My #1 Affiliate Recruiting Email Revealed

This One Email is Worth 500+ Affiliates and $1,000,000+ in Revenue

Without the right affiliates, you can have the greatest offer, the best product, and a killer sales funnel and your affiliate launch will still be a flop. So then, how do you recruit great affiliates?

Email template for recruiting affiliates

Recruiting great affiliates starts with who you know – your network. But today’s post actually shares a way you can recruit top affiliates without knowing anyone. In it, I am revealing, for the first time ever to the public, my number one recruiting email.

This email alone has helped us recruit more than 500 affiliates who’ve brought in well over $1,000,000 for our launches.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Look Up Affiliates Who’ve Promoted Similar Products

Go to Google and type in your competitors’ product names.

This is by far the easiest way to find your competitors’ affiliates. If you want to narrow down results, add the words “affiliate” or “commission” to the search.

NOTE: This is one of only 15 ways to find top affiliates. If you want to know all 15, get my free report: Your First 100 Affiliates: 15 Place to Find Top Affiliates.

2. Find Their Email Address

We typically use three ways for this:

  • Domain tools. Just go to and search their domain. About 50% of the time, you can find their email that way.
  • Rapportive. Install the Rapportive plugin for Gmail and start typing in emails into your TO field. If it shows results, that is a real email. We find another 40% this way.
  • Connect. Formerly known as Jigsaw. I won’t go into the lengthy details on how it works, but we can easily find most of the remaining 10% this way. Check it out here.

NOTE: All of those tools are free to use (at least we use the free versions).

3. Create a Spreadsheet of Affiliates

We keep our affiliates in a simple spreadsheet with first name, last name, email, product their promoted, and the name of the product owner.

NOTE: Eventually we move them to our CRM (we use Contactually), but early on we just keep them in the spreadsheet.

4. Send This Email

Ah…here’s what you came for, right? Our secret sauce.

After testing approximately 20 different emails over the years, this is the one that works best.


If the [OTHER PRODUCT NAME] is very LONG, use the personality name.


SUBJECT: Bestseller Blueprint
SUBJECT: Jeff Walker


I saw that you were promoting [OTHER PRODUCT NAME] recently and thought of you for something we have coming up.

This [MONTH OF LAUNCH] we are launching our [YOUR PRODUCT NAME]. It’s similar to [FIRST NAME OF OTHER PRODUCT CREATOR]’s product/course, but [FILL IN DIFFERENCE HERE].

If you are interested, let me know. Love to share more info. with you.

How to Screw Up an Affiliate Recruiting Email

The easiest way to screw up an affiliate recruiting email is to make it too long.

Don’t try to fit everything in one email. Oh, I know you want to tell them about how much time you spent developing it, share six testimonials, and tell them how awesome the sales funnel is. And then you want to brag on your commissions, the prizes, and who else is promoting it.


Keep it Short.

Your only objective with this first email is to get a reply.

That is it. You’ll get a few “Yes” replies and a lot of “No’s”  but your most common reply will be “Tell me more.”

Now you can write them a novel…because they asked for it.

How to Get All My Best Recruiting Emails

This is only one of the many affiliate recruiting emails we have in our arsenal.

If you’d like to get another one for free, you can get the follow-up email we send to the affiliates we found six weeks later.


You’ll then have an opportunity to get ALL of my BEST recruiting emails at a major discount.

Question: What makes for a good recruiting email in your opinion? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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