We’re only six weeks away from two of the biggest days on the affiliate marketing calendar…Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Today, I’m sharing never-before-shared strategies and tips to absolutely crush your Black Friday and Cyber Monday affiliate promotions and get the holiday season off to a great start!

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How to Crush Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Affiliate Promos

We’re only six weeks away from two of the biggest days on the affiliate marketing calendar black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Today, I’m sharing neverbefore shared strategies and tips to absolutely crush your Black Friday and Cyber Monday affiliate promos and get the holiday season off to a great start.

Hey, welcome back.

We are kicking off our annual holiday affiliate series with this episode, and we’re doing it sooner than ever.

Every year I’ve done this series, this is my fifth straight year doing it on the podcast.

Every year, we kind of get, like, a little bit sooner.

The feedback that we got the first year was like, Matt, this was awesome, but you waited a little too long.

By the time we got the information, it was too late. So we moved it up a week.

Then it was like, well, could you do it even sooner? And we moved, like, a week every year.

So now Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There’s six weeks away.

Christmas is over ten weeks away, but now is the time to start talking about it. Deals and offers are everywhere.

You look in the affiliate world is no different if you do it right, affiliate promotions, holiday affiliate promotions can make up 30, 50, 60, or 70% of your affiliate income for the entire year.

When we ran the Shutter Fly affiliate program, 60% of our annual affiliate revenue came between Black Friday and December 18.

That’s, you know, most years on average, that’s what, three and a half weeks.

Almost two thirds of our annual revenue came in that three and a half weeks. It’s huge. It’s huge.

People are looking for deals. My audience is different. No, they’re not.

Your audience is looking for deals. More than likely, your audience is looking for deals.

Sales are growing at a rate this blew me away for the past decade.

Sales. Black Friday sales.

Cyber Monday sales are growing at a rate of nearly 20% per year. Every year for the past decade is unreal.

Here’s another staff that will blow you away.

Affiliate conversion rates during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, that four day stretch increased 140%.

There are significant growth rates and conversion percentages right, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

That’s not surprising, right? Sales tend to do that, right? However, 140% is absolutely insane.

We compared pre Black Friday and Cyber Monday conversion rate, so October 1 to Thanksgiving Day to the actual shopping days themselves.

The growth in conversion rate was 140%. The average conversion rate.

This is across almost every conceivable niche, kind of like 25 to 30 different niches.

We study different product types, different price points. Didn’t even matter.

Like, the actual discount from October 1 through November 22 was 4.4%, which almost doubled to 8.6% on Black Friday and peaked at 10.5% on Cyber Monday.

Here’s the crazy thing. The average order size increased as well.

So normally, if you can picture it, there’s an inverse relationship between conversion rates and average order size, right?

So as conversion rates go up, that’s what happens.

Black Friday and Saturday. Monday, average order size goes down.

So you get a bunch of traffic. You get the discounts, of course. Think about it.

Let’s look at this as a microcosm here.

On a micro level, you have $100 product with a 50% discount. The average order size will be cut in half.

Well, conversion rates go up, but maybe they double up 140%. So you make more money. That’s fine.

But the average order size is down. The opposite is true with Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Because we’ve been conditioned, the average order size actually goes up as conversion rates go up.

Why is this?

My hypothesis is, and I don’t have any quantitative analysis of this.

But the deals are so good that if you convert someone initially, it’s likely they’re going to add another deal to their cart before checking out.

And the trend is that people are spending more and more these days.

So it’s really cool that you get increased conversions with an increased order size.

So I’ve got 15 tips for you today that most of which I have never shared before.

15 tips and strategies to help you crush your Black Friday and Cyber Monday affiliate promotions and get this holiday series and get your holiday affiliate promos off to a rock and start now.

Affiliate managers, pay attention. Share these with your affiliates.

I’m also going to share as we go along, I’m going to share a tip. Most of these will have a tip related to affiliate managers and affiliate programs with each one.

So make sure I’m an affiliate manager. I’m not an affiliate. I don’t need to know this stuff.

Yes, you do.

You need to know it for your affiliates and for your affiliate program.

Tip number one get what you need now. Get what you need now.

The key to any successful affiliate promotion is to have a plan. You don’t have to have a perfect plan.

You just need a plan.

What are you going to mail about?

What days?

What times are you going to promote?

Are you going to promote the day before Black Friday?

Thank you for day Black Friday.

Maybe take the weekend off and then go into Monday.

What are you going to do, right?

Are you going to do a blog post?

Are you going to record some podcast episodes?

What kind of graphics are you going to use? Right?

If you’re going to use graphics, you need to ask for graphics and other creatives that are holiday themed.

I talked about this last year in the series that I did, which we’ll link to that, by the way, in the show notes.

We’ve got our ultimate guide to holiday affiliate promos.

And one of the things I talked about was if you got graphics that are theme for Black Friday, black and red, for example, for Cyber Monday, maybe you have a winter theme or a fall theme.

They move the needle. So you need to ask these questions.

You need to ask your affiliate manager for these things, right?

Ask these questions before the promo. Start making a plan.

Now, it’s going to have a dramatic impact on how well you do in Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Actually, all affiliate promos during the holidays, get the assets you need now. Ask for them. Ask for the dates.

What are the specific promos?

Ask for swipe, copy, graphics, links, coupon codes, you name it, ask for them.

Now, during the holiday sales, a lot of times the start and end dates and times will be very specific.

The Black Friday promotion might only be good from 08:00 A.m to 08:00 P.m..

The Cyber Monday promo might be good on Monday and Tuesday.


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