How to Monetize Your Blog with Affiliate Marketing (Part 1) [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Episode 283

So you started a blog…now what do you do? I’m a big believer in monetizing from day one. If you look at brick and mortar stores, that’s exactly what they do, so why shouldn’t bloggers? But, how do you turn your blog into a money-making machine with affiliate marketing. That’s what today’s episode is all about!

Podcast episode about building your business around affiliate marketing

Is Your Following too Small to Start Affiliate Marketing? [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Episode 278

If you’ve ever wondered if your email list or your following is too small to get started with affiliate marketing, this episode is for you? I received an email recently who asked if his list was too small to do well in an affiliate promotion. This episode is the answer to him.

Podcast episode about building your business around affiliate marketing

7 Things To Do Before You Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is Easy, But Be Sure To Do These 7 Things First...

I LOVE affiliate marketing.  I believe every business can benefit from making affiliate marketing a part of their business model. The best part is…it’s SO EASY to get started. But there are some things you need to do BEFORE you start affiliate marketing. These things make it much easier to succeed from the beginning and prepare you for success in the long term.

Affiliate marketing get started list

Affiliate marketing is a great way to test the waters and start monetizing your online business. There is no risk. You don’t need to create a product. You don’t need employees (or anyone else).

The Power of a Promo Plan in Affiliate Marketing [PODCAST]

The Affiliate Guy Episode 260

I was reflecting on our biggest affiliate marketing successes right before I recorded this and it all came down to one thing: A PLAN! I recorded this at a gas station somewhere in the middle of Kentucky on my way to one of the most special places on earth…Blackberry Farm. It’s the site of the top affiliates getaway with Michael Hyatt, Jeff Walker, and Pat Flynn…and me. To get there, I had to beat out some legends like Ryan Levesque, Ray Edwards, Stu McLaren, Kevin Harrington, and more. How did we do it? I share how in this episode.

Podcast episode about building your business around affiliate marketing