This is a list of books that Dave Ramsey recommends or discusses during FPU.

Personal Finance

Highly recommend this book. It gives you a look at what made millionaires wealthy…and it’s not what you think. Great book by Rabbi Lapin about the “secrets” of the Jewish on making money, investing, and giving. Dave’s first bestseller. Been a long time since I read it, but it’s a great look at what it really takes to have MORE THAN ENOUGH.


Dave’s book on business. Think FPU for business, plus leadership and practical advice for running your own business. Can’t recommend it enough. Reading it for the third time right now. The classic business book. Studies 20-ish companies that went from good to great. What got them there and what kept them there. Amazing! Best entrepreneurial book ever (if you ask me). If you ever plan on starting a business, running a department, managing people, or anything similar, read it.


I’ve never read this but I have heard tons of great feedback on it. It is the quintessential career-advice book. Just finished listening to this for the second time after reading it last year. Ready to quit your day job to chase your dream job? Read this. Hilarious and informative. Literally just got this a month ago and am on my second reading. Love his writing. You can read my review here.

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