I’ve talked a lot over the first 504 episodes of this podcast about building an army of affiliates. But how do you identify, recruit, and even manage thousands of affiliates when you only have so much time in the day? Today, I’ll show you EXACTLY how to use virtual assistants to find affiliates so you can build your own army of affiliates.

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How to Use a Virtual Assistant to Find Affiliates

I’ve talked a lot over the first 504 episodes of this podcast about building an army of affiliates.

But how exactly do you identify, recruit, and even manage thousands of affiliates when you only have so much time in the day?

Today, I’ll show you exactly, exactly how to use virtual assistants to find affiliates so you can build your own army of affiliates.

So I got a question from Lucy recently. She said I’m quoting here, I need to hire a virtual assistant to handle recruiting affiliates for me.

I’ve tried to do it myself and must confess, I suck at it. I’m just not tech-savvy, and it’s taken me forever to get things done.

I saw your episode a few years back with Timby. I’ll link to that in the show notes, by the way. Back to her email here.

I decided that this is the answer to getting things going, is what she was saying here.

I did events before the pandemic, and recovery has been slow. Beyond slow.

She says I feel this is the time to start recruiting affiliates. I need a step-by-step on how to set the affiliate program up.

Is there a step by step process that you have to get this up and running so I can start recruiting ASAP? and I wrote back to Lucie.

I told her the short answer is, put your virtual assistance, hire a couple of virtual assistants, hire one, hire two, and put them through our Find Affiliates Now course, and you can find out more about that at findaffiliatesnow.com.

And this is exactly what we do with our VAS in our company. They go through that training when they start, and they also review the material about once every six months.

In the past year alone, they’ve found more than 8400 affiliates. For us and our clients, it’s a proven system for finding and recruiting affiliates.

So, Lucy, I told you I’d answer this on the podcast and for those of you listening, go check it out at findaffiliatesnow.com.

I’ll link to that in the show notes, but that’s not enough. I’m going to show you how to do that in this episode. Right?

Before I forget, though, I’ve got a webinar coming up that I want to share with you.

A really cool training called How I Built a Million Dollar a Month Affiliate Program in Only Two Years without Any Connections or Credentials.

And How You can ethically Steal my exact playbook to do the same thing.

It’s a long time there, and I’m going to talk in this training, and this is not like one of those 45 minutes training.

This will be well over an hour of training. I’m going to talk about why you need an affiliate program, and why your affiliate program should be your largest, best converting, most profitable marketing channel.

If you listen long enough, you know that’s the case, right? We’ll talk about why you need to grow your affiliate program quickly, not slowly.

How to find the right affiliates to scale to seven figures. I’m going to tell you right now, that it’s a lot easier than you think it is.

And also why you shouldn’t hire me or anyone else to run your affiliate program and how to manage a seven-figure affiliate program in only an hour or two a day.

So if you want to go check that out, mattmcwilliams.com/playbook, I’ll link to that in the show notes as well.

So we’re covering some of this. We’re going to go in that training and of course, in fine affiliates.

Now, we go more in-depth in this, but I want to give you a brief synopsis of how to work with a virtual assistant or multiple virtual assistants to find affiliates, to build that army of affiliates without having to do all the work.

Now, let me break down first what goes into finding an affiliate. You got to find the affiliate, get the right contact info, all that stuff and eventually activating them.

First, you have to identify the affiliate. To identify the affiliate.

This is what I’ve covered before in a few different episodes, and I’ll walk through that process in a moment.

But this takes about ten minutes per affiliate just to identify them and really go, yes, this is a potential filling.

Sometimes it takes 25 seconds. Other times it takes 15 minutes. On average, you found right around the ten-minute mark.

Secondly, you got to find the right contact info. It’s about five to ten minutes on average, about seven minutes or so.

You have to reach out. It takes a couple of minutes. You have to follow up an average of seven times. Sometimes you have to follow up twelve times. Sometimes they respond.

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On the first one average is about seven to eight times. That’s a total of over ten minutes.

Following up, you got to manage and update the spreadsheet. I found that it takes about 30 to 45 seconds per contact.

So we’re talking five minutes per affiliate. You got to manage the conversation. That’s five to ten minutes.

Over the course of this, just replying back and forth. Some of them don’t have to do any because they never respond.

Some of them you might spend an hour, you might get on a phone call with them, 30 minutes, phone call, you got to sign them up and get them their assets.

There are seven things you got to do, signing them up, and getting their assets. That can take ten to 15 minutes.

We’re talking 50 minutes to an hour just to get one affiliate.

And when you consider that it takes about eight to ten potential affiliates to get one, you only spend 35, 40 minutes on the ones that don’t sign up, you only spend maybe 2025 minutes on the ones that never apply.

But when you add that up, out of ten affiliates, potential affiliates, five of them you’ll spend collectively two and a half hours.

One of them you’ll spend a little bit over an hour. For the other four, you’ll spend roughly 45 minutes. That’s a full workday almost, just to get one affiliate.

Now, it’s totally worth it to do that but think about that. We’re talking over 6 hours to get one affiliate.

Now, I did that early on. I shared my story before when I first started out and started my first affiliate program.

I did it all myself for almost five, or six months. Did it all myself for Memorial Day weekend 2005 until about Thanksgiving or so that year.

Did it all myself. In fact, it was literally December 1 that I heard my first VA. I did all of it myself.

I did the identifying, I did the recruiting, I did all the email contact, the setting up, the signing up, all of that stuff.

And that got us to a little over 100,000 a month, probably about 125 to 150 a month on the high end when we’re hitting like, November of that year.

But what allowed us to get to $1 million a month was scaling it with a virtual assistant.

I just could not have gotten I probably could have gotten it to 250, maybe upwards of 400 by myself in, say, a four-year period.

Maybe in ten years, I could have gotten into a million dollars a month by myself.

Now, if you think about this, of that hour or so that it took to get that affiliate, almost all of that could be done by virtual assistants. Almost all of it.

Now, I always want you to do it first, and we’ll talk about that. There are always things for you to do.

But we recruit about 30 affiliates a day. These are 30 that say yes. I spend less than 15 minutes on them in total per day.

If you go back to originally, when I first started, I was doing all of it, including the high-level stuff, including the phone calls with them.

And the strategy sessions, and reviewing their social media and social media back then, but reviewing their websites.

Now, be reviewing their social media and kind of checking stuff and make sure they’re a good fit. I did all of that.

Now I do 5%, and it’s the 5% that only I can do. In fact, in our company, I do less than 5%, because about half of that 5% is done by our affiliate manager.

I’m not my own affiliate manager anymore, so I’m spending 15, maybe upwards of 30 minutes to get 30 affiliates for us and our clients.

Now, if you think about that, it’s crazy, right? I used to spend an hour to get one. I spend 30 minutes to get 30.

That’s really good math. Look at the math on this, right?

I was getting one or two a day, spending almost 8 hours a day. I was also the COO of our company.

I was running our sales department. I was working 15 hours a day. I remember I came in, I got in, and I opened the doors at about 6:30.

I’ve never been like a super early morning person, but I’d open the doors from 6:30 to 07:00, and I would work for like an hour to an hour and a half.

I was also doing the SEO and a lot of the marketing. So I’d spend an hour, hour and a half focused on the SEO.

Before anybody else got in. I would work on the marketing stuff. Then as people started filtering in, I would be available to them.

I would run our sales department. I’d spend like an hour, hour and a half with them and our customer service team like 10:00 would roll around.

Now, I was focused on some sales. I do sales from ten to one.

And then I would spend like the next 4 hours doing affiliate emails and affiliate calls.

And then about 5-5:30, I’d meet with the sales team and do some of that.

And I would also do some operations stuff in there at about 6:30.

When everybody would leave, I’ll never forget, I would like, I would sit there, I would turn all the lights off of my office.

And I would run some white noise, typically a fan, and I would just meditate and relax for 15 minutes to clear my head, to be able to do the next round of work, which was more of like the operations side.

I would usually make a few more sales calls to people in the West Coast.

Then I would spend a couple more hours doing like affiliate stuff, finding the emails, managing them, all that.

I was working 15 hours a day, seven days a week now. I was single and had no kids, so I could do that. That’s not an option today.

There is no way I can do that now. I coach our kids soccer. I want to spend time with them.

I want to spend time with my family. I want to eat healthy.

I was really out of shape and eating terribly and all those things back then. So that’s that’s not an option.

Working 15 hours a day, 100 plus hours a week is just not an option now.

But those one to two a day, they made us $100 a day on average. That was great. It adds up and we grew to over $100,000 a month.

Just me, five, 6 hours a day early on a little bit less time, as managing them took more time.

But again, $100 a day time, one or two $150 a day. That compounds. Like the first one brought in about $150, $100,000, that’s almost $150 a day and then it compounds.

So then all of a sudden, we’re at six k, we’re on a six-figure-a-month affiliate program.

The work I was doing, though, was mostly grunt work. It was not the $100 plus an hour of work like my other work.

Me training our sales team was worth hundreds of dollars per hour. Me helping the customer service team was worth $100 an hour.

Me doing other stuff that I was doing operations and sales was worth hundreds of dollars per hour.

This grunt work, going to Google, searching for affiliates and blah, blah, blah and finding their contact info, that was grunt work.

So I was burning out. I was burning both ends of the candle, right?

I was exhausted all the time. I looked like crap, felt like crap. I gained 50 to £60.

I was eating garbage, effectively and then I hired my first VA. We started the process.

I vividly remembered I went back to North Carolina for a week. I took a week off, my first vacation forever.

Took a week off, went to North Carolina for Thanksgiving 2005, and the following week I hired a VA.

And I think they started December 1 or like the first Monday of December 2005, roughly, I hired my first VA.

And by the way, if you want to know how to hire a VA, just text me. You can shoot me a text at 260-217-4619.

I’m happy to walk you through the process. But I heard my first VA, and then things took off.

Because here’s the thing. Now I was doing the things that only I could do.

I wasn’t quite working five or 6 hours a day for the affiliate program, but I was working three or four in addition to all my other responsibilities in the company.

So my work in all those areas got a little bit better, which helped the company grow, which helped our affiliates grow.

But those three 4 hours a day I was spending strategizing with affiliates. I was doing one on one calls with them, not just trying to find them.

So my work started going up to that level of $100 plus an hour and so they were now doing the $150 a day finding affiliates, one or two a day that would sign up and join.

And now I was able to help them and so instead of being 150-a-day affiliates, they were $175, $ 200-a-day affiliates.

And they were doing all this work in the background, and they were doing 8 hours a day, but one of them was doing it 8 hours.

And then I hired another one, now we were doing it 16 hours a day and I wasn’t working more. I was working less.

So what if we hired a third? and it’s crazy, right?

I walk through the math on this, but we pay our virtual assistants extremely well.

I want to be clear that we pay them about two times the market average.

So if you look at the math on this, me doing it cost-effectively, $500 per affiliate or more, probably more like $1,000 with VAs, we can do it for less than $50.

like I said earlier, if you hire multiple VAS, you can basically do it around the clock, with never-ending massive growth.

Like you’re setting up massive growth by doing this. It’s a cost. It’s an investment, but it’s a cost.

You got to pay that person. We pay ours, like I said, extremely well. I’m not going to go into the specifics again.

You can text me about that at 260-217-4619, by the way, if you need that number again.

But we pay ours extremely well. But still, it’s a fraction of what it would cost me to do it and I was able to do it.

I made the time five, 6 hours a day early on, and I just had to get less because something had to give.

Now it’s just happening right now as I’m recording this podcast. This will be I don’t know, we’ll run this episode 30 minutes long.

We’ll probably get an affiliate may be for us, for either our stuff or one of our clients in these 30 minutes. I’m not doing any of it.

Now, there are times when I do get them. Just to be clear, there are certain relationships that I have that work.

But if you look at the 8400 that they’ve recruited over the past year, and I’ve probably been involved in another 300, a fraction, so they’re doing it right now.

I’m recording a podcast. This is something in our company that only I can do. They can do the stuff that they can do.

So of course, the question is, how do you do it? What’s the actual process? I want to walk you through it here.

First of all, do it yourself for one to two months. Okay? This goes against everything I’ve said, right?

No, this doesn’t go against everything that I’ve said. The reason why I was able to train those VA so well is because I knew how to do it.

Now, I did it five to 6 hours a day, probably. I did it 35 hours a week for about almost six months.

You don’t have to do that. You don’t have to do five to 6 hours a day.

We were desperate, and we didn’t have the money to hire VAS initially, so that’s why we did it.

But here’s my recommendation. 2 hours a day for about a month. That’s like 24 work days. 23 work days.

Effectively, if you add that up, 2 hours times 22, 23 days. That’s one work week, basically.

Learn how to do it, make mistakes, learn what works and what doesn’t. OK?

Go through the process so you understand it fully, screw things up, click the wrong thing, do this, take too long and refine the process.

See how affiliates are replying and categorize them effectively. We’ll talk about this more in a moment.

There’s only three categories, really. In outer, maybe.

The fourth is maybe with nuance or in, I guess there’s six there’s in outer maybe, and then there’s nuanced versions, and we’ll talk about those in a little bit.

But you see those replies. How are people responding? What are they saying?

How can I then tell VA that when they say this, it means this?

There might be some industry-specific things that you do or learn that you need to relay to your VAs.

So again, if you can do 40 hours, 80 is even better. But more than 100 is not necessary.

So if you spend 40 to 80 hours doing it yourself, refining the process, really outlining what it takes.

And we can go through find affiliates now if you want, and you can go through it yourself to take you less than 5 hours to go through it and do the exercises, it’s actually only 90 minutes long total learning, and then you can put them through it.

But learn it yourself first. So, for one to two months, do it yourself.

Number two, create solid SOPs. These are standard operating procedures for everything. This goes against everything.

The 25-year-old version of me would have hated the 43-year-old version of me. Because we have SOPs for everything.

We have SOPs in our company, for literally everything. We have SOPs for our SOPs, we have an SOP on how to create an SOP.

Oh my gosh. It’s crazy. You think I’m OCD. I’m not.

But I’ve learned the power of these in our company to have a standard operating procedure.

How do you find an affiliate? You follow these steps.

So use video. Record yourself doing it.

This is why you do it for 40 to 80 hours first, so that you can do it perfectly step by step and show them detailed step by step instructions.

Now, share more than just the task. Don’t just do it.

This is how I did it 10-15 years ago. Don’t just walk through the process.

Go, here’s how you do this. Explain why. Okay?

Talk about the reasons why, the reasons why your company needs affiliates, why it’s important to your company, what the purpose of going through these steps is, and the reasoning behind it.

If to teach them how to do this for 8 hours a day, 250 days a year, takes you. If it’s an hour-long video, who cares?

Just to rush it, spend an hour, walk through multiple examples. This is one of the important things.

I don’t just show them how to find one and go hey, there you go. Have fun.

I walk them through ten examples, 20 examples. They’re going to recruit.

They’re going to add 25, 30 names a day, 250 days a year, over. Let’s just call it an even number. They’re going to do this 1000 times in a year.

Again, considerably more than that, just to be clear. No, I’m sorry.

We’re talking, like, five to 10,000 times in a year, and you mean to tell me you can’t just do ten examples?

Like, do ten examples, right? Go check out my episode. I did an episode, let’s see, 20 episodes ago. It’s called how to build your team.

Working with virtual Assistants, contractors, and Full-Time employees to scale your Business.

I’ll put the link in the show notes. It’s Matt McWilliams.com/TAG484, by the way.

I walk you through how to assign tasks and projects to VAs.

This is a big mistake that I made, and most people make, is I need this report, and I need it done by five.

Why? Because here’s the thing.

They might think of a better way to do it than your SOP, in which case you can alter the SOP, and we’ll talk about that in a little bit. All right?

So number one, do it yourself for a couple of weeks or so, months or so. Create a piece, solid SOPs for everything.

Number three, categorize the responses. So I mentioned earlier basically three categories.

There’s, like one A, one B, two A, two B, and so on. There’s in, out, maybe, there’s in.

With a nuance, out with a nuance and maybe with a nuance.

So let me give you those examples.
In, Sign me up, I’m in, I would love to, How do I sign up? Can you get me a link? Those are all in.

You categorize them and say if they respond like this.

Here’s is the in response. This is less than 5%.

Most people when you send an affiliate recruitment email aren’t going to be like sign me up.

That’s just not what’s going to happen. The end with the nuance is like, sign me up, I’m in.

By the way, I love this page on your website, but there’s a typo.

So there’s a little bit of a nuance where you say, okay, great.

You sign them up and then teach them what to do with that nuance. Right?

A lot of times this might mean they have to run it by you. I mentioned I spend maybe 15 to 30 minutes a day on this with my team.

I would say half of that is dealing with the nuanced stuff, like where to shuttle, the nuanced stuff too.

Then there’s out, which is, no, I am not interested. I don’t want to do this. Very simple.

There’s out with a nuance, which again is like, no, not a good fit for me, but I would be interested if Matt could be my coach or something like that.

It’s like there’s an output of a nuance to it. Same thing for maybes.

Like, I’m interested to know more. I’d love to learn more and then there’s like straightforward maybe.

And then there’s maybe with the nuance, which is like, I’m interested in learning more and also I’m interested in coaching or I’m interested in learning more.

And by the way, do you have any suggestions for such and such? Right? give them the responses for those and over time with those nuanced ones, they even learn how to respond to those.

Initially, you might spend an hour a day instead of five or six. Yeah, that’s a win.

An hour a day dealing with 45 minutes, that is the nuance stuff and then you reduce that to 40 minutes, 35 minutes.

And every week that goes by, they learn how to answer more and more. But you got to categorize them at first.

Okay, four. Plan on spending more time than it takes you to do it.

The first week. It probably won’t.

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I mean, if you’re spending 5 hours a day, five days a week, you’re not going to spend 25 hours, but you might spend 15 or 20.

But just plan on for that first week with your first VA. Clear your calendar and be available.

You don’t have to literally clear, but don’t have 8 hours of meetings and be completely unresponsive to your VA all day long.

Make sure that you’re responding to them and after one week, it gets so much better.

Just plan on initially being available. Monitor their work closely.

Early on for the first week or two and have them do work in small batches.

Now, what I mean by that is you’re going to have them go find five affiliates, and then they’re going to submit their work to you.

And you’re going to review it, and you’re going to go, yeah, or actually, no, here this blah, blah, blah, and you’re going to explain it. Then you’re going to have to do ten.

That’s why I said you got to spend more time than it would take you to do it on your own in the first week.

You probably won’t, though, just to be clear. Then you’re going to have them do 20, then you’re going to have them do 50, and you’re going to review them.

And then after the reviewed, what, 85? Now they’ve got it down.

So you’re just going to review it real quick at the end of every day for about another week or so.

Then you’re going to roll with it. But very small batches early on.

Have them when they get responses, have them tell you what they’re going to do.

Like, okay, this is an in, right? Yes, this is an out.

Yes, this is an out, but with nuance.

Yes, this is a maybe. Great straight maybe.

Oh, no, it’s a maybe with nuance. And here’s why.

And you tell them, and you help them probably with their 1st 100 responses. That’s crazy.

No, they can draft them and you can go, yeah, just check it off and be like, you don’t have to do any of the work and now they’ve gotten confidence.

So again, initially you’re going to review them small batches, like three times a day, batches of five or ten, and then you’re going to make the batches bigger, and eventually you’re going to stop reviewing them and trust them to do the right work, but come to you if they have any questions.

That was number five. Number six, gradually monitor less.

I mentioned that already. Just again, the batches get bigger.

You’re going to go from reviewing five times a day to four times a day to three times a day to eventually not at all.

The 7th thing you got to do, plan on stepping in as needed. For me, earlier, I mentioned it’s about 30 seconds per affiliate recruited.

Early on, it was like five minutes now. Five minutes, that’s wow. For recruiting 30 a day, that was two and a half hours.

That was still half of what I would have spent doing it on my own. Half and that was early on.

So plan on stepping in, be available.

Number eight, you’ve got to set goals for affiliates identified, affiliates emailed and affiliates recruited.

All right, you’re going to have a goal. We want to identify this particular VA.

I want you to identify 20 affiliates per day, and I want you to email 20 per day.

And I want you to follow up with 15 per day. The goal is to recruit seven per week. These are our goals.

We’re going to actually add seven per week. Now are they going to hit all of those goals?

No, the first couple are process goals. You find 20 per day. That’s a pretty process goal.

Now they might only find 18 some days because you know what, maybe it takes a little bit longer in a couple and that’s fine, we aim for that.

And then we also have the weekly goal. And the daily goals add up to a little bit less than the weekly goal to allow for that wiggle room.

No, you need to find 20 in a day. But we’ll set a weekly goal of like 120.

So you can fall a little bit short of whatever that would be 24 a day at a minimum.

But set those goals daily. Weekly, monthly goals.

Follow up Goals one of the reasons why a lot of times our VAs fall short of their follow up goals is because we have more responses.

Okay, we’re going to email 100. Typically that will mean 84 follow ups.

Well, they only followed up with 78 y, because we had 22 responses instead of 16.

So you didn’t fall short of your goal. He did better on the first email.

And the same as the number of recruited, that’s not a process goal.

The reason why we set those recruiting goals is we still have to measure things like that.

So we do set those goals. So that’s number eight.

Number nine. Check in regularly to see how things are going.

Just ask how’s it going with. We call it Fanning find Affiliates now, right? We call it Fanning.

So we put our own like in our company. That’s the term we use.

We put our own vase through Fan Find affiliates now. How’s it going?

Just quick question. It’s going great. Any questions? Yes.

You know, I’m still not sure about this one thing. Great.

I’m glad I asked. Boom.

We go through it, and then number ten this is huge. Allow them to alter or improve the process.

They will discover a better way of doing things. So let them explain it to you and then let them do that.

I remember one specific thing was we had an affiliate. We were having them go to a website, and it turns out there was a plugin for it.

They’re like, well, if I just install this plugin, it’ll save me 30 seconds per affiliate.

While we were having them add 30 a day and you think, well, that’s only 15 minutes. That’s 15 minutes.

That’s an additional affiliate per day, almost, that they can go out and get you, say, 15 minutes.

Wait, 30 seconds is what it saves you. It’s not quite one per day. That’s four affiliates a week.

It’s 200 affiliates a year that we’re adding on behalf of us or our client for that 30 seconds per affiliate, they save by adding a plugin or Google extension.

That’s huge. That improved our process.

Now, as I mentioned, what we do is we put all of our affiliate managers through Find Affiliates now.

They actually practice what we preach. They spend 20 plus hours actively recruiting affiliates.

So they know the process. They spend probably about 30 to 40. They go out, they learn this process.

Then we put our VA’s through fan to find affiliates. Now, those affiliate managers will really never use that information again, but now they know how to do it.

And then the affiliate manager assigned specific tasks to the VA’s.

So the affiliate managers know, here’s how long it takes.

Here’s the process:

It’s good to have that information.

If you’re going to teach somebody something, you at least should have a basic understanding of how to do it yourself and then the virtual assistants get to work.

So for you, the process would be that you go through Find Affiliates Now, again, you can learn more about that at findaffiliatesnow.com.

There have got dozens of episodes on Finding Affiliates.

You can download our free report, your 1st 100 affiliates at Mattmcwilliams.Com/first100.

Then you do the work yourself for about a month or two, whatever it takes to get to about 40 hours.

Then you create the SOP and assign it to your virtual assistants. I recommend them, putting them through Fan. This is a team thing.

So when you buy Find Affiliates now, it’s not just for you and they have to go get another license for each VA, all that crap.

I don’t know. You’re buying it for you on behalf of your company.

Put your entire company through the Daggum thing for all I care, right?

But put multiple virtual assistants through the course. Have them watch it and actually do the work.

For one thing, at the end of each lesson, there’s work. Have them submit that.

And if they don’t get this at the end of a week, maybe a week and a half of going through it, they’re not going to work for you.

They’re just not going to work for you. So it’s a great kind of almost job interview process that doesn’t cost a whole lot of money.

You’ve spent maybe a couple of you’re, okay, you’ll survive, right?

So that’s the process for how to use virtual assistants to find affiliates.

The whole point is to open up your schedule. You’re a full time affiliate manager. Still do this.

Don’t do all the legwork yourself, the grunt work yourself. Go hire some VAS and be able to scale your income.

Because now you get to spend 8 hours a day focused on only the things that only you can do.

I mean, I ran an affiliate program back in 2009, 2010. I was hired. I was a full time affiliate manager.

All I did for the company, 8 hours a day, five days a week.

And yet I had a virtual assistant that I paid for out of pocket. I paid for her out of my pocket. I doubled the size of it.

It was a four and a half million dollars affiliate program. I doubled it in a year.

I would not have been able to grow that thing. It was not because I was super smart and had a you know what it was?

It’s because I spent 8 hours a day doing $500 an hour work and I paid out of pocket very little money.

Quite frankly, even though I was overpaying for the market because I wanted the best, I was able to pay for those VAS to help us just constantly.

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They were finding 20 a day. Like we were signing up two every day, every single day.

Signing up two affiliates that were good. I’m not talking about like crap affiliates.

Some of them like out, but they were able to grow every single day.

It was insane how fast we grew that year. It was an established affiliate program.

That was the best affiliate program in that market and we too exit actually a little bit more.

That’s how you do it. You can only do that if you got help though.

Otherwise you’re just going to spend all your time doing the grunt work.

You’ll still grow. I would have grown by 25% on my own.

I would have grown by 25% on my own and based on my bonuses, I would have made probably made $25,000 in bonuses that year. Yay.

Probably not quite that much. Probably been more like 15 to 20.

Instead, I made almost 75 because we were able to grow it significantly.

So that’s how you do it. Depending upon when you’re listening to this.

Again, we’ve got my free training coming up, how I built a million dollars a month affiliate program in only two years.

So about 18 months, to be honest with you. No connections, no credentials.

I’m going to show you exactly how you can do the same thing.

So register to attend live or catch the replay to go to MattMcwilliams.com/playbook.

We’ll put that link in the show notes as well. That’s where you can register.

You can either attend live, catch the replay, and then make sure you hit subscribe to come back for the next episode.

I’ve got kind of a cool and I’m interested to see what you guys think of this.

I’m going to talk about why teenagers are so successful in affiliate marketing and what you can learn from them.

Got a couple of powerful lessons in there from some research that I’ve been doing.

I’m excited about this episode. It’s a little bit different, but we’ll see. I’m excited about it.

So make sure you hit subscribe so you don’t miss that episode and all the awesome episodes we have coming up because we got some good ones coming up, y’all, and I’m super excited about them.

You got questions about this or anything else?

Like I said earlier, you want to know how to hire a VA, questions about anything we covered in this episode or

Questions about find affiliates now, the training, anything like that, you can text me anytime at 260-217-4619 and I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

So with that, we’ll wrap up and I’ll see you in the next episode. Thank you so much for listening today.


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