Interview with John Corcoran on Building an Amazing Network

You’ve heard me say it before and trust me today won’t be the last time I say this. The most effective way to change the world, the most effective way to grow your business, the most effective way to raise awareness for a cause, really the most effective way to accomplish just about anything is to build and nurture a powerful network.

Interview with John Corcoran

That’s what today’s guest is all about. He not only teaches this stuff, but he uses it in amazing ways, so let’s get right into today’s interview and you can learn from a networking expert.

About John Corcoran

John started his career as a Writer in the Clinton White House, and today is an attorney and Chief Revolutionary behind, where he shows entrepreneurs and small business owners how to turn relationships into more clients and increased revenues.

Learn How to Communicate with Anyone Once and for all in These 4 Steps

For twenty-something years I thought that everyone communicated in the same way that I did.

Amazingly (sarcasm intended), they don’t. In fact, every person I’ve ever led communicated in very different ways.

And that meant they preferred to be communicated to in different ways. That’s where my troubles began.

Learn how to communicate with DISC lesson

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I assumed others were motivated by the same things that motivated me. I assumed that they could be motivated in the same ways that I was motivated. What’s good for the goose (me) is good for the gander, right?

i also assumed that everyone understood me, because everything I said sounded so perfect in my head. It’s as if I thought that everyone was born with a gene that meant that they inherently understood everything that I said.

This One Mindset Shift Made Nelson a World Changing Leader

“My team doesn’t seem to care as much as I do.”

Those were the words of Nelson, a business owner I recently spoke with. I listened intently as he described the situation. It was remarkably similar to mine.

His team didn’t have the fire that he had.

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They seemed to be going through the motions. When things went wrong, they didn’t lose the sleep that he lost. When things were right, they didn’t seem to celebrate like he would. Nelson was at a loss…”what do I do, Matt?” he asked.

The brutal truth

Whether you are business owner or team leader, I have a brutal truth for you:

Your team will never care as much as you do.

You are the owner. Or you are the leader. You live and die with everything that happens in your company or department.

My story

Fostering a Culture of Gratitude: A Thank You Revolution Story

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“English is not my first language,” Pat wrote. “And in India we are not taught to express our feelings in business as much as in the United States.”

So Pat (Short for Parthapratim) never thought he could write thank you notes.

“I read your post about thank you notes,” he began. “And I thought it was a good idea but not for me.”

Thank You Revolution Header
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“I run an IT department of mostly younger people. We rarely use actual paper.”

Pat runs a department of twenty-four people for a multi-national company. The culture, as he describes it, is very “professional.”

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Four Ways to Use LinkedIn for Next Level Networking

Are you ready to take your networking to the next level?

If so, my screencast will show you four really cool ways to use LinkedIn to build, nurture, use your network. (Yes, I said use it. You do think it’s OK to benefit from relationships, don’t you?)

It’s an eight minute video that will cover four ways that I have used effectively with my network.

Four Ways to Use LinkedIn for Next Level Networking
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How to Get Your Team to Perform 31% Better with Recognition and Praise

Leaders who are positive and encouraging have more productive teams.

That is a fact.

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“You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”

Maybe your mom said that too. I never really believed it until I became a leader, beginning with my first team at work more than ten years ago and continuing with my family today.

When I first became a leader in 2002, I was (trust me, this isn’t an exaggeration) ruthless, negative, and discouraging. I caught every mistake, pointed them out to team members in front of others, fired people on the spot, and rarely, if ever, encouraged my team members. In other words, I sucked as a leader.

3 Ways to Use DISC Profiles…and 3 Giant Mistakes to Avoid

The DISC assessment is an invaluable tool that has helped millions of people communicate better.

But you must use it with caution.

Below I list 3 ways to use DISC profiles and three giant mistakes to avoid…all of which I have made myself.

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NOTE: That’s my DISC profile above. It hasn’t changed much in the past ten years. I’ll share the giant mistake I made from those results shortly. If you’ve ever wondered how to communicate with a High D, particularly in conflict, check out Conflict and the High D.

Here are 3 ways to use DISC profiles:

1. Learning how to communicate with others.

When the Thank You Revolution Speaks Volumes | @QBQGuy and @Skropp2

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Do you want to truly impress someone?

Perhaps someone who has sold more than a million books and has spoken in front of tens of thousands of people. Someone that you consider “famous.”

Mark Sieverkropp didn’t set out to do that…but he did. And he shared his story with me recently. It’s a story of how the Thank You Revolution helped Mark connect on a deeper level with John Miller, the author of QBQ.

Here’s Mark’s story.

John Miller QBQ Signature
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Last time I guest posted for Matt, I talked about some hard advice I received from John G. Miller.

In that post, I talked about how it was a bit embarrassing and I felt like I was a complete idiot for the things I had screwed up. But John was very gracious with his help, and as I mentioned in the other post, I was grateful that John was the type of man that would take the time to figuratively put his arm around me and give some advice.

Well, now let me share with you what legendary radio commentator, Paul Harvey, would’ve called “The Rest of the Story”…

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48 Days Coaching Master Program with Dan Miller

Communicate Like A Rock Star by Joseph Lalonde | Presentation Skills

Did you ever notice how effective many musicians are at communicating?

OK, I know not all of them are (Ryan Adams, I’m thinking of you) but the real stars are experts at it. Most of them have a great mix of talent and training in communicating well.

So what is it that makes them great? Joseph Lalonde is going to answer that below. He is a youth leader at Oak Crest Church of God and an awesome writer. He usually writes at his blog, where he shares leadership tools and encourages you to become a better leader, but today we’re blessed by his wisdom here. I encourage you to connect with him on Twitter as well. He’s got some good stuff in both places.

Take it away Joe…

Communicate Like a Rock Star
Can you remember the last time you went to a rock concert?

The music was loud. The crowd was excited. The singer may have shared a few words.

There was energy in the room. People were ready to listen to the guys on stage.

They couldn’t wait to get what the band offered.

Have you been able to create an energy like this in your organization? My guess is most likely not.

Your presentations may be dull. They don’t catch the attention of the audience. And those who heard you speak may not remember what you said.

If you’re there, I’d like to encourage you to begin communicating like a rock star. It could change the way you communicate forever.

Thank You Notes for Job Interviews

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Are you a part of the Thank You Revolution yet?

If so, you are part of a dying breed. And also a very noticeable and profitable breed. You stand out…big time.

The Thank You Revolution by Matt McWilliams

One of my readers, Jana Botkin, recently sent me an article from CBS Local News in Minneapolis entitled, Are Hand-Written Thank You Notes Extinct?

Here is one excerpt that got me really excited:

Temp firm Accountemps did a survey of HR managers and found the most common way they get a thanks for a job interview is email — 62 percent.

Another 23 percent said thank you over the phone. As for a hand-written note, it was 13 percent.

When those same people were asked what is the appropriate way to say thanks, 87 percent said email, 81 percent said phone, 38 percent said hand-written note, 27 percent said social media and 10 percent said text.