Imagine doing your first affiliate promotion and having a goal of five sales. Some might say that’s ambitious. Others might say it’s impossible. But today’s guest far exceeded her goal and even her own expectations to finish in second place in one of the biggest affiliate promotions in the parenting niche. She might be a first time affiliate, but Tosha Schore is about to deliver a masterclass in how to do affiliate marketing right.

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Affiliate Profile: How a First-time Affiliate Finished in 2nd Place with Tosha Schore

Imagine doing your first affiliate promotion and having a goal of five sales.

Now, some might say that’s ambitious and others say it’s impossible.

But today’s guest far exceeded her goal and even her own expectations to finish in second place in one of the biggest affiliate promotions in her niche.

She might be a first-time affiliate, but Tosha Schore is about to deliver a masterclass in how to do affiliate marketing.

So a few years ago, I had an opportunity to run an affiliate launch for a friend of mine, Dana Abraham.

And it came about, I don’t know, maybe two or three weeks before her launch and we set up the call for her to help me with something.

I had a little struggle we were working through in the business, and she was going to help me out.

And she gave some great advice and then it was like, hey, what about your lunch? Blah, blah, blah.

And I was like, we talked about, like, do you need help running your affiliates?

Because she just didn’t have the time to devote and they’ve done kind of a minimum amount from their affiliates.

I was like, I think I can help you and so we came on board.

I mean, this is like maybe 17 days before their launch starts. Super cool.

We normally don’t work with clients inside of six months. We want to start six months out. But I was like, let me help them.

I think I can help you. In my mind, I’m thinking we help you grow like 30 or 40% in that amount of time.

I think we brought on one new affiliate. This is all just their current affiliates, and we nearly doubled the anticipated revenue.

And one of the reasons was Tosha, sure you’re going to get to hear from today.

The thing is, we helped her the same way we helped all the affiliates.

She had a goal she talks about this in the interview.

She had a goal of five sales and ended up doing, remember correctly, over 40, maybe even 50.

And it really came down to the thing, like, the little things that we helped her with.

We helped her with confidence, just understanding what you can sell this, you can promote this with confidence, understanding the basics of affiliate marketing.

We helped her craft some really cool bonuses. Like, I remember the day before a cart closed, I was on a phone call with her, and we were working through some of the bonuses, and she went all in.

Like, we helped her understand that and so she did. It’s one thing for me to teach you to go all in.

It’s another thing for the affiliate to actually choose to go all in understanding that more promotion does not mean more unsubscribers. Some unsubscribers are good.

So we did this interview a couple of years ago, but I originally released it to only our premium students but I wanted to open up the vault to this.

I mean, this is a master class in affiliate marketing with Tosha Schore, and I wanted to open this up so that you could hear from somebody who just has an amazing story.

Again, first time affiliate, she’s like, man, if I can do five sales, it’d be amazing and then goes out and just absolutely kicks b***. So enjoy this interview with Tosha.

It’s going to reveal some really cool stuff about not only her about this particular promotion, but some stuff that you can apply in your business.

Matt: All right, well, welcome Tosha thank you so much for inviting me on.

Tosha: Yes, this is cool, guys believe it or not.

Matt: Tosha is going to share something here in a minute that I think considering how she did in this promo we’ll get into those details in a minute is mind blowing to me.

I didn’t know it until, like, we were just talking before we went live here.

So, Tosha, tell us a little bit about you and your platform and your audience and kind of what you do and who you help.

Tosha: Yeah, great. So I kind of work under this umbrella of the goal of creating a more peaceful world once we voyage a time.

That’s my big sort of dream and mission and that’s what drives me when I wake up in the morning.

And the way that I do that is by supporting parents of young boys to stop their aggressive behavior without using any punishment for rewards.

Only connection based parenting tools.

Matt: Interesting. So your audience will be primarily mothers, fathers, both.

Tosha: Both. So I work with moms and dads of young boys aged about eight to ten and all over the world.

I mean, from Ireland to Romania to South Africa to Nepal to the UK to Canada, all over the place.

Matt: I’m always curious, how did you get into that niche?

Take us back real quick before we get into the affiliate promotion.

How did you get into being the expert on that and building this business around that?

Tosha: Yeah, so interesting question, actually. So I am the mother of three boys.

They’re now well, at the time of recording 1214 and 17, and I got into this I mean, my education background is different.

I started out as a woman’s studies major, and then I studied linguistics. So what happened was that I had a boy.

Well, first of all, what happened is that one day I was laying on my couch, and all of a sudden I had this thought I was pregnant.

And I was like, oh, my God, what if it’s a boy?

And I got up and I called my mom, and I’m like, mom, what if I have a boy.

And she was just like silent on the other end because I had grown up with my mom, just like me and my mom were like the dynamic duo and I just sort of assumed I have a girl.

That’s like, what I do, I’m an elderly child, just heard me, whatever.

Anyway, files on the other end of the phone and then she goes, don’t worry we’ll figure it out and I laugh at it now, but I came from this place of like.

Matt: It’s not comforting at the time, was it?

Tosha: Well, it was comforting to know that I wasn’t the only one who was just assuming it was going to be a girl.

But fast forward and what’s happened was that I have a boy and then another one and another one.

I’ve got three boys and I love them to death.

And I needed to be able to marry sort of my strong woman personality and my love for these boys and learn how to advocate for them even when their behaviors weren’t okay.

And so I had to figure out how to do that in order to really advocate for my boys in the ways that they needed me to.

And it’s just been an amazing journey. It’s an amazing young man.

I just want to be there for parents, young boys who are, let’s say, being labeled the bad kid in school or being shamed by teachers or administrators or other parents because of certain behavior.

Really what they need is those adults come towards them.

That helps them through I really empower parents to empower everybody, them and everybody in their lives, to be able to see their voice goodness even when their behaviors are wrong.

And to be able to say, okay, the boy is still good and the behavior is not working.

So what do we need to do to help him rather than isolate and punish him and expel him and suspend him and time out him and all of those things?

Because that’s putting our world in a pretty dark place, in my opinion.

So I feel like in order to put us on a more peaceful path all the way around, all around the world, we need to be raising these young boys into men who have this emotional intelligence and ability to connect well with others.

Matt: That is so cool. Yeah, there’s two things. It’s a side note.

I don’t remember where I read this, but I wish I could remember some parenting expert out there and it said, just because your son pushed another kid or punched another kid or kicked another kid doesn’t mean he’s the next day off Hitler.

So just calm down. Yes, it’s inappropriate social behavior, but take a step back and realize, wait a minute, it gets most stuff, right? So that’s just as a side note, I heard you.

So, I mean, I’m going to sum up what I just heard, and you can agree or disagree, tell me where I’m wrong.

You went out to solve your own problem.

We’ll say the problem being you didn’t honor his boy and found that other people like how you solve that problem, and now you get to do it as a business.

Tosha: Absolutely.

Matt: That’s how simple it is, guys. I’ll leave it at that.

Tosha: But by the way, I just have to say that I love that you said parenting expert and you put it in quotation marks, because I just hate that term.

It’s like tracting expert or anytime. There’s no such thing.

I know, because I always say that. I don’t like to call myself that.

But, yeah, I have a lot of experience. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, I’m an author, too, by the way.

I have a book. It’s called listed five Simple Tools to Feature Everyday Parenting Challenges.

It’s not voice specific, but it’s full of amazing stuff. Nobody told the other day. It was a page turner.

I was like, yeah, parenting book. That’s a page turner. I’ll take that.

Matt: I would say you’re an expert because the first five letters of experience and expert are the same.

I just realized that for the record. I don’t know if you saw me, but I was processing, like, counting the letters in my head there.

We’ll talk about this affiliate promotion in just a second.

When you came into this affiliate promotion, what was your list size?

Tosha: I don’t remember.

I’m like really part of my thing is I’m not grading statistics, so somewhere between 5500 and 6000.

Matt: That is awesome.

Just to give you some perspective in the online marketing world Tosha like the number of sales that you made, we’ll get into those stats in a little bit.

But the number of sales that you made, the amount of money, whether it’s on a number of sales or dollar amount of sales, people who make those numbers typically have a list size of anywhere from seven to 15 times what you have.

Tosha: Wow.

Matt: Just to give you some perspective, I didn’t know that.

I just assumed based on what you were doing, that the number you were about to tell me had at least two numbers in front of a comma. Okay?

I would have been shocked if it was like 100,000, but mentally, I was prepared for you to say 15 to 25,000 somewhere.

That’s awesome.

Tosha: First of all, I’m honored that you think I have to lift that big.

Matt: Yes, it’s awesome.

Tosha: And second of all, I’m impressed with myself, and I don’t need all this stuff big.

Matt: That’s what we’re trying to teach people here. So let’s talk about the offer.

Obviously, I could tell people what the offers and I know love at the offer because I was involved with helping this person run the whole thing, but tell me a little bit what the offer was, how it fit with your audience and anything else you want to share about the offer itself?

Tosha: Yeah, well, I’m going to give you a little bit of a background story because I think it’s actually even more interesting.

Matt: Cool.

Tosha: Which is that dana, who runs this program that I was affiliate for, she and I had known each other we’re in the same field, parenting, and we had known each other in the online world, but I’d never met in person and recently met in person at a conference.

And at that conference we were talking and said, hey, I’m launching my course again in a couple of weeks. You want to be an affiliate?

And I said, well, why don’t you give me a course, let me go in and look at it.

So I said, if it’s too similar to what I do, I don’t want to be shooting myself in the foot.

And she said to me, I totally get it.

Before I worked on money mindset issues, I kind of felt the same.

But now I’ve noticed that people kind of find their people and if they want to be at my course, they’ll be my course.

If they want to be in your course, they’ll join that one, too, or they won’t necessarily leave one to join another. It’s like a gathering of information.

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And I thought to myself, am I allowed to swear on here? Kind of stuff like bullshit.

But I really want to believe it. I want to believe it.

Matt: Yes.

Tosha: So I just made a decision in that moment that I was going to go all in.

I went and looked at the stuff and darling severity, but not 100% for sure.

And I decided, you know what? I’m going to go all in, and I’m just going to do a big experiment.

I’m going to do it for two reasons.

One, because I want to test this, like, mindset thing of mine.

I want to see what it feels like because this online business, that can be really isolating.

I want to see what it feels like part of this group doing this thing and see about this mindset thing that she’s talking about and if she’s right?

And then the other part is that I’m like, I got this launch team and I thought, hey, I’m just going to dive in.

I’m going to learn everything I couldn’t possibly learn about launches because I’m going to be launching my course in December, and I want to just learn as much as I can so I can get a better launch.

So the question was that you ask me, but that was the beginning of my answer.

Tosha: Would you you ask me.

Matt: We’ll get back to that. I just want to highlight a couple of things.

Number one, the mindset issue.

Gosh, we teach this so much. You had a limiting mindset. You acknowledge that.

I’m just a big believer in this world, in pretty much every industry I’ve ever worked in, the pie is infinitely bigger than you think it is.

And just because we promote affiliate offers, clearly, and just because somebody goes and buys something from Jeff Walker, or somebody goes and buys something from Stu McLaren, this actual weird thing happens.

I’ll just let you know this is what’s going to happen.

It may have already started happening because I know this promotion about a month ago, so you’re right around that time where it could start.

The people don’t go to Jeff Walker or Stu McClaren or Pete Vargas in my world and go, oh, now I’m in their tribe.

I’m going to back off Match tribe. It actually draws them closer to me.

What happens is they’re maybe on our monthly calls for no product, no problem, or they’re in our affiliate insider monthly calls, and they’re like, oh, my gosh.

The other day I was talking with one of Jeff’s coaches, and he said this.

And then they ask me what I think of what they said, and now, boom, we have a closer relationship. That’s number one.

Number two, something you said.

I never heard anybody say this in all my years, 17 years now, I think I would have heard this.

I’ve heard people talk about the isolation of entrepreneurship. We all know that it can be very isolating.

We feel like we’re the only people on the entire face of the Earth doing what we’re doing when the reality is there’s a hundred thousand.

Tosha: Right in our little home offices.

Matt: Yeah.

But you talked about the community in the launch, so I want to go there for a second before I come back to something else you said, let’s go there.

All the affiliates, you’re competing against each other. You and I are exchanging text.

I know you wanted to finish number one, and I mean, you wanted to win, and you definitely finished number three.

You finished number two.

Tosha: Yeah.

Matt: And you wanted to win.

I’m saying you didn’t want to finish number three. Like you were going to beat number three. You’re going to beat number one.

It’s competitive, and yet you are still learning from the person who won.

She was in the group sharing good information, and you were all learning from each other.

Let’s talk about it.

What was that experience like, learning from people that maybe you look up to or you know, or have bigger list or whatever that whole dynamic was like.

Tosha: Yeah, well, I want to be totally honest about it.

It was really cool because I was learning and watching well, okay, let me stick to that question. There are a couple of things that I’ll say.

One, I have so much to say about this because it was really interesting experience.

Matt: Say it all.

Tosha: I loved being in a community like that. I thought it was in my work.

I am anti reward in terms of parenting, and I still believe that.

So I tried to figure out how I would use it in my other parts of my world.

So this idea that I was going to get a prize if I did something well doesn’t really stick well with me, but on the inside, I was super motivated to do it.

Once I saw the numbers, like, start picking up, because at first I’m like, oh, well, I’m just going to see if I can make like, five sales or something, then that would be awesome.

And then that happened. I’m like, well, how about ten sales?

I’m like, then I’m like, s***, if I didn’t do this, then I’m going to. All right, let’s just go all in.

I said I told myself so. All in. Tosha, what does all in look like? Let’s do this kind of thing.

Yeah, so there was that, and I did appreciate what people shared in the group.

I felt mostly that my value came from you and your team.

That’s where most of my value came from, because it didn’t seem like a lot of people have a ton of experience necessarily doing affiliate launches.

So I wasn’t learning. I didn’t feel like I was learning a ton from them in terms of what I’m supposed to be doing, but I felt like I was guided really well by you and your team, which was great.

I want to talk a little bit about the list size. So the other two people, I don’t know what their list sizes are, but they’re big.

I know their lists are very big. I know because my Facebook page has maybe like maybe 30 likes. I don’t know.

Because I don’t care how many people like my Facebook page. Honestly, there is, I don’t know, 70,000, 80,000, 100,000 more.

Matt: I remember one of them is way up there.

And you can take a Facebook page and we have a kind of a formula where we can take a Facebook page and then talk to them and figure out.

Because I know people who have a quarter million Facebook likes and literally their email list is like 2000 people.

They don’t know what they’re doing, right?

You can take their Facebook page, talk to them and look through their Facebook feed and say, okay, for their last 25 Facebook post, they were promoting an opt in.

I know they’re gathering leads. Okay, 250,000. I’m going to guess they’ve got a list of at least 60,000.

You can figure out that formula pretty easily.

So it’s not the end all, be all, but it’s definitely if they’ve got a lot more Facebook fans, they probably have a bigger list.

Tosha: I’m sure the other two people in the top three were big.

They’re big names in the field. I know who they are, actually.

I was a guest in one of their membership feebly that they promoted.

Like, let’s just say one of the things that they promoted by just in terms of the freebie that I gave out in exchange for being a guest in their community.

They sent out one email and I ended up with 10 new people on my list.

Matt: That’s in perspective there.

Tosha: Yeah. Okay. So that’s in perspective.

And I did better than them on the affiliate. Okay.

Matt: That’s what going all in will do.

Tosha: It’s what’s going on will do.

And also, I just think, like, I’m super engaged, right?

They’re generally they’re doing a lot of brokering of other people’s expertise and doing their own thing, too.

And they are amazing at what they do but what I do is different.

I’m just not like a numbers person. I’m very passionate about what I do.

I want to create this change in the world, and I really want to help parents, and I really want to make money doing it.

Those are my two things. And I don’t care about vanity numbers.

I don’t care if people look at my Facebook page and they see like, oh, I have 3000.

I’m the time here that I posted a question this morning that paid for my harm, that was really of interest to me and that people are responding and I’m getting to have conversations with them.

So I just know my list really well.

I know what their lives look like.

I know what keeps them up at night.

I know where they’re struggling, and I know when I get the results.

I’m confident of that.

So what I’m trying to figure out is how to convert those people in the way that I was able to convert them for data.

How do I convert them for myself?

Matt: That is awesome. That is so cool.

I love the point about being super niche. I hear that from a lot of people.

It’s like, I can’t have a hundred thousand people because I’m in too small of a niche.

Well, you don’t need 100,000 people when you’re in a small niche.

When you’re super focused, you attract the right people who are now, like, all in with you.

And when you promote something as you did with Dana, they know you’re the go to person and you’re only going to recommend good stuff.

I want to go back to one other thing you mentioned real quick, and we’ll get into some of the specifics, but you talked about this is the perfect time.

You’ve got a launch coming up.

You’re going to be doing what Dana did.

Tosha: On a smaller scale.

Matt: Sure. But yeah, you can do it on a smaller scale, but it’s not going to be like one 1000th of a scale.

It’s going to be one fifth or one half, something around that.

And so you learn from somebody who’s only literally one level above you, maybe even a half level above you, at least in terms of launches.

It’s not like you went out and watched Tony Robbins launch and said, oh, I should do a ton.

Well, he’s got a leg up on us.

And it’s not like you went out and watched somebody running a $10,000 launch when you plan to do bigger than that.

So that’s one thing that we teach is actually one of the biggest benefits of being a part of an affiliate program is you learn how to do your own stuff.

Like, you just watch and you absorb, and you get to see it from the inside, because you are an insider.

You are a partner. You’re not just like an outsider.

So talk about what are some of the things that you picked up on that Dana did that maybe you would apply to your own launch?

Tosha: So one of the things was sending out a lot of emails, and maybe this is for you than her, but just to put this in perspective, again, I thought a deafness person, but these are really simple numbers.

I could tell you I generally email my list once every two weeks.

Matt: Okay. Since a few more than that this time.

Tosha: Yeah, I sent 17 in.

What was it? I don’t know.

Matt: I’m going to pull up something here.

I’m going to share my screen. I don’t even know. You can use this here in a little bit.

Tosha: But at 17 at that week, or Whatever.

Matt: We’ll share this below the video so you guys can see that this was Tosha’s initial promotion plan and then it evolved.

Like she said, she went from dipping the toe in to now she’s up to her ankles.

It’s like going into a cold, like Lake Michigan in September, which I don’t recommend, by the way, unless you like Hypothermia.

But all of a sudden, we’re all in one link to this.

We can maybe go through this a little bit later together, Tosha, but yeah, so you learned about emailing more and just how important that is and staying in front of people.

Tosha: Yeah. And I will say that I only got one email complaining. One email complaining.

And I got one email that I posted, actually, to inspire others.

I don’t remember the group and the community Facebook group.

Matt: Yeah, I remember that.

Tosha: Yeah, because this woman who’s taken my out of aggression course and also in my membership community, I’ve heard her husband both, and they’re in Australia, actually.

And she wrote me and was like, I love seeing you do this. You do such amazing work.

And I just love seeing you put yourself out in the world like this and also just show what it means to be like a woman running a business that’s like it was just so encouraging.

And of course I’m going, send. Oh, my God. And then this email popped up in my inbox.

I was like, thank you so much for saying that, because I would never the only thing is I would never promote anything to my list that I didn’t believe would help them.

Matt: Yeah, I want to find that. I’m actually looking for that post right now.

Do you mind if I share this, what you wrote?

Tosha: No.

Matt: I don’t know if you remember this exact pretty much what you just said, but here’s what Tosha wrote.

I think this was let me pull up the date.

This would have been the day before.

Yeah, the day before cart close.

“In case you’re feeling skeptical about sending out all those emails, just got this from a client of mine.

I am loving all this marketing style emails and partnership approaches.

The format is so exciting.

You are a boss mom entrepreneur, killing it and changing the world at the same time.

I love seeing your business thrive.

And of course, the comments are just so cool.”

And here’s the thing.

When she said I love that.

Oh, my gosh, I just love this.

So powerful.

I love seeing your business stripe.

She’s a fan of yours.

And what are your fans want?

They want you to succeed.

No different than if you’re a fan of a sports team and they blow out the opponent.

You don’t go, wow, I wish they had no one by 30.

I really would have preferred the only one by two.

Like, that would be more exciting.

No, you root for your team, and when you beat your rival by 50, you rub it in the other team’s face.

Your people are rooting for you to succeed.

And if they’re not rooting for you to succeed, you said something to me the first day we talked, which was, all right, then. Bye bye.

Tosha: And I will say I’ve actually lost a fair number of people on this lunch.

I don’t know how many, but if I had to guesstimate, I probably lost 100 or 200 people off my list.

Matt: This is like a minuscule fraction of your list, by the way.

Tosha: Not that small. I mean, I was closer to 6000 closer to but honestly, it doesn’t bother me because I did this all from my heart.

In other words, like, I put in something out that I feel like it’s going to be up to you.

And you told me to put an opt-down link at the bottom, right?

So the one person who sent me the angry email was just like, you’re sending way too many emails about this.

So I think you got back and said, I’ve gone ahead and put the opt out link for you so you won’t receive that or fine.

It’s like they could have done it whenever they were annoyed.

Fine. Okay, so you guys aren’t my people. That is fine.

I’m a big fan of love me or hate me. There’s no money in the middle.

Matt: You could not have said anything true.

Oh, my gosh, this is good. Yes. There’s no money in the middle.

Tosha: I don’t want to serve the people in the middle because I don’t want to spend my time convincing anybody that they should be listening to me.

Like if you like what I say and you want the results that I could get you, that’s how it works with me.

And if you don’t, that’s totally fine.

I don’t want to spend my time trying to convince everybody of anything.

If you like me, if you like my personality, I have personality.

You like it or you don’t like it and that’s fine. Totally fine.

Matt: Here’s the good news. Let’s just call it 200 people.

Those 200 who unsubscribe because you are promoting Dana, something you believe in just as much as you believe in your own stuff.

They were never going to buy anything from you.

I think you said it’s a vanity number.

It’s a vanity number. I’ve got 1000 people on my list.

How many of them have bought from you this listing?

Tosha: I just got something I need out from somebody else.

Else at my in the parenting world are asking about promoting her new bump.

That’s coming out and between you and me, I was a little bit annoyed.

I don’t know if this is industry practice or not. You could tell me that.

Like, one of the questions to apply to apply to promote her book was what my list size was.

And I’m like, that’s in your business, like, on the one hand.

And I was like, it’s kind of insulting because for me, me like, let’s just look at this launch.

Like, if she had asked me and asked these other reroll, okay, they would have said, buy list size is one hundred and twenty five zero.

I would have said, my list size is 6000 or whatever.

And she would have lost out because I would only take her if I thought she was going to speak to my people.

And I know that you know what I mean?

Matt: Oh, totally.

And here’s the thing on that.

The answer to your question is this industry practice.

It is for a public application to a launch team.

So if I do a podcast episode and they say, hey, my books coming out next October.

We’re building the launch team.

And if you want to apply to be on my launch team, then that’s public. Okay?

If I reach out to you now, you would never promote be kind of weird because it doesn’t fit your niche, but let’s just say you were initially you taught entrepreneurs.

And I said toAsha, would you like to be a part of my launch team?

I’m not even going to send you to an application. I’m not picking on her.

I reached out to you privately, one on one. I don’t want you filling out an application.

Like, all you need to do is respond back with, yes, I’ve got your name,

I’ve got your email, I probably know your phone number, I know where you live.

Like, I can sign you up as an affiliate.

When you make money, I’ll ask you for a W nine so we can get you actually, not even then, if we pay via PayPal or even need that anymore, but I don’t need anything else.

That’s one thing. That’s peace of mind.

Public affiliate application. Ask a bunch of questions.

You’re trying to separate the weed from the chaff, right?

Tosha: Yeah.

Matt: When I reach out to you, I don’t want you touching an application.

There are better things to do than fill out applications.

I have people in my team who can sign you up.

Tosha: Yeah, I feel very good about it, but I will say in the spirit of my mindset of just helping everybody out, I could help out in my industry.

Like, in the spirit of bringing community together, rather than feeling like we’re against one another, we’re competing one another. I will be voting for both.

Matt: There you go.

And I love that because it’s a good fit for your audience.

Your objective is to serve your audience there.

Tosha: Absolutely.

Matt: Oh, my gosh, there’s so much good stuff in this.

And I want to get into a couple of things.

I want to highlight something I think you may have said, but I can’t remember if it was.

I know you said it before we went live, but I can’t remember if you said it since this reminds people, this is your first affiliate.

Tosha: Yeah.

Matt: Your very first one. You finished in second place.

Data is like, huge in your niche.

This is one of the biggest launches in this niche.

Second place, first time affiliate promotion.

I don’t even know if there’s any I don’t even know what to ask.

Do I have a question there?

No, I just wanted to highlight that.

Tosha: Okay.

You asked before about what the community was like, and there are like, our top three, the top three of us, we’re connecting outside to see how we can support each other moving forward.

So me, the person who came in above me, and the person who came in below me.

Matt: So I shared earlier, it’s our 10th benefit, which is you learn how to run your own launches, your own affiliate program.

What you just shared there is the 7th benefit.

We have ten benefits of doing affiliate marketing that nobody ever thinks of.

It’s not like, well, you make money.

That’s a good benefit, don’t get me wrong.
But the 7th benefit is what you just said. You get noticed.

And the reality is, I could be wrong, but I’ll speak for most people.

When you have 3000 Facebook fans and somebody has 100,000 or 75,000, it’s not that they look down on you, they just don’t think, let me collaborate with that person.

With 3000, you’d beat them in an affiliate competition, or you just miss out on beating them.

They take notice. People notice.

Now there are all these other benefits that are piling up for you. And so it starts stacking.

It’s that Echo that Jeff Walker talks about, the launch, Echo, and that is cool.

Tosha: That’s my to-do list for today.

When we’re done with our call, my number one to do today is to reach out, like make my full list of reach out to people to invite them to be billions for my December launch.

These two people are on there.

Matt: That is so staggering tool.

So that is going to be awesome.

So this is like I said, this is going to echo big time, long term for you.

And the cool thing is, then you get to do it again and again, rinse and repeat and all that stuff.

So I want to go through kind of what you did.

I know you mentioned one of you sort of touched on this, you went more all in, but I’m looking at the promo schedule.

And I know one thing that you did I’d like to talk about is that you don’t have a comparison because this is your first one, but you mailed to, if not literally, every single piece of content that Dana put out emailed to.

Almost every single piece of content. You sent 17 emails in 16 days.

So one email a day, basically, and then they got more frequent towards the end.

Any thoughts on that?

Was there anything that maybe didn’t work in there, like you mailed to this and it just didn’t resonate or didn’t perform, or did the strategy work like it was?

Tosha: I have no idea because I didn’t track the numbers.

I don’t even know how to track the numbers.

I honestly don’t know the answer to that question.

Matt: Okay.

I think it worked because I think what you did here’s the thing, people make it a misconception.

When you were sending a lot of emails, it did not come across as

desperation, and it did not come across as aggressiveness.

It came across as passion.

It came across as belief.

No, really, here’s how much I believe in this.

I’m looking at this video to the Behavior Reboot video three, your family success plan.

What you’re saying to your audience when you mail about that, and then you mail about the coaching column.

Then you mail about pajama party, which is basically a fancy term for watch party.

Guys, what you’re saying to your audience is, I believe in Dana, you should believe in her too, and I’m going to be relentless in pursuing you to check her out.

Tosha: Yeah, absolutely.

We talked about this, and maybe you’re going to touch on this, but the bonuses that I offered.

Because one of the things that I felt like I wanted to do was to supplement her program with the pieces that I felt I knew that my people would need in order to have the success that I wanted them to have.

And so I added those things on as bonuses.

Matt: Are you sure this was your first affiliate promotion?

Tosha: I am, but some more affiliate revenue.

So if you have other ideas for me, please email me.

Matt: You just summed up what a good bonus packages people make it too complicated.

We always say that there’s basically the two main types of affiliate promotions are you fill in the gaps.

So if it’s a course about how to do LinkedIn ads, I’m making this up on top of my head.

And you specifically work with attorneys.

You offer a little bit of an extra bonus where it’s like you take their framework and blah, blah, and then apply it specifically to attorneys.

And then we talk about complementing and complimenting is just what you said.

And then the third one is 30s when it kind of falls into both.

And I don’t really know how to describe it.

It’s just where you just go along with them.

You go through the course.

We’re doing that right now as a bonus for a product where we’re for nine weeks, every other week, we’re meeting with the people who bought through us.

In fact, I’ve got the notes here because we just did one yesterday.

I’m literally reading my notes to them that I took, how they apply to our business.

What I’m learning myself from taking this course, but you just described it without even knowing.

I have people, like, make bonus. It’s so complicated, and you just made it easy.

Tosha: Yeah, and I also actually used it because I had another course called Setting Loving Limits that I’ve been wanting to create for a long time.

By the way, it’s necessarily voice specific, but I wanted to give that also as part of the bonus.

So it was just a push for me to actually get down and dirty and record it and get it out there.

Matt: How are you doing this stuff and not reading my content before?

Because you just did the other thing I advocate so much.

Maybe it’s great.

Tosha: I don’t know.

Matt: You have an idea for a product, guys. So our list launch academy is a great example of a course.

We weren’t sure that it would resonate. Like, we could do market research, blah, blah, blah.

But what we did, we’re we offered it as a bonus.

We offered as well as we found that people loved it and more importantly, they were getting massive success and it didn’t really need a lot of tweaking. So then we sold it.

And here’s the thing, if it sucked and people didn’t love it and weren’t getting results from it, you never would have seen the light of day.

Tosha: So I print a survey at the end of it, and then in the email that I sent it, when I sent out their bonus, I asked them to please, when they’re done, give you a feedback, but I can make it as free as a class as I possibly can.

And I also, by the way, emailed them.

I created a survey that when I first emailed them, like all their bonuses and whatever, I said, first thing to do is take five minutes to complete this survey and essentially asked a bunch of questions about why they bought because what I really want to know is why did they buy that course?

Because I want them to buy another course in a couple of months.

Matt: You just did what we call PTO. You got paid to learn.

Tosha: Yeah.

Matt: So you created this course. Here’s the thing.

There’s no risk to you if it helped you sell more data, you got the commission.

If it turned out that at the end, like your audience was like, actually, I never really used your bonus course.

I went through it, it kind of sucked. I mean, whatever.

Then you’re like, well, I guess I’m not going to do that.

Or in your case, you basically got paid with no risk to create that product, get massive feedback on it.

So now it’ll be amazing when you do sell it. How cool is that?

Tosha: It was awesome.

It was a really cool experience.

I really liked it.

And it was also just like a break from what I usually do, so I always like to do the novel.

Matt: So we talked about bonuses.

Bonuses were definitely one of your top strategies that moved.

You had amazing bonuses.

We talked about creating as part of that and getting paid to learn any other strategies that you employed that you felt like really contributed to your success.

Tosha: The lots of emails, the bonuses, generally my lunches I do Facebook Live.

Oh yeah, well, I do I have no way of knowing, being the first person that I am, if they helped or not, but I definitely enjoyed doing them, which is what I did a Facebook Live with Dana.

I was on her live stream on her page, and then also she did a Facebook Live on my page and people launched.

And I don’t know whether or not those people bought, but I got positive feedback and the comments were good and people really loved our conversation.

So that felt good. It felt like even though I can’t track the numbers, I can track the energy.

And so that is a positive deposit into the energy bank.

Matt: Absolutely.

I’m pulling up the calendar here and I’m looking so cart open guys on Monday and it closed on Friday.

You did the Facebook live on Tuesday and the Live stream on Second was on that Thursday.

And here’s why I look at that task, because it’s hard to say.

You got open Cart day, you spent twelve days and some number of people have absolutely fallen in love with Dana and they’re thinking on Sunday and Saturday before the card opens.

Gosh, if she has a product to buy, I’m going to buy it. And that’s 25, 30% of your buyers like that.

And then what happens, as you know, is Tuesday or Wednesday sales gosh right.

And it is just like on our side, the leaderboard is not updating.


Because there’s only been like five sales in the last 8 hours. It’s boring.

And I have to talk our clients off the ledge because every one of them gets borderline suicidal about the second day.

Why are sales not rolling in like yesterday? Because it’s Tuesday.


So of course this week we’re in the middle of a promotion and this week on Tuesday, what was I doing?

Because why are still not ruling in wires, not rolling in.

And my team is like, dude, chill.

Do you have the thing you tell your clients do, but you have that

Facebook Live and here’s what you did.

I’ll just tell you top s***, even if it didn’t directly make a single sale,

to use a football analogy, you move the ball down the field.

Tosha: Yeah.

Matt: And somebody sitting there just went, all right, I got to think about this.

And you moved them from a six to a seven.

You’ve heard me talk about zero to ten, right.

You move in from a six to seven, a five to a seven.

Some people you moved all the way from a four to a eight.

And it’s like, okay, it’s going to happen.

It’s going to happen.

So you move people down the field.

The Facebook Live work, you did the Live stream on Thursday, you were a guest there.

I didn’t get a chance to talk to you about that.

What was that experience like?

I know you’ve probably done something like that, I would imagine.

Tosha: Yeah, I mean, I get nervous a lot on podcast and I do guest experts and people’s communities and stuff like that.

So I mean, I do a lot of this stuff, so I’m very comfortable in front of the camera and comfortable time, they can tell.

And we’re in the same niche, so we speak the same language.

And I think one of the things that I really appreciated about that is that we could clarify where we differ, right?

Like what’s unique about me versus….

Matt: I like that.

Tosha: And what’s unique about her.

Because as much as I was like at the beginning when she first asked me to be an affiliate.

Like, do I want to really shoot myself on a club like this?

I think she was also a little bit nervous.

I remember actually, I think it was All That Livestream, or maybe it was on Facebook Live.

But she actually said something out loud when we were live about yeah, I mean, like, Tosha and I, we could consider each other competitors and then went on to something else so that energy could be there.

And both of us, I think, really worked out not be there.

And to point out, this is where I sign, because Data is very sort of cognitive.

She deals a lot with sensory processing stuff.

I’m not a sensory processing expert at all.

She has a lot of things like family funnels and strategies to implement kind of a thing.

My take on things and I come in different so my focus is really, like, parent’s emotional health.

Like, how do I get you as a parent in good emotional shape to be able to actually implement these things?

She’s teaching you.

And then also, I have this whole piece about emotion and how we harness the power of emotion to heal and shift behaviors, where she’s more about words and plans.

So these things complement each other.

So I actually felt like I put this out to my list, too, because I felt like sometimes when people were with me, they’re wondering if they’re missing this other piece.

Get my #1 affiliate recruiting email (the one I’ve personally used to recruit thousands of affiliates in dozens of niches). Grab your copy here!

Affiliate Recruiting Email Template

This is an opportunity for you guys to get this other piece also and keep working with me, so you get kind of the best of both worlds.

And we got to highlight that in those live streets that Facebook lost.

Matt: I think that is so important.

I do this subconsciously, and I honestly I just realized that I did it, and I’ve never strategized I’ve never done this again.

This is a part of our playbook, and that is when you’re promoting something that’s not yours.

The definition of an affiliate thing.

When we promote Jeff Walker’s product launch formula, for example, we’re in the same niche effectively, and his teaching style and all that is different.

I always highlight how it’s different, and I always highlight how we’re different, whether it be in style or substance.

But I also address on the front end where I disagree with them.

It just occurred to me that does two things, one of which I knew consciously, I just didn’t know that I was doing it.

It certainly puts people at ease, and it makes me more trustworthy, because I’m not just saying, Dana’s perfect, and she’s the greatest teacher ever.

What about you?

You’re pretty good.

I like you.

Are you saying that?

Are you saying I’m getting the leftovers?

Like, what’s going on?


The second thing is, it’s a trustworthy.

Second thing is it sets the expectations.

If somebody goes into PLF and they know Jeff doesn’t talk as fast as me, he and I have joked about this on stage like he’s a slow talker.

When we watch his videos, we watch them as a team at 1.24 speed on quick time, and that’s the only way.

And he was like, well, when I watch your Facebook lives, I have to skip to the 30 minutes mark before you get to anything good.

Anyway, the other thing is, when you acknowledge the differences, it shows actually how you fit together, because it shows….

Tosha: How you compliment each other.

Matt: How you compliment each other exactly what you said.

I just think that is so powerful instead of I think too many people in marketing, it’s a pet peeve, but it’s also just not very effective.

They try to hide from truth, not because they’re trying to mislead people, because they are so focused on the positives that they forget.

If I share the negatives, it’ll actually help my audience and the negatives are the differences.

Tosha: Especially at this point like at this stage of online business marketing, it’s like people want the truth, want authenticity.

There are a lot of people out there on a bunch of crap and promising you impossible results.

And so I think it’s really refreshing. I think people can refresh.

They come on and I say, I don’t know, the magic wands, like, you’re going to have to do the work.

I can totally guide you, but I can’t do it for you.

It’s not like you’re going to watch my videos and then all of a sudden you’re a little boy is never going to hit again.

It doesn’t work like that.

You got to do what I say, right?

You got to cook the time.

Matt: I was really hoping that was the case.

He doesn’t hit. He doesn’t really hit.

He gets hit and then he just looks at it. He got hit the area. Punch me.

He just went like this. He just went and walked away.

And I was like, he didn’t just take it. He just was like, that was dumb.

Tosha: Yeah, but he didn’t take it personally.

Matt: And he wasn’t like it was so cute because he had that same attitude to me, which is just like, I hate to say the smoothest attitude.

If you do something like that to me, I’m just kind of like, what is wrong with you?

I’m walking away now. I’m going to go playing somebody else.

Tosha: What can I say about that? Because I have to jump in as the parenting expert. Guess, right?

Is that other kid is a boy?

Matt: Yeah, that other boy.

Tosha: I mean, he is good. Like that behavior.

Matt: He’s a great kid.

Tosha: He needs to help to be able to learn how to respond differently than hiding. Right?

So he needs the adult help.

And the thing about being a parent is that the longer you’re a parent, the more you realize that you’re pretty likely to end up in both of those situations.

At a certain point, your boy is going to be the one who gets hit, and he’s going to be the one who hit.

And so we really need to support one another and not isolate each other or shame each other, but really be there for each other as parents, understand?

Okay, you’re not a bad parent because next week you’re going to be that parent.

Matt: Yes. Up until four years ago, I admit, it’s hard to sell, just to be honest and then we’ll move on.

We’ll finish up here.

I judged parents when their kid was going ballistic in like a chickfila or something, right?

Tosha: Absolutely.

Matt: And I just remember going, what is wrong with these parents?

I don’t do that anymore.

You can take a while, guess who?

And instead I look at them, I’m like, I’m and my wife is so good about this.

She’s learned a way to ask, is there something I can do to help you?

Not that there’s anything wrong with you, but is there something like it changes your perspective on the experience listing?

So, last thing here, recapping the salt with Dana.

We did an amazing job, first time affiliate promo, all these awesome lessons.

Is there anything you would do differently or anything that you are going to do differently in your next affiliate promotion lessons that you learn there?

Tosha: Well, first of all, I have no idea what my next affiliate well, I am doing like a little affiliate promotion next week, which is cool. Like a bundle.

Matt: Yes.

Tosha: That’s three day thing and she’s actually just got me.

I have a course, my setting limits course. That’s how I’m launching it out in the world.

Matt: Who is it with?

Tosha: It’s a positive parenting five mile, I think she calls it with. Do you know Tamita? She’s online.

She’s assigned parents is her own yeah, and she does this every year.

Matt: That’s a cool thing. We just promoted a bundle for the first time. It went really well.

Tosha: Did it?

Matt: Yeah, I don’t think I certainly haven’t actively ever promoted, but really, she’s just signing up to three days. Three days of the card.

It’s like one email one day, one email the next day, and two emails the last day.

Matt: Yeah, that’s good. You want to do those, like, periodically.

Just those little it’s almost like a quick launch, and you don’t have any expectations you’re not going to make $20,000.

But it’s a quick thing. It’s kind of in and out, and those are good fact. I just thought about this.

That’s how Dana and I connected with bundles.

We’re in a Mastermind together, as you know, and she mentioned bundles, and I had messaged and be like, yeah, I know what they are.

I don’t have a clue how to do one of those.

She’s like, hey, can you give me a call tomorrow?

We’re talking.

She taught me all about bundles. I decided they’re not for us, not in the next year or so.

We don’t have the wherewithal, quite frankly, to put one of those together.

We got too much else on our calendar.

Tosha: Yeah.

Matt: So I was just like, what can I help you with?

And she’s like, well, we could really use help with our affiliate promotion on the affiliate site.

I’m like, oh, great.

When did you launch?

She’s like, next week.

Hello? Are you there?

But now I was like, okay, you know what, let’s do that because you and I talk, like, the day before the launch.

That’s when we put together your promo plan. Normally that conversation happens 60 to 75 days out.

Tosha: Yeah.

Matt: So that’s actually how Dan and I met.

So anything that you would do differently, though, that you can think of?

Tosha: I don’t know. I feel like it went really well.

I mean, maybe sort of believing in myself from the very beginning. I studied my goal higher from the beginning.

Since it was my first time there, I was kind of like, oh, shock factor, maybe I can do, maybe I can do this.

Because I was going to be able to beat out all these people with huge 100,000 people mailing lists or whatever they have.

I mean, I wasn’t even trying. I was like, no way.

But as I think about it now, it makes sense because of the match that I chose.

Not that every of three I would beat them out on, but it has to be a match like this.

Anything else that I would do differently?

Well, I would hop on earlier so that I could get the email scheduled ahead of time.

Because I was literally like in real time.

Matt: You were writing them on the fly, right?

He and I would get off the phone and then 37 minutes later that email would be set.

Tosha: Exactly. So I was like, in real time.

Now the thing is, I do believe in this energy thing.

I don’t know if it would have well if I wasn’t sort of live in it at that moment.

Matt: There’s a certain positivity to that. Yes, with some emails, literally. Talk about timing.

This is one where we’re going to use it.

I just got a tweet that said literally, this came in at 1119 this morning.

Guy named Rosswin wrote, just won my first affiliate contest with a small list.

Thanks Matt Mcwilliams, for all your tips over the last year.

So some of them sunk in, especially like, oh, so funny, I didn’t know the football analogy that I just told you.

He says, I especially like the football analogy.

So we just got this tweet, it’s Car close day for us.

There’s going to be an email as soon as you and I get off this call.

I’m taking a screenshot of that tweet, thinking about what I want to say, crafting a message around that.

So I can’t do that if I go, nope, I’ve scheduled my five emails for today.

Tosha: Yeah, I will say that I think I did do that work. Well, I really personalize my email.

Like I said, they know my personality and when you do affiliate stuff, I get these emails.

I do think it’s just for this little bundle things that I’m doing.

I get these, what do you call us?

Matt: The swipe copy.

Tosha: Swipe copy, that swipe copy, exactly. And a lot of people do just cut and paste it. A lot of people do it.

And I had somebody actually a friend say like, oh, is data like giving you guys all this stuff?

Because I just got like 15 emails from people in parenting and it all sounds the same.

And I was like, yeah, but she didn’t catch on that I was doing that for 15 emails because I make them personal.

Like if somebody says something like even the ones I was just doing for this meet that I scheduled for this little mini launch thing.

It’s like she said something like I can’t remember what it was, but I was like, I would never say that.

And like, people know I would never say that.

Matt: Exactly.

Tosha: That comes out. Not my personality, no judgment, but I just wouldn’t say that.

Using my own stories and my own energy that I bring to it, I feel like make a big difference.

So what not to do? I do this, but I would say don’t just cut and paste the copy. For sure, don’t do that.

Matt: That’s like rule number three.

Tosha: And also just like….

Matt: Do things like your own way sometimes read it like your own launch. It’s one of our rules.

Tosha: Yeah, because I like to watch Stainless Launch, and I’m going to do it like, okay, pajama part.

I’m not throwing a pajama part. It’s not pajama thing, though.

Matt: If you look at them, they’re pajama party people like, that’s great.

Tosha: But I don’t want to throw a pajama party. I’m not, like, in that mindset, whatever.

So I need to think of something else that’s more me.

I don’t know what it’ll be, because, like, a watch party is kind of boring, too.

Matt: Post this publicly. Do you remember when they were doing one?

And Jason, I don’t know if you watched any of them, but they’re sitting there doing one of them.

I think it was a PJ party, but they were doing a Facebook Live. And all of a sudden so this is like I love this.

This is what I love about them is all of a sudden you see Jason go and just he looks at absolutely nothing in particular and stares, and he’s very quiet, and all of a sudden you hear and she goes, Dude.

He goes live. I mean, like, completely live.

And I was just like, People watch that and love them.

Tosha: That’s their personality.

Like, they have a sort of slapsticky thing and really goofy and whatever.

I’m fine, but I’m not, like, goofy.

So it’s just a different a person, I think, just noticing, not feeling like you have to do the launch with the same personality of Matt or whoever is doing it.

Like, bring your own personality and trust that you could make it work.

Because that’s why people got on your list in the first place, because they like you.

Not because they like people are on my list because they like day now they’re on my list because they like me.

They’re on your list because they like you.

Not because they like what the space product launch?

Matt: Jeff Walker.

Tosha: Yeah.

Matt: So I love that.

That is one of the most valuable lessons you could share.

So, guys, that actually just you’ll get a feel for this. We’re reacting to what you guys are talking about.

I know one of the things you guys been asking for is some lessons on how to use swipe copy.

And so coming up here, I don’t know when am Insiders, we’re going to have a deep dive into how I use swipe copy.

Actually going to take you through and show you some examples of how to take a swipe copy because I do use it a little bit, but generally we do write our own emails, too.

Tosha, I always say, just kind of give people a preview.

I use the swipe copy as a let me make sure I get the facts right? I look for the facts.

The swipe copy says the webinars at 03:00 p.m.

And it’s going to cover these four points and it has this special guest. Okay, great.

Got the facts. I like that sentence. That does sound like me.

Sentence number four sounds like me.

I’m going to copy that over little things like that that we look for.

Tosha: Honestly, that’s what I’m thinking about.

My alarm is coming up in December. I’m like, I’ve never been the one to lead it. Right.

So I need to now write the swipe copy.

Matt: Yeah. Here’s a recommendation on that.

Hire somebody else to write the swipe copy.

You’re too close to your own product to write swipe copy for other people.

I learned that the hard way. I’m the affiliate guy.

In our first launch, I wrote the swipe copy. It was bad. It was not what they needed.

You needed almost you need an outsider to write the copy. Just one more tip.

Tosha: I don’t know, figure out how to do that, but I’ll speak about that. Okay.

But I’d really rather have people who are going to be affiliates who are going to put the time into making it their own.

Because, one, they’re all in. I can see they’re all in.

They’ll do better and I’ll do better.

Matt: Good point.

Here’s the tip then, if that’s what you want to do.

I don’t not recommend it and I don’t recommend it.

It’s kind of a personal thing.

Tosha: No, that’s ok tell me.

Matt: Then here’s why I think it’s wrong.

I think because it’s great, but you will miss out on people who life gets in the way they want to.

Mail to your webinar today. I’ve been there.

I write 99% of the copy that we send right, is written completely by me and then reviewed by our team and we go through a process.

About 1% initiates, like 2% initiates with somebody else in the team, and about 1% I never even see.

That said, there are times where I look at the swipe copy, I review and go, it’s good enough.

And this email needs to go out. So copy paste.

Nobody hate that subject line.

I’m going to use a different subject line, a different sign off, and the PS sucks.

I’m going to redo that, boom it’s out.

Tosha: I get that.

Matt: Yeah, I do suggest giving them some.

Tosha: Yeah.

Matt: Here’s what I would do.

I would have almost like a bullet point executive summary for those people who are not going to use it anyway.

And I would give them the five bullet points that they need.

And somebody like me most of the time would prefer to use that than the swipe copy.

I would prefer because now with the swipe copy, I have to go through and find the bullet points myself.

I would love to just say, here’s the five quick hitters. Boom.

Got my facts. I’ve got the bullet points on one monitor.

My writing over here and I’m like, okay, great. Boom, boom, boom, done.

I just gave that whole lesson on how I use swipe copy.

Now I’m still going to do it.

Tosha: Would you do both? would you send both?

Matt: Yes, we did that in our last launch.

We didn’t do it for every piece of content, but in our core pieces of content, we gave them swipe copy.

And then what do we call it? We had a cool name.

I think it was like the five to five or something like that.

I know it’s kind of cheesy, but we had like a cool nickname.

It was literally just five bullet points. Like not even a sentence. Like not even structured as a sentence.

And it was like you could look at that and get the gist of, here’s what this webinar is, here’s what this video is about.

Here are the three big takeaways. Here’s what it’s for. Boom.

You can write copy, send it to your audience.

And so we didn’t hear like a ton of positive feedback on that, but it took us like 45 seconds.

If it helped one affiliate make an extra sale, it was totally worth it.

Tosha: Yeah.

Matt: This has been so awesome.

I’m excited for your launch.

I can’t wait to hear how that goes.

Tosha: Thank you.

Matt: Tosha, really quick.

I mean, I know a lot of people are watching this, have nothing to do with parenting.

They don’t even have kids whatever.

But if somebody’s interested, where can they find you?

Tosha: They can find me on my website.

It’s just my name. So ToshaSchore.com and you’ll just give them a link.

Matt: You have something for them.

There’s some way that they can join your email list.

I’m sure I’ve been to your website in like, a month, but what can they get when they go to your website? Where I’ll go there now.

Tosha: What does it say you get now?

Matt: Free cheat sheet. How to keep your cool when your boy has lost his.

Tosha: Yes.

Matt: Awesome.

Tosha: That’s what it will be. Awesome.

Okay, well, keep that up so that’s there.

And I would love for people to get it, because like I said, you can go to 20,000 experts and read stats and stacks of parenting books, but if you are triggered in that moment, everything goes out the window. Right?

That’s why you keep going back to the same behaviors over and over again.

Need help activating your affiliates? Use my proven email templates for getting inactive affiliates in the game and making sales! Get them here!

affiliate activation email templates

So this will get you started.

Matt: Very, very cool.

Tosha: And I want to do something on Facebook.

Can I just say on Facebook, because that’s where I spend most of my time. Not most of my time, but on social media.

All these place I am nd I’m at Tosha Schore, your partner inherent inbound so you can find me there.

Matt: Awesome. And if you go to ToshaSchore.com, there is the little lowercase white F in the upper right hand corner next to a bird.

It’s the title. For those of you who don’t know, click on that F and you can go over and make sure you like her.

I know you like her, but I’m at Facebook page because this has just been awesome.

This is like, literally like a master class and affiliate marketing, oddly enough, for somebody who’s doing their first affiliate promo, guys.

So learn from Tosha, apply what you have learned today and let me know how it goes in the insider circle.

Guys, thank you so much. Toscha thanks so much for having me.

Tosha: Matt, wasn’t that awesome?

Matt: I mean, Tosha again, I just listened to it myself.

I’m absolutely blown away, blown away at what she was able to do.

And yes, I’ll take a little bit of credit.

Like, we helped, but just the way that she executed was flawless.

So many lessons from her that I hope you’re able to put to use in your business.

Make sure real quick you go check her out. She’s still doing this. No plans to stop anytime soon.

So make sure you go check out the show notes for all of those links.

We’ve got the link to Tosha’s website or Facebook page. Also, that free Trial of Convert kit that we talked about.

So go check that out. If you got any questions about this, I’m happy to relay them to Tosha as well.

So you got questions about this or anything else, you can text me anytime at 2602-1746-1926-0217 4619 and make sure that you subscribe so you don’t miss the next episode.

We’re getting into our holiday series how to Crush Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday affiliate promos.

We’re only now like seven weeks away from two of the biggest days

in the affiliate marketing calendar, black Friday and Cyber Monday.

And so we’re going to share like we’re kicking off our annual holiday series sooner than ever.

The feedback from the past was that we waited a little too long on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We do them like in the middle of November, and Christmas is only like twelve weeks away, so now is the time to start talking about it.

So we’re going to share some never before shared strategies and tips to absolutely crush your Black Friday and Cyber Monday affiliate promotions.

And then we’ve got four more episodes on the holidays. So a five week series on the holidays.

You don’t want to miss it, so make sure you hit subscribe if you haven’t yet so you don’t miss that or any of our upcoming content.

We’ll see you then.


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