20 minutes? I’m going to share my biggest takeaways from the day, and I’d love to hear a few of yours.

And like you said, Robby, we’ll put them into a Google Drive doc for you as well, or a PDF that will make that bonus, by the way.

And that’s the one part where you can then say, by the way, guys, if you missed anything and you didn’t know if there’s a link to get the all access pass, make sure if you guys want to have lifetime access to this stuff, debbie’s offering.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. So go check that out.

And you just made a 32nd pitch to a very targeted audience, not the people who haven’t opted in yet, a 32nd pitch for the all access pass, and you made it. There’s value in that.

So these are some things you can do to increase your sales as well. So I hope you enjoyed that lesson there.

I would love to hear from you. What was your biggest takeaway, what was your biggest lesson from this episode today? Text me anytime. 260-217-4619.

Just share real quickly, what was your biggest takeaway or lesson?

Again, you can text me anytime about anything else as well.

Also, we got links to everything in the show notes. We got the Virtual Summit swipe file at mattmcwilliams.Com/virtualswipe.

We’ve got the affiliate swipe files Book affiliateswipefiles.com.

We got links to your affiliate launch coach, your affiliatelaunchcoach.com, and we’ve got links to the Scale Fest affiliate program as well to learn more about that.

Again, make that your next your first, your Next, whatever virtual summit that you promote as an affiliate.

Looking for some good affiliate programs to promote? Check out our recommended affiliate programs here!

Recommended affiliate programs

So all of those links are in the show notes.

Make sure you hit subscribe as always, if you haven’t yet, so you don’t miss the next episode.

It’s going to be a good one. I got a behind the scenes look at our affiliate promotion for product launch formula, which is kind of interesting.

It’s actually from a few years ago. And we’re going to look at how we did that here a few years ago.

It’s another one where we actually had it locked previously to our insider members. We’re opening it up now. We’re opening that vault now.

I’ll just be honest with you, because I’m at the beach.

I’m not there now when you’re listening to this, I’m already back, but I was at the beach for a little bit to celebrate the postal book launch, the fact that we got in Barnes and Noble libraries nationwide, and for being a best selling book.

So I took a little time off. Well, I’m about to take a little bit of time off, I guess I should say.

So as you’re listening to this, I took time off, but as I’m recording it, I’m about to take time off.

So we’re leaving tomorrow. I’m going to be at the beach for a while.

So we wanted to open up the vault. Great information, awesome lesson.

And this is part of one of the lessons here is like, you don’t always have to create new content. You can reuse some of it. So I’ll just let you know that little secret there.

All right, so make sure you hit subscribe, though, because you don’t want to miss that episode. It’s going to be a good one, I promise you.

We’re going to take a behind the scenes look at our affiliate promotion for PLF a few years ago. So with that said, we’ll wrap up here again. You can text me anytime. 260-217-4619 see you in the next episode.


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