I’m going to cut right to the chase here. Standing out in your affiliate promotions is harder than ever. But if you do…it pays off BIG time! Today, I’m sharing 13 creative ways to stand out and boost your affiliate commissions by 300% or more!

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Creative Ways to Triple Your Affiliate Commissions

I’m going to cut right to the chase here. Standing out in your affiliate promotions is harder than ever, but if you do, it pays off big time.

Today, I’m sharing 13 creative ways to stand out and boost your affiliate commissions by 3100% or more.

So we recently coached the affiliate team for Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi’s big launch for Project Next. This thing had more than 800,000 leads into the challenge.

I think it was like 850,000 people by the time it was over. Tens of millions of dollars in sales. Super competitive leaderboard, and it was insane.

Now, it’s not unlike the ones that we ran for Ryan Lavesque or Stumble Clarence earlier this year. The ones we’ve run for Michael Hyatt and Ray Edwards and others over the years.

Same for the Evergreen promos that we’ve done, like with Shutterfly and Adidas. They are crowded. Thousands of affiliates, tens of thousands of emails, tweets, Facebook posts.

Nowadays you get, like, Instagram posts and LinkedIn post and TikTok stuff. It’s insane, the level that goes into these things.

So the question, of course, that I was getting from people that we referred, we referred their number two affiliate. And how do I stand out? I get so crowded.

How do I stand out? Maybe you’re not the number two affiliate. Maybe you’re the number 74 affiliate. How do you stand out from the other thousand plus that are below you?

And if you do stand out, you can triple your commissions. Triple or more your commissions. So I want to share today, I want to share 13 creative ways to triple your commissions.

And these are all based on a concept that I’ve talked about many episodes ago. This concept of “do for one, what you wish you could do for many.”

Concept from Andy Stanley. I first heard this from him. The context was that he had two people who worked for him, and both of them needed a new paper cutter.

He was running a church, not a huge budget. The kind of paper cutters are like, $300. I don’t know why a paper cutter would be that much, but that’s not the point.

These are like a big investment for their small church budget. And he bought one for one of the ladies, but not for the other.

And somebody asked him, Why would you do that? That’s not fair. That’s not what’s fair. You don’t buy one when two people need something. You don’t buy one for one person.

So that’s us as a species, right? It’s not fair. We don’t do it. Fairness is overrated. Think about it.

If we all only did things that we could do for everybody, we would do nothing for anybody. I can’t stand there holding the door open all day long, can I need to sleep.

I need to spend time with my family. I need to run my business. So is it fair that I only hold the door open for four people or one person?

So what was I supposed to do, just let the door slam in the old lady’s face? No, when you think about it that way, it’s ridiculous, right?

But that’s how we think. We think if it’s not fair, if we can’t do it for everyone, we should do it for no one. If I can’t scale this, I shouldn’t do it.

So we don’t but that’s not how you triple your commissions. Not all of these, unless you’re 13 things.

These are not practical on a mass level, but they can help close an additional 20 sales or ten sales, maybe even only one. You know what? 13 things.

If each of these 13 things helps you close five sales, I’m going to tell you right now that was the difference between first place and second place in Tony and Dean’s launch. Less than that.

Half of that was the difference between first and second place. Those 30, some odd additional sales worth $60,000, I believe, and a lot more. I mean, they were worth a lot.

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So my encouragement to you is to find those things where maybe you’ve held back and said, I can’t do it for everyone, so I’m going to do it for no one and say, I’m going to do for one what I wish I could do for many.

If you want to break out of the clutter of these large affiliate promotions, you got to get creative. So I want you to think of four things.

Number one, there’s four factors here.

Number one, creative thinking.

Number two, more effort.

Number three, a willingness to try new things.

And number four of willingness to fail.

And those last two kind of go hand in hand.

If you’re going to try new things, you’re going to fail. So you got to be creative, you got to hustle, you got to be willing to try new things. You got to be willing to fail.

I did a series awhile back on closing affiliate sales, and it was a ten part series. And the last one I studied people who close more sales, right?

You might have first place affiliate sends 10,000 leads and has 100 sales. That’s a 1% close rate.

And you got the second place affiliate who only sends 2000 leads and closes 80 sales. That’s like, I don’t know, whatever a lot higher.

They had less sales, but they closed a higher percentage of their leads. That’s like 4% think, if I’m doing the math right.

So they close four times higher and that 10th factor was what I called the X factor. It’s this immeasurable, intangible quality made up of creativity and personalization.

So we’re going to talk about some of those today. I’m finally going to reveal, like, what are some of those X factors?

I think I revealed, like, two of them on the podcast. I don’t even think I’m sharing any of those today, but you get the idea here.

These are specific, creative ways you can triple your affiliate commissions and really blow away the people that you serve.

Number one, and this is something we’ve talked a lot about recently, use your hot leads. Use your hot leads.

This is the epitome of doing for one or a few, really what you wish you could do for everyone. So this is kind of the overarching thing, right? using your hot leads.

So if you send 100 opt ins and five of them buy, you might have ten people at the end that are hot leads.

How do you define a hot lead? I’ve talked about this from the affiliate manager’s perspective before, but talking about it from the affiliates perspective.

Okay? What have they done? How have they participated? Can you ask the affiliate manager, hey, can I get a list of everybody who has done these things?

So, for instance, Stu McLaren’s launch. We defined a hot lead as everyone who attended all three days of the workshop, the webinar, and invisited the sales page. Or they were a cart abandoned.

I think it was like they had done two of those things. So there’s four pre launch things, three days of the workshop in the webinar.

If you did all four and visited the sales page but hadn’t bought you were a hot lead, or if you did two of those things and you actually abandoned the cart.

So you went all the way to the final step and you abandoned, you were considered a hot lead.

Typically, for most affiliates, it’s going to be less than 5% of your total leads. So you send a thousand leads. You might only have 38 people.

That’s what we’re talking about. Do for those 38 what you wish you could do for the other 972, but you can’t.

So you can’t treat every single lead like a hot lead, only those that are truly hot. So use that list.

Ask your affiliate managers for well, Matt, they don’t have that data. They’re not giving that to me.

Okay, then look at the links that they clicked through you. Did they register for the webinar? Well, yes, you know that we got that information.

How many times have they clicked to the sales page? Have they clicked two or more times to the sales page? That would be a hot lead.

Is it all of the hot leads? No, but they’re the hottest ones that you can identify.

Or if you say to people, this is one of the reasons why you offer bonuses for registering for stuff. This is the value.

If you say to people, hey, if you email me after each day of the workshop. So say it’s a three day workshop.

You email me each day and you share your biggest takeaway. Then I’m going to share this bonus with you.

Guess what you’re doing? You’re creating your hot leads list because they had to make an effort to email you in addition to just showing up.

So maybe it’s like people who emailed you two or more times about the bonuses, about the workshop and they click to the sales page through your affiliate link.

If they did those things, they are a hot lead that’s probably going to be less than 5% of your total leads. So that’s number one.


Number two, this is something you can do for everyone. This is in the prelaunch phase, create your own mini course as a warm up.

So I want you to think, is there any pre work that your people need to do to be ready for the product that you’re partnering with? Right?

And then could you create a mini course on that subject? I think about, like, for PLF product launch formula, I taught Jeff Walker’s Affiliates.

Is there an entrepreneur mindset course that could deliver concepts that help you get into the entrepreneurial mindset to set them up to want to start their own business?

Are there some limiting beliefs they need to overcome to take action on their goals?

Could be a course on setting lifestyle goals that give you priorities and lead you toward financial freedom. Right?

So they mentioned Jeff Walker. They mentioned PLF as the key, but they don’t sell it. This doesn’t need to be like a big, complicated thing.

This could be videos that you record on your iPhone or Samsung or whatever and just have good audio. That’s the big thing.

They don’t have to be super fancy. I remember my friend John Meese. He did this for Ray Edwards launch back in 2017.

He created his own video series to lead people into Ray’s sales funnel and if you want, I’m going to include a link.

I did a big interview with him like five years ago. Go check out this interview, like how he did it.

He’ll show you. It doesn’t need to super intensive, super complicated, just what’s their appetite, right?

Like, your audience knows, likes, and trust you. So why not take advantage of that?

You could create a checklist to complement the prelaunch content, a PDF or infographic with your key takeaways from, like the prelaunch content, right?

Write a series of blog posts, podcasts, videos, whatever that lead into the prelaunch content.

An offer that I talked about this moment ago. The bonus if they opt in for the pre launch content of the workshop or whatever.

This is a little bit of a thing, just a little extra thing that you could do.

Like do more than just send your audience to someone else. Go that extra mile before the sales even starts.


Number three, going back to the hot leads. Call them.

You cannot call 1000 people. You might not even be able to call all of your hot leads.

If I had a list of 50 hot leads in the last day, I’m probably not going to get on the phone with every one of them.

I’m going to filter down and I’ll talk about that in a second. Call them. Like, this just blows people away.

If someone you follow online suddenly calls you or asks you to call them, you are wowed, you are highly likely to buy anything they suggest.

So again, call your hot leads. If you have them, call those hot leads. If not, call the people. Like I said before that maybe they opted in.

They haven’t bought, but they click to the sales page twice or they emailed you multiple times.

You’ve been interacting with them. Those are people who you can call.

And what I found is these people, they visited the sales page multiple times.

They’re highly interested, but they’re reluctant. They usually comes down to one little question that holds them back.

One hang up, one doubt, one weird situation that’s specific to them and when you call them and address that, the sale is easy.

So one of the simplest ways to do this, if you want to not actually pick up the phone and call them, and many times you don’t have their number and that’s fine.

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So you ask them to call you. You send an email to those hot leads. Say, call me.

And you give them their number and you say, hey, if you have any questions about such and such product, give me a call.

Here’s my number. Now set up a Google Voice number. Don’t give them your cell phone number. This is weird, creepy.

Set up a Google Voice number, tell them to call you and so if I have like 50 of those going into the last day of a promo, I’ve got 50 really hot leads left.

And usually that’s a little bit high, more like 35 to 40. But if I had 50, I would send out those emails. I would send five every like 15 minutes for two and a half hours.

That way it reduces the likelihood that two people are going to call me at roughly exactly the same time.

Filters those calls out and instead of having 17 people call me in like a 15 minutes span and 16 of them going to voicemail, I only end up with maybe five people going to voicemail in that two and a half hour stretch.

And that’s just a better experience for them. So they’ll call and I answer.

And sometimes if I’m close to finishing up one call and be like, hey, can you hold on?

Hey, this is Matt. Yeah, I’d love to answer your questions. Listen, I’m wrapping up another call. I’m going to give you a call right back. Okay, awesome. Call them right back.


The fourth creative way to triple your commissions is to host your own AMA on the last day or day before the last day launch and AMA is Ask Me Anything, right?

These are great way to close sales because they answer questions, they build rapport, they crush objections, and they can be very profitable.

Hosting AMA, just send them an email like the last day or the day before the last day and jump on live for a couple of hours or even less to be 30 minutes to an hour.

You can invite your whole list. This is the thing. The questions don’t have to be specifically about the product you’re promoting.

So if you’ve got like this is when I sent out the exact copy of an email I sent out a few years ago promoting Michael Hyatt’s five Days to Your Best Year Ever campaign.

This is before we ran his stuff. So I was just an affiliate and the subject line was questions about goal setting. I was like,

“hey, first name.
I’m going live in a few hours, 03:00 P.m. Eastern to be exact, to answer your questions about goal setting.

Goal setting has been such a huge part of my success over the past few years, and I want to share as much as I can with you.

Four years ago, the whole process was a mystery but today I’m a goal setting, goal reaching beast. Come join me today at 03:00 P.m. Eastern here.” and then I give the link.

I’ll be live for at least 2 hours answering any questions you have about goal setting, goal reaching in my favorite course on the subject, five Days to Your Best Year Ever. See you here link. This is 100% value add.

If they never buy a thing, they will love me for it. That’s a win win.

If they have no interest in five days to the best year, but they have a question about how I set goals, they can get it answered.

I don’t make the AMA all about five days to your best driver. Now you can. It’s just that then you’re limiting the number of people that you can invite and I had people come to that.

They didn’t open the sales emails that I sent. They didn’t they just weren’t interested. They weren’t interested in buying the course prior to the AMA.

I think I had like two or three people on that one that ended up buying because of the AMA who never interacted with any of the pre launch content or the course at all. That was powerful.


The fifth creative way to triple your commissions. Thank people for opting in. Thank them for opting in.

Think about basically you’re thanking people and encouraging them.

Here’s how an affiliate sequence normally works.

Step one, you email your list.

Step two, the person optins to the campaign.

Step three, you do nothing until it’s time to sell. That’s it.

But what if we modified it just a little bit? Like a little change that could have a huge impact.

So step one, you email your list. Step two, the person opts into the campaign. Step three, you send an email to the person thanking them and encouraging them.

This is going the extra mile. Instant likability, instant impact and you can use this to promote the next thing.

So an example of this that I actually gave to a client recently, one of our coaching clients was kind of cool.

“Hey, first name.

I’m glad you decided to get Brooke’s ebook.

You’re going to love it.

And if you apply the principles in it, your family will never be the same.

Stay tuned for some deeper training.

Coming up soon, Brooke has a video series that will rock your world in a good way.

I’d love to hear how this helps your family.

Just hit reply and let me know.”

Another version of that that I used a few years ago with Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank.

We had his affiliates. We gave this to them and it was basically the same kind of thing like,

“Thanks for downloading, you’re going to love it.

Make sure you register for their upcoming webinar.”

So you can use this thank you. To push them to other things in the promotion as well, such as a webinar or even to the sales page to get on the waitlist.

You do that one thing there and I promise you, you’ll be one of the top converters in every promotion you promote.

Every affiliate promotion you do, you will be one of the top converters.


Number six, way to triple your commissions. It’s the easiest bonus in the world and it might be the most impactful.

Join them on the journey. Join them on the journey.

If I could pick a favorite thing on here, this would be it. Because we know for certain.

I’ve talked about it before. Go back and listen. I’ve got dozens of episodes on affiliate bonuses.

One of the best ways to increase your affiliate sales is to offer your audience exclusive bonuses.

Putting them together can be a challenge, though, and so the work that goes into creating them discourages a lot of affiliates from even using them.

What if you could offer an amazing bonus and didn’t have to do any upfront work?

That’s why I love this one. You just join them on the journey.

So if it’s a course, you take the course with them.

If it’s a product, you start using it with them.

If it’s a workout routine, you start doing it with them.

Using a course as an example.

All you have to do, let’s say it’s a six week course, you just show up once a week, friday afternoon, Thursday afternoon, and you share your biggest takeaways and how you’re applying them.

And then you answer questions, and you coach them, and they mastermind you just facilitate mastermind discussions.

So it’s an hour long session. An hour long. Half of that time is them talking.

Half of that time is you asking them questions and then answering them and then you answer some questions.

You can supplement the material as well, right? So if you have an audience that’s a little bit more niche than the course, supplement the course.

Need help activating your affiliates? Use my proven email templates for getting inactive affiliates in the game and making sales! Get them here!

affiliate activation email templates

Train them on something specific. Okay, here’s what so and so taught this week.

In this lesson, I’m going to take it a little bit deeper as it pertains to you, my audience of attorneys or my audience of whatever, older people, younger people, married, not married, single or same thing. Parents, not parents, whatever.

There’s no front end work and here’s the thing. Your audience will love it because they love you.

This is like it’s a great way to stand out, because no one else can offer this.

Oh, that person offered a six week go through the course with them, too. Okay? But they’re different.

That person is them. You’re the only one who can offer this. No one else can. How cool is that?

And you say, okay, well, let’s just say it’s an eight week course. What’s eight 1 hour sessions worth it’s?

What is eight 1 hour small group sessions worth? I can tell you right now, I charge two $500 an hour for coaching.

So if I charge two $500 for 1 hour and I do small groups, typically it’s going to be in the $500 range.

So $500 an hour times 8 hours is $4,000. Now, I don’t offer small group coaching, but let’s just say I did. That would be what I would probably charge.

It roughly work out to somewhere in the neighborhood of three to $600.00

So we’ll just call it $500. This is a $4,000 bonus for eight weeks.

Okay, maybe that’s a little bit high for you, and you’re like, I can’t really do that. It’s definitely $2,000. It is definitely $2,000.

Don’t you dare say I’m going to be with you for 8 hours and you’re probably going to stay on extra.

So don’t you dare say I’m going to be with you for nine or 10 hours, answer all your questions, share my biggest takeaways, and coach you in a small group and facilitate a Mastermind, and this is a $197 bonus.

Don’t you dare do that. Don’t you dare diminish your time like that. This is not working at McDonald’s, OK?

This is some serious stuff that’s going to be life changing for people.

So put a value on it of what it’s worth. They’re not paying for it. Technically, it’s a bonus. So put a good value on it.


All right, way number seven, write a killer product review.

I’m not going to go into a ton of details for you.

I have a detailed guide for you on this called how to Write a Review Post that Ranks and Converts.

mattmcwilliams.com/reviewposts and we’ll put that link in the show notes.

Very few affiliates do this, though. Very few affiliates do this.

This guide shows you how to rank and how to end up converting, because you can have the greatest review post in the world, but if you don’t show up on the first page of Google, it’s pointless.

Nobody’s ever going to get there and you can have a great ranking, third ranking, second ranking, number one ranking, and your bonuses suck.

And the review doesn’t convert them. Nobody’s going to click. So you make no sales.

Either way, you make no sales. So the key is to rank and convert.

Go get the guide. I’ll put the link in the show notes https://www.mattmcwilliams.com/reviewposts.

I would say less than 5% of affiliates are doing these number eight video reviews.

I said less than 5% of people are doing product reviews. Even less people are doing these.

And if you go search for reviews of products, these show up as well. So it’s a lot harder to rank number.

Like with a written review, you can rank number three. I’ve ranked number three and made $5,000.

With a video review, you kind of have to rank number one or not at all, but you have about one 10th, one 15th of the competition.

So you can write second and get a little bit of traction. But my point is, it’s feast or famine.

You’re going to be like the number one video, and you’re going to get a lot of views and you’re going to make a lot of money.

I’ve made $10,000 plus off some video reviews, or you’re going to make zero.

There have been times where I’ve made I’ve ranked number one and made $25,000 from a written review.

And then I’ve dropped down the following year, and I made $7,000 being number three. Okay, that was 25,000 to seven, not 25,000 to zero.

Video reviews, a little bit harder to get to the 25,000, but if you do, you’re there.

And literally what I do is I read the written review. I read it.

Now, I don’t read it exactly word for word, but I basically follow that as my script.

And then I embed it on the review page itself. So that counts as an embed. That’s the key. That will help it rank a little bit higher.

So now your video that you post up on YouTube, you might just rank when people search for that term.


Number Eight. Way to triple your commissions. You got to get very personal. Very personal.

Now, we talked about this two episodes ago, so I’m not going to go into super detail here, but if you have used the product you are selling, first of all, go listen to that episode.

Go listen to that episode. That’s too important.

But think about this. Share your story. What was your transformation?

What was your life like before the product? What was it like after?

What did you like about the product? What did you not like that’s important to share?

I recorded a video. This is for Michael Hyatt’s launch about five years ago when we ran their affiliate launch.

I shared a cool tactic to drive opt ins to his Life Score assessment.

It’s all about sharing personal experience in a very specific and highly effective way.

So I’m going to play the audio now from that video.

“Hey, guys, it’s Matt here, and I wanted to share with you today some tips on promoting the Life Score Assessment.

First, I want to share with you some research from this bookhere.

To get started with affiliate marketing the right way, download my free quickstart guide to affiliate marketing. Grab your copy here!

And trust me, this is all going to tie into the live score sessions. It’s not like story time with Uncle Matt here.

I’d be weird. Maybe I should have worn, like, one of those nick taps or something.

But it’s a book called The Small Big by Robert Cialdini and all those other guys Steve Martin, Noah Goldstein.

Yeah, if you’ve never read their stuff, you have to read their stuff read every book, including their new book, presuasion.

And then yeah. So there you go. Dr, Cialdini. You can send me that check now, but I want to read this to you. It’s chapter 49 from the book the Small Big.

And it says that “marketing researchers zoe Chen and Nicholas Lori.

They basically found out that a positive online review would be seen just as valuable as a negative one.”

We read these online reviews and all the negative ones are probably accurate and the positive one, it could be biased. Of course, the negative ones to be biased to.

We know that as Internet marketers, but they would be seen just as valuable if the reviewer truthfully stated that the review was based on an experience that just happened, that it happened the same day.

For example, posting a review of a restaurant using statements such as, I just got back from this restaurant, or My partner and I visited today.

And I went on to say that there’s a very powerful word that you can use, and that is the word just.

In other words, I just got back from Joe’s restaurant, we just visited the store.

And the way you can use that in the context of the Life Score assessment is to take the light score assessment.

And then write an email that says, I just took the Life Score assessment and here’s what I found out.

That single word is going to be so powerful to think about the comparison of these two.

These are going to be kind of extreme examples, but think about this example.

Michael Hyatt just released a license assessment, and it’s amazing.

I think it’s awesome. Here’s why you should take it. Blah, blah, blah.

“Hey, guys. I just finished taking this life score assessment from Michael Hyatt. And let me just tell you why. It was eye opening.”

I mean, they say the same thing, and the call to action is the same thing, a link and go take the Life Score assessment yourself. But they’re two vastly different things.

One feels like a friend of mine was just letting me know real quick that he just took this and thought it was awesome.

And the other is like, well, it’s an Internet marketer sending out an Internet marketing email. So if you’re interested, by the way, it’s chapter 49 in the small Big.

If you go get that book, read the chapter, I think it’ll be a little bit more in depth, maybe do like it did for me and kind of open your eyes to what works, but definitely use that word just.

And then so you could say, I just finished taking the Life Score session.

Actually, this also applies to the ebook, to the webinar I just finished reading, I just downloaded, I just signed up for.

All of those phrases are very powerful and they show that you’re joining in the participation as well, which is what your audience wants to see.

The second thing I wanted to share with you, and it’s true of the Life Score assesment, and again, it’s true of everything that Michael is going to do in this launch is a temporary I got from Jonathan Milligan, and it really ties in.

You say, Well, I just took this life score session and here’s what I found out.

Why don’t you share your experience? Share your experience, share your life score if you’re willing to.

“Hey, if you want to keep it private, no big deal. Share what your biggest takeaway was from the ebook.

Share what your biggest takeaway was from the webinar. Mine was this.

I’d love if you hit reply and let me know.”

Again, it encourages participation and what you will find is ultimately, not only are you going to get more opt in.

But those people that reply and share their biggest takeaway and they share their stuff, you’re going to close 10 20 30% of those people we talked about.

If you watch the training webinar and actually I’m working on a post about this, I think it’ll go live on my site on December 6.

It talks about how we had a certain group of people, we call them the closers, the converters, the top converters in the past few best Year Ever launches.

Without getting into details, you know who they are, the guys who are at the top of the leaderboard and the gals who are at the top of the leaderboard.

They closed over 10% of their opt ins and there was this next group, the next five, who also finished in the top ten.

They had the same normal, same number of opt ins, those top ten, in some cases more optins and yet they were closing two 3%.

We talked about the difference between those two groups.

And one of those differences was, quite frankly, things like this.

You want to get up to that 10% level. There are some things I share in that training. Make sure to go watch it.

I’m not going to repeat those here at on the promo tips page in the Partner Center.

We also got it here on the Facebook group. But one of the ways you can really get that two 3% up to 4% is encouraging that participation.

And you’ll notice that those people that reply, those people that let you know their live score, share their biggest takeaway, you’re going to convert well over 10% of them.

So, again, it’s a double win. Not only are you getting more opt ins, but what good are opt ins if you don’t close them?

In all seriousness, we don’t pay for opt ins. We pay for sales.

What good is an extra 100 opt in 1000 opt ins if you’re not converting them into sales? This is going to convert them into sales.

So do both of those. Ask them to share theirs. Share yours, and ask them to share theirs.

But also use that phrase, I just or my team and I just whatever it is, it’s very powerful and it will work.

So use that in the lifestyle assessment. Use it in the webinars.

Use it if you haven’t mailed on the ebooks.

And if you need anything, let us know, jvsjvs@michaelhia.com, I’m here to help. See you soon.”

By the way, go get the book, the Small Big. As I mentioned in the video, it’ll absolutely rock your marketing world.

But be willing I talked about this couple of episodes ago. Be willing to get vulnerable when you share your story.

If you used to be £100 overweight, you got to share the photo. You got to share the photo.

Ready to turn your passions into a profitable business? Check out my new book here!

Turn Your Passions into Profits Book Matt McWilliams

So if you think you’re getting personal in your emails, take it up in Nachtra Three.

As I said in that episode, you cannot be personal if you were copying and pasting swipe copies.

So if you get nothing else out of this or that episode, please, for the love of all that is holy, don’t copy and paste the swipe Copy.


All right, I got four more ways to triple your commissions. Number ten is create a community.

One of the best ways to promote a product is to create a community around it.

My friend and client, Stew McLaren did this for Michael Hyatt a few years ago.

Created a pop up group this is back in 2017, created a pop up group where he shared his end of year planning process.

Had his biggest year ever. He said, this year is my biggest year ever. Imagine being a part of that community.

When you’re in there with somebody that you know, like and trust, and you’re there with similar minded people, inevitably people will start buying.

And when some people start buying, others will follow suit.

It is Psychology 101 social proof. Powerful force.

Not only do you serve your audience in a creative way, but you make more commissions, which is a win win.

So turn it into a community. Turn it into a movement. Like, we’re on this together.

Talk about going through the course with them as a bonus.

How about going through the prelaunch with them together?

You plus other hundreds or dozens. Then you have to be hundreds. It could be dozens of other people.

Smaller can be better sometimes, yeah. Given all things being equal, I’d rather have 5000 opt in than 300.

But sometimes you only have 50 people and you’re a homogeneous group, and you can close twelve or 15 of those 50 people. I have seen this happen.

We had one affiliate this year, finished like, 27th, 28th place for Stu, had 18 sales. She only had 63 leads.

She was DMing calling people. She built the community. She had a Facebook group she closed.

What’s the math on that? Like 28%, 30% of her leads.

If our number one affiliated closed half of what she closed, if our number one Affiliated closed 10% of her leads, that affiliate would have done something like $7 million in sales.

That’s insane. So build a community around it.


Number eleven, ask for an exclusive coupon.

Study this few years ago, an exclusive coupon code for an affiliate compared to just a generic coupon code.

Now, this does not work if there are no coupon codes, okay?

If it’s a product where there are no coupon codes, this does not work.

But if they have coupon codes, and you get an exclusive 118 percent increase in sales, even if it’s the same discount.

So if, let’s say, it’s 20% off and you’ve got, you know, let’s say it’s September and you’ve got SCPT 20, that’s the discount code means nothing. Right?

Versus MATT20. MATT20 will convert 18% better. Here’s why you don’t get exclusive coupon codes. You don’t ask.

Most people are afraid to ask for things, especially new affiliates, so you don’t ask, and so you don’t get one.

You think, well, how does this work with, like, they don’t have coupon codes.

Well, then don’t have a coupon code. That doesn’t apply. But I’ll give you an example of where it does work.

We ran a workshop earlier this year. We talked about this a few episodes ago, but it was what we call a paid free.

So normally the workshop is $100, but we were letting affiliates give it away for free using a coupon code.

Now, we had a generic code. It was like 100 off one F, but I had a specific one for my audience and a bunch of people.

We had hundreds of exclusive coupon codes. Why not?

They’re super easy to create. And it improved conversions and sales.

It improved conversions to opting into the workshop by about 8%. It improved sales by about 15%.

Now, that sales into the upsell of a $2,500 course.

So all the way from that to buying the course, the ones with the exclusive coupon code on the front end closed 15% higher rate than people who didn’t.

It’s crazy, right? But it works.


Number twelve, host your own webinar. Host your own webinar. Do your own webinar.

Selling the affiliate product or convincing them to join a free workshop or even to register for another webinar.

I mean, think about it. If you’re selling $1,000 product at a 50% commission, is it worth it?

You would do it the other way, right?

If you had $1,000 product and somebody said, matt, I’d love to do an affiliate JV webinar with you, an affiliate webinar, and we’ll do 20 sales, just using small numbers here, but we’ll do 20 sales and we’re going to do a 50 50 split.

Would you do it? Yeah, it’s $10,000 split to $5,000. I’d do it. It’s worth it. It’s the same thing.

I’m doing a webinar and then selling their thing and we’re doing a 50 50 split. I’m making the exact same amount of money.

In fact, I’m actually making a little bit more. Here’s the reason why.

If I host the affiliate webinar, I don’t have to pay the credit card processing fees. I don’t have to do any of the customer support.

I don’t have to do anything other than send them to the page and watch them convert and make the 50% commission.

They actually make less than me because they’re paying the credit card processing and all that.

So if you do it one way, do it the other. Follow the basic webinar format.

You don’t have to over complicate it. It’s no different than a regular webinar.

You do 30 40 minutes of teaching, setting up the why, breaking false beliefs, et cetera.

If you want to know how to do webinars, I may do an episode on that, but you do all that.

Then you transition to selling. Then you make the offer. You have a live only bonus.

You do the bonus stack, then you have a call to action.

You get a specific URL, preferably like whatever involving the product name.

You do Q and A, like how to structure. I don’t have time to get into that.

Like Structuring the webinar is a three part podcast in and of itself.

So if you want me to cover that, how to do webinars, just text me at 260-217-4619, let me know if you want me to cover how to do webinars because that is probably about I can do a webinar on how to do webinars.

That would be meta. But it is it’s a multi episode podcast series or a video or something like it’s a lot. So if you’re interested, just let me know.

I’m probably not going to do it because it’s not my jam, but I think there might be a legitimate reason for me to cover that or put together something.

So text me 260-217-4619. But you follow the same format.

Like, if you already are doing webinars, follow the same template and then sell the affiliate product at the end. Almost nobody does that.

The people who do it, though, I keep seeing them on the top of the leaderboards, keep seeing them up there on the top of the leaderboards.

So there’s something there. Maybe you want to do what the people at the top of the leader boards are doing. Just throwing that out.


All right. And the 13th and final way to triple your affiliate commissions. Run a challenge.

Leading to an affiliate offer, or actually multiple affiliate offers. A challenge is a very simple definition.

I’ll give you the definition of a challenge here.

It’s a time based experience with a focused outcome we’re all working towards together.

So, in other words, it’s. Three days, five days, seven day, maybe ten days.

That’s about the highest I would go that’s time bound, right?

It’s an experience. So this is key. It’s an experience.

Not just teaching, there’s homework, there’s time to work on things. There’s a community with a focus. This outcome, this is a measurable result.

So what’s the result of the challenge that we’re all working on? We’re working towards this together, right?

So, again, community goes back to community. Everyone is on the same path at the same time.

Challenges are super effective.

We found that earnings per opt in for a challenge can be as high as two and a half times as those for a workshop, video series or webinar.

Part of that is people are wired for achievement.

Most of the video series, the workshops that we see, the webinars we see, they don’t have a clear result.

You get all this learning, it’s great, but there’s no result, no visible, tangible proof that someone is teaching something that actually works.

There’s no proof And people are wired for achievement.

There’s massive momentum, like Tony and Dean just did theirs. It was powerful is the word that kept coming to mind.

It was powerful. People could feel that massive momentum.

Some people might say community, like I said before. But another word for that is peer pressure.

When you spend three to ten days in a group of like minded people in the same journey, peer pressure kicks in in three ways.

Number one, accountability. Others are doing their work, so you better be doing it too.

If you miss a session and then you go to the Facebook group and everybody’s talking about, oh, my gosh, it was amazing, you’re like, I got to watch that now.

I got to find the time and then this is one of the things that I love.

When people start buying, you’re more likely to as well.

This is why challenges convert so well.

The fourth reason why they’re so effective is scarcity and urgency.

They are time bound, so there’s a true sense of scarcity and urgency.

There’s a few keys. If you’re going to do a challenge, I’m going to share a few things with you and then I did a whole training on this.

I did for Pedro rodeo at his live event a couple of years ago.

And then I re recorded it on a live like, this is public, no opt in her card or anything like that.

So I’m going to put a link in the show notes. You can go grab this.

But the key is, if you’re going to structure this, whether it’s three, five, seven days, there’s five keys.

You got to do these five things and then I want to talk about how to monetize it with affiliates real quick.

First is you got to get clear on your purpose.

We’re talking about sales, we’re talking about there’s no wrong reason.

It could be list growth, impact, connecting with influencers, but sales.

So we’re talking about sales and affiliate products or products.

The second you got to focus on a specific result.

Want to learn how to make passive affiliate income from product review posts? Get my free guide on how to write a review post that ranks and converts and learn how we bring in more than $10,000 every single month in passive affiliate income! Get it here!

review post guide

You got to customize this specific solution to a specific problem. One topic.

Make it digestible and actionable. Okay, so give them bite sized bits of information every day.

Give them small daily, small personal wins. So it’s one piece of the puzzle. One piece of the puzzle.

And then you give them the next piece of the puzzle. Next piece of puzzle.

There’s 100 pieces of the puzzle. We’re going to get six of them in this challenge or five of them or seven of them are ten of them.

We’re not going to do 100 of them. And that’s why I said like three to ten days. It’s approachable.

It’s like, oh my gosh, I got to commit to a month of this. But it’s enough time to get a result.

Offer a small upsell right away. This is something like a VIP experience. $17 to maybe upwards of $97. I know for us, we did our list launch challenge.

The VIP got the slide deck, the completed workbook, a complete email template, a swipe file document, and they got priority questions access.

So everybody who’s a VIP, we would have like 45 minutes for questions. We always answered theirs first and we never got to everybody’s.

Then we had a VIP Plus where they got lifetime access to the recordings and a special bonus to come later and they got some other stuff.

I can’t remember what it is, but even if it’s just a $37 offer, now you do the math on this.

If you convert one out of ten people into the VIP and they pay $37, we’ll just call that $40. So you’re making $4 a person.

If you convert $4 a person, you can pay $4 a lead and basically break even. You can pay 370 a lead and break even at a 10% conversion.

We actually converted over 55%. I think we converted 57% and then like 81% of them into VIP Plus.

So we were converting just under 45% total, I believe, from nothing to VIP Plus.

But I’m saying even if you only convert 10%, you can pay 370 a lead if you’re converting.

Let’s just go 50% on a $50 upsell. Easy math, right? You’re making $25 per lead, then you can pay $20 per registration, free registration and make money.

And that’s the point. It also gets affiliates excited.

If you’ve got affiliates, then them just making a little bit of money is a lot better than making nothing Early on.

You got to go live daily, offer actionable training. So daily actionable training, max of 1 hour.

If you get into Q and A, you can go 2 hours. I’ve seen them go longer. They’re done perfectly.

But for most people, short nugget lessons that cover one aspect followed by Q and A.

You want to offer that daily win that builds momentum and then we talked about this like, community, community.

We’re going to have to keep banging at home. This is one of the beauties of a challenge.

You build that community, you engage them. You’re posting in the group, asking for their biggest takeaway.

You’re asking them to show their work, to share what they’ve done, asking them for feedback, answering questions you didn’t have time to answer.

And these are the types of things that you want to be able to do.

And the problem that a lot of people have with the challenge, they don’t know how to monetize it.

So they either try to create a product or they sell nothing, both of which are not very good ideas.

So, as I mentioned in the training, that’s a terrible business model.

There’s no other business model where people just give away free stuff.

They go through all this stuff and then there’s no sale at the end. That’s called a hobby, and you have a business.

So again, you can either create a product or sell nothing or do affiliate marketing and I’ve shared this so many times.

Affiliate marketing bridges the gap between having nothing to sell and selling nothing at all and it’s the perfect marriage with challenges.

So you can do affiliate offers as the main offer in the challenge, or you can do it as a part of the challenge.

And our list of challenge is not the main offer, but throughout. I think we sell, like, four different affiliate products during the challenge.

They’re tools that help them to do what we’re telling them to do. We’re like, hey, build a landing page.

For those of you who don’t have anything to build a landing page with, get this hey, set up your email system. If you don’t have anything here, we recommend this.

And so there’s tons of advantages to that. But I go through all of them in that training.

So I’ll put the link in the show notes. Make sure you go check that out.

It’s a training I did for Pedro Adao’s live event attendees. People paid like, thousands of dollars to be there.

Then I retaught it to my audience a few weeks later. So I’ll put the link to that in there.

So those are 13 ways you could possibly triple your commission.

Some creative ways.

Number one, use your hot leads.

Number two, create that mini course as a warm up.

Third, call your hot leads.

Fourth, host an AMA and ask me anything.

Fifth, thank them for opting in and then kind of push them to the next thing.
Sixth, create the easiest bonus in the world. Join them on the journey. Go through the course with them if it’s a course.

Seventh, write a killer product review. Again, you can get a guide on that that walks you through step by step for free at mattmcwilliams.com/reviewpost.

Number eight, video reviews. Same format, but in video.

Number nine, get very personal go listen to that episode from a couple of weeks ago. It’s literally two episodes ago. All about the importance of getting personal in your affiliate promotions.

Tenth create a community.

Eleventh, ask for an exclusive coupon. 18% increase in sales. Easy peasy.

Twelve, host your own webinar promoting the affiliate offer, and 13, run a challenge leading to an affiliate offer or even multiple affiliate offers.

And make sure to go check out that training, which again, we’ll include in the show notes there.

Do you have questions about this or anything else? You can text me anytime. 260-217-4619 and make sure to come back for the next episode.

It’s going to be a good one. Make sure you hit subscribe. If you’re not subscribed yet, subscribe so you don’t miss this.

And I’m going to talk to you about how to find affiliates using virtual assistants.

So how to use a virtual assistant to find affiliates. That’s our next episode.

You don’t want to miss it. It’s going to be an amazing one.

It’s one of the secret sauces in our entire business, so make sure you hit subscribe. Tell a friend about it.

If you know somebody who could use this information, please tell a friend about it. Share this episode with them. I’ll see you in the next episode.


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