Today I’m going to share with you how I got my dream client…and share an amazing affiliate opportunity. Listen up if you are looking for something awesome to promote or if you want to know how to land the clients of your dreams.

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My Dream Client: Interview with Dean Graziosi

Today I’m going to share with you how I got my dream client and share an amazing affiliate opportunity with you.

Listen up, if you’re looking for something awesome to promote or if you want to know how to land the clients of your dreams.

So I’ve been a fan of Tony Robbins forever. I mean, we’re talking 15-16 years.

I mean, the guy has completely changed my life in so many ways, and I’ve been a fan of Dean Graziosi for probably about five, six, seven years now.

And I remember a couple of years before I’d ever even heard of Dean.

My wife Tara asked me who my dream clients were, and I told her I had four clients, my dream clients, and Tony was one of them.

The other ones were Michael Hyatt and Jeff Walker and a guy named Eric Thomas, motivational speaker that has also had a huge impact on my life.

I was like, I told her, my four dream clients, I’m like, these are never going to happen, right?

I’m never going to work with Tony Robbins, we’re never going to work with Michael Hyatt or Jeff Walker or Eric Thomas.

Well, fast forward a year later, and I had worked with Michael Hyatt, a few more years, I worked with Jeff Walker and helped them have one of their best launches ever, coaching their affiliate team, and recently had an opportunity to coach the teams for Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

So if you’re listening, Eric Thomas, you’re the only one left, you’re the only one left of those four.

So today I want to share two things with you. Number one, I want to share how I landed my dream clients, particularly Tony and Dean.

I also, I want to share about their affiliate program because it’s an amazing opportunity, and you can join.

So how did I get them as a client years after saying there was absolutely no way?

Well, number one is The Power of Positive Thinking, not the Norman Vincent Peale book, which I do recommend, by the way, but I was negative about it.

Yes, and I told Tara that this is never going to happen. But at the same time, she was like, she did not accept that.

She did not accept that as a response, and she said, no, it will.

And she was like, you need to think positively about it, visualize it, just like, see it happening and speak it into existence.

And I’m not one of those people. I agree with what Zig Ziggler says. “Positive thinking doesn’t guarantee anything.”

I can positively think I’m going to play in the NBA all day long. It ain’t going to happen at the age of 43 and 6ft 2 and whatever it just ain’t going to happen.

But it will do anything better than negative thinking will. Negative thinking guarantees that it will never happen.

If you think negatively, I can absolutely assure you it will overwhelmingly not happen.

Occasionally, you might just fall into dumb luck, but I was positive about it, and I kept saying, you know what?

Things like this can happen. I visualized it. I visualized what it would be like to work with them. And it happened.

And it took seven years from the moment I said that until it did. Where does that fall in? Well, that falls into my brand building.

There’s a reason why I call it the affiliate guy. You’re listening to the 499th episode of the affiliate guy. I have built my brand.

When people say they introduce me, they go, well, he’s the affiliate guy, not an affiliate expert rr one of the leading affiliate experts say he’s the affiliate guy.

I built my brand 500 episodes. The next episode is 500 episodes, right? And so I’ve continually served and taught and built my brand.

The third thing is, that I’ve continually honed my craft. I won my first affiliate manager of the year award back in 2010.

I’ve won four affiliate manager of the year awards. None of them, oddly enough, have been in the last seven years. Eight years, actually.

Doesn’t that mean I’ve gotten worse? No, I just don’t really care about it anymore. I’ve won four times with the fifth. It doesn’t matter to me.

There’s a time when I really cared about that stuff, and I don’t anymore.

Ever since I won that first one, I’m ten times better today than I was back then, and I’m 20 times better at teaching this stuff.

Back then, I was really good at doing it and not great at teaching it.

Now we have honed in the program, and I can coach this staff and teach people not only Tony and Dean’s companies and how to run an affiliate program but Jeff walker’s people how to run an affiliate program.

I can teach a beginner how to run an affiliate program, and I have continually honed my craft day after day, week after week, getting 1% better, 1% better, 1% better, 1% better, studying it, looking for that next thing.

So when you come to me for coaching, when Tony and Dean, when they come to me for coaching, when Jeff walker comes to me for coaching, what they’re getting is the latest and greatest in affiliate management.

Number four, I work with small programs.

I did not come out one day and go, you know what? I’m really good.

I’m going to work with Tony and Dean, I’m going to work with Jeff Walker, I’m going to run Michael Hyatt or Ryan Levesque or stumble clearance programs.

No, it happened because I spent years in the shadows, so to speak, running smaller affiliate programs and making $25,000 mistakes, not million-dollar mistakes.

You see, when you run a 300 $400,000 program or even a million dollar program, and I would try stuff and they wouldn’t work. They were $25,000 mistakes, not million-dollar mistakes.

When I make mistakes on the $20 million program, I’m making million-dollar mistakes.

So I made a lot of $25,000 mistakes so I didn’t have to make million-dollar mistakes. People aren’t willing to do that usually.

So when you come to me and we run your program or you get coaching from me, you’re getting 17 years of experience. We just ran our 60th launch.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level and start an affiliate program, start with my free report, Your First 100 Affiliates. This report takes nearly two decades of experience, trial and error, and lessons learned about finding top affiliates in nearly every conceivable niche and puts them all into one report. Grab your copy here!

Me, I just ran my 60th launch. That’s not even including evergreen programs that I’ve run that just launches 60 launches.

Part of that was because of all those years I spent working with that smaller program.

And then fifthly, I built my reputation. I worked with others. I ran the smaller ones, but I got noticed.

And then I stepped up and worked with Michael Hyatt, stepped up and worked with Stu McLaren, stepped up and worked with Ryan Levesque.

And I continued to build my reputation so that people finally said, “oh, my gosh, you’re kind of everywhere, dude”

“You’re running all these things and you’re coaching all these people and you’re having these results. We want to be a part of it.”

So again, positive thinking, continual service, brand building, honing your craft, be willing to work in the wilderness.

Work with smaller programs or smaller offers, whatever it is, whatever you’re doing, and then build your reputation and use that reputation.

That’s how I landed my dream client when I said it might never happen at first, those five things, and that’s the key to landing any dream client.

Now, shifting gears a little bit, if your audience wants to learn how to either start a side hustle or start a business and they want to have it positioned for almost certain success, this affiliate opportunity with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, I’m telling you, it is for you.

We’re expecting over 1 million attendees for the Time to Thrive challenge coming up next month. These guys are the best, right?

So I’m not even going to try to tell you too much about it. I’m going to come back on at the end, but I’m going to let Dean tell you about it.

I had an opportunity to interview him recently about this affiliate program, and when you hear his heart and his passion, you’re going to be blown away. It’s an amazing affiliate opportunity.

Listen, if you want to be a part of it this sounds like an affiliate opportunity already, and you’re like, I want to be a part of this.

I’m putting the sign-up link in the show notes. Go there now and just sign up.

You don’t even listen. Just go there and sign up if you like.

I’m not so sure. Listen to Dean talk about it. He’s going to tell us more about the offer, the mission, and the opportunity.

Matt: Welcome, Dean.

Dean: Good to be here, man.

Matt: Yeah. So here I think the most interesting question is one that I’ve heard the answer to, but a lot of people haven’t this partnership with Tony Robbins, right?

I mean, it’s Tony Robbins not really, like, the backstory, but why did you guys partner to create this product?

Because I think that this story is something that really lays the foundation for this whole offer, in my opinion.

Dean: Yeah. Really cool and good to spend some time with you guys. And if you’re listening what’s up? Good to see you. I know you got lots of choices and things to listen to. So glad you’re hanging out with us.

You know, 27 years ago, 26, 27 years ago, I bought Tony’s course so an infomercial and impacted my life in a serious way.

Impacted my life in two ways. One, it made me realize things like my past was designed for me to make me the man that I am. Right?

Life happens for us, not to us focus on solutions, we can change our beliefs, we can have new, empowering beliefs.

All the things that most of you know or have heard Tony Robbins and so many great teachers even before him, have taught.

But the second thing it did is it made me realize I cut Tony Robbins a check for information, and it shifted my life, and I immediately wanted to be in that business.

I wanted to help people. Like, how cool is it that you get to help people with what you’ve learned?

If you’ve gone through something brutal and you’re on the other side, you could help someone.

If you learned a skill, you could help someone. Look who you help people with affiliates, right?

You’ve been through the experience. You were one. Now you’re helping teach people.

You’re helping people go faster, quicker, so they have to learn on their own.

Tell me you don’t love what you do. You get to help people go faster, right?

Matt: Every day.

Dean: And let me just ask you something. Do you have any inventory? Do you have a warehouse? Do you have an air conditioner?

Chill it. Ship it. Right? You get to sell your life experience, impact others, and create success for yourself and your family, right?

So it just hit me 20-something years ago, and I’m like, I’m going in this industry.

Fast forward. Twelve years ago, someone connects Tony and I.

And it was a big deal for me because I have shifted my whole life because of buying his program.

And we hit it off. We’re supposed to meet up for an hour. We spent 9 hours together. We’ve been friends ever since.

So I’m telling you the whole story, and I’ll make it quicker. But we were friends for about eight years, and I just made the definitive decision.

I’m not going to talk about partnerships. Everybody and their brother wanted to be partners with Tony.

I’m like. You know what? We have too good of a friendship. Let’s just leave it at a friendship.

But both of us talked about the self-education industry, whatever you want to call it, learning from others so much every time we were together.

He talked about where his life would be if he didn’t meet Jim Rohn. 17 years old, broke, living in a car.

He scrounged up $40 to go to a Jim Rohn event, and it fundamentally shifted his life forever.

He went to 40 more after that and ended up working for Jim Rohn, teaching Jim Rohn stuff.

And, well, you could say the rest is history, but that’s true. Sure.

And I will share. The truth is, Tony was my Jim Rohn.

I was on my way to being successful, but I was a little hosed up in the head, and, man, Tony put me on a different path.

So we talked about self-education so much and how hard it was to do in the old days when there was no Internet and you had to do an infomercial or direct mail, and you had to put a product and inventory in a warehouse and all these things.

And about four years ago, we were just literally playing golf and we play golf once a year, each with each other.

And we just said, it’s time that we help teach the world. We’ve been in the 65 years between the two of us, we’re still doing pretty amazing things.

We didn’t use to do it. We do it bigger now than we ever have.

And we just decided it’s time to pull back the curtain and teach people how to enter the self-education industry, how to do what you’re doing and so many others.

You’re helping people go faster, quicker, by gaining information and it’s an industry at about a billion dollars a day.

So the friendship we had, the gratitude we have for this industry, we wanted to do something together. We just weren’t sure what.

We can give back in a big way and then the last thing is Tony and I will be here forever.

And this is a legacy. If we can help empower others to share what they know, Man, when we’re gone, we get to say, maybe we hope, you know, 500,000 people learn to be in this industry and help make self-education the new normal.

Matt: Yes. So I don’t want to focus a ton on the course itself, because that’s not what this is about.

None of you are not asking anyone here to buy it unless you go, I really want that, and that’d be awesome. That’s not what this is about.

We’re talking about the affiliate side of things and presenting this to your audience.

So I’m thinking specifically of, as you were talking about that and talking about the impact that people can make and the self-education industry, which I love that term.

It’s not the go get a degree, a piece of paper that ends up being worthless for most people three years later or three minutes later.

But people who are maybe in an industry, a niche that isn’t in the typical self-educated you know, they’re not teaching affiliate marketing.

They’re not teaching online marketing or how to start a business, something like that.

Maybe they’re teaching gardening or gosh, you can name a million different niches.

Dean: We’ve identified 4500 different niches already.

The people that we’ve helped, people from, as you said, gardening, hairstyling, helping women get through menopause, helping women after divorce, helping make a child-centered divorce, helping your German shepherd have better hips when he’s older, helping people be better at accounting, helping people learn how to ski, everything you could possibly we have one woman that’s helping people paint with wolves.

You go to a little workshop, she teaches how to paint, and she has wolves laying around. So you get in this desperate calm.

Don’t know if I’d go, but everyone I’ve mentioned I know are people helping people go vegan, helping people learn yoga.

What the world is realizing, right, is not talking about the course.

Just reality is people are saying, I don’t want to go back to college and get more general knowledge.

I don’t want to learn on my own.I don’t have time.

Who’s already done it and is willing to share it with me?

I don’t want to oversimplify, but that’s really what it boils down to.

Matt: You the answer there, I think, is that this can work for literally any niche on Earth.

Dean: Well, we prove that year one.

So, long story short, you guys are affiliates. You get it at the end of the day is affiliate.

Let’s just be transparent. It’s cool that you make money. You can make money doing a lot of crap.

I mean, that’s just a true story, we all know.

But how cool is it when you get the opportunity to be an affiliate for something that truly changes people’s lives, that impacts people at a deep, deep level when they need it the most?

Year One when we launched this, I think we did the biggest launch in the history of the world, and we paid out, I don’t know, $10 million to affiliates that year.

It was less about the money. We never talked about the money.

We converted stronger, I think than anyone ever has.

We paid out great commissions, and everybody was happy. But it wasn’t about the money. It was about a mission.

It was about giving people true capabilities.

Not a magical money machine, Not how to do six figures in six weeks or get rich for doing nothing.

But give people a real skill, a real blueprint on how to enter and scale industry that they may be thought about Or maybe they dabbled as a coach.

Or they’ve just been dying to do something different and they’ve tried other things and it didn’t work.

And again, Tony and I have been 65 years, and this being more of a mission and a passion than a must, we created something pretty spectacular.

And I think that’s why we did the biggest launch and the biggest affiliate launch because people got behind the mission map more than they got behind that to make a few bucks.

Matt: Yeah, definitely have a great track record there with that, in addition to the 65 years.

So I’m thinking specifically as we’re recording this and we’re leading into your launch, obviously, there’s a lot going on in the world.

There’s still a war, you could argue. There’s still a pandemic.

There’s all this stuff going on, a possible recession, all these things.

I’m just curious what your take is on an affiliate thinking about, is now the time to promote something like this?

Do I need to scale back? What do I need to do? What’s your thinking on that?

Dean: Okay, so in times of a recession, let’s just face it, we’re a couple of days away from them probably announcing that we’re officially in a recession.

This is winter, and I was in business in 1999 when there was one, and I was in business in 2007 when there was one.

And we can’t make it worse than it is, but we can’t make it better than it is.

And I like to say that you can react after it gets worse, or you can prepare and anticipate.

And Tony’s got one extra recession than me that he went through while he was in business. I have two, he has three.

And what we know is during a recession, during inflation, during economic winter, whatever you want to call it, there are three things that people do the human oceans or fight or flight, right?

But really, it’s the third s that most people do. I really want you to hear this.

Whether being an affiliate or going all in on something or not, if you really got to hear this, the third thing most people do is freeze, because we all have limiting beliefs, and it’s not a psychological day or self-personal development day, but we all have limiting beliefs.

We all have fears, all of us. You wouldn’t be human if you don’t. I do. We all do.

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We have limiting beliefs. We have fears. And today they call it imposter syndrome.

When stuff goes sideways and the outside world is out of control, we lose a little bit of confidence.

And we’re like, you know what? Let’s just wait. That’s what most people do.

If you’re listening, probably not because you’re an entrepreneur. You know you got to move forward. But most people freeze.

And this is not the time to freeze. When you freeze in an economic winter, it’s when you are left behind.

When you freeze in an economic winter, that’s when you do freeze and starve.

But why do some people stillborn and ski in winter? Why do they flourish? Why do they thrive?

Is because they have a different mindset. They have different skills.

And Tony and I realized that this is not the time for people to sit and hope is not a plan. They need capabilities to thrive.

And the fact of the matter is, this industry selling what you know, the industry is still one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

We’re at almost a billion dollars a day. They say by 2028, it will be a trillion-dollar-a-year industry.

People are turning to regular people to learn what they’ve experienced.

So this isn’t a time that people kind of need it. They need it right now more than ever.

Rather than the magical money machines that are out there.

They need a true capability. They have the asset. Not to digress so much math, but you really got to.

I don’t know if you ever watched Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. They do their presentation.

Did you see his last one?

Matt: I did not.

Dean: About three weeks ago. And he said, yes, inflation is high, probably heading into a recession, and said, Number One question is, what do you do?

He said I don’t care if we exchange money as rights marks or if we seashells or a deflated dollar.

What you got to do is get more of it. And how do you do that?

Number one, you invest in yourself and get better at what you’re good at.

Number two is to be a part of an industry or start a business that has higher margins. Right?

So think about that. Think of the self-education industry.

Think about what I said to Matt when I first started.

You don’t have to air condition it. You don’t have to store it. You don’t have supply chain issues.

You could sell it over and over again. It’s extremely valuable, and it impacts people’s lives. That’s your experience.

Something you’ve done someone else hasn’t done yet. Right?

So I believe there’s never been a better time to be in this industry.

I believe there’s never been a time for the regular person, even those who think, “I don’t know if I have a big enough following.”
“I don’t know if this is the right time.” “I’m an introvert.”

All of that doesn’t matter because we’ve watched that change immediately once you gain the blueprint.

So I don’t think this is a time to sit on your hands, Matt. This is a time when we need to push people to explore and get out of their comfort zone.

Matt: Yeah. So you’ve made it clear to me, obviously, you got a proven team, you and Tony.

I don’t know what else I need to say there, proven offer, it works in just about any niche, if not every niche, and the timing is actually right.

It was a leading question, of course, I believe that when speaking of Warren Buffett when everyone else is scared, it’s the time to be greedy.

Greedy is probably the wrong word. He’s referring to it’s the time to move fast, and I agree with you.

So we’ve got those four things. Let’s talk about the offer itself real quick.

I mean, let’s start off with the pre-launch, the challenge because I think I love the model first.

I used to work with Pedro Adao, and I love that challenge model.

So tell us a little bit about the Time to Thrive challenge, and what that looks like.

Dean: Yeah. So the reason we do it as a challenge, year one, we did it as a webinar, a live cast, not really a webinar and it did unbelievable, Off the charts amazing.

But if you know anything about Tony, and he’s such a mentor to me, too, we just decided we want to deliver massive value, whether someone buys or not.

And that makes it so great for affiliates, especially Jenna Kutcher.

First two years of our affiliate, she did 2 billion-plus in sales both

In her first year, 2.1 million, 2.2 million in year two in sales.

But she said what she loved the most about being an affiliate partner for us was that the people who didn’t buy say thank you.

Matt: Yeah.

Dean: And that’s a win, right? Rather than, oh, you pushed me to this webinar, and I got pitched for 90 minutes, and it felt icky.

So Tony and I decided a couple of years ago, let’s just do a five-day massive value.

So in the end, people say, that was amazing. I’m good, or, that was amazing and they buy. Fortunately, they buy at a high take rate.

But over five days, what we’ll do is we’ll show people why this industry, why then, why now, what they should be selling, who should they be selling it to?

How can they elegantly sell it through service, not cheesy sales strategies?

How do they build the following? How do they teach it with confidence? All of that gets shared over five days with me and Tony.

And we got some amazing guests Russell Brunson, Jenna Kutcher, and Brendan Buchard. Other amazing guests. We even have Matthew McConaughey coming this year.

That’s part of it because I just love this book, greenlights. He entered our industry. Green Lights is a self-education book, right?

So we got this great flow over five days, and three days in, we make the offer really subtle, really light.

Make the offer again on day four, and make the offer again on day five. And three or four days closed down. And last year we did amazing numbers.

And like I said, it was either I went through five days and bought thumbs up. I went through five days and didn’t thumb up.

Matt: Yeah. That’s the mark of good affiliate promotion.

If people come to you and say, it’s a good mark of a webinar, it’s a good mark of a challenge, good mark of whatever prelaunch content, people come and say, hey, I didn’t buy whatever time.

He’s not right. Just lost my job, my husband died, whatever. But I got so much value.

And I’m like, awesome. I’m as happy as I could be if I’d actually save me money.

So at the end of the challenge, though, we’ve got something kind of awesome. Talk about that once the challenge is over.

Dean: Yeah. So it’s called Project next.

We call it Project Next how to enter and scale in the self-education industry.

Here’s the cool part:

Two years ago and three years ago, we sold a program with less pieces for the 2000 year one.

We sold 16,000 people at $2,000 each. And people went nuts over it.

Started a movement overnight. The Facebook group was out of control. I don’t know if you saw it.

People went nuts because we just delivered more, and we went live every week.

I mean, I don’t know why are you laughing, but

Matt: I’m laughing because I hate to turn off notifications. It was so crazy.

Dean: It was unbelievable what happened. And people fell in love with what we do, and they’re still here.

But last year and this year, for no other reason other than tony came to me and said, brother, this is how he talks. Brother, people are hurting right now.

I know, we could sell a ton of them in 2000 sell at thousand. Let’s sell more of them. Let’s get people the education they need.

And what we did is we did we lowered the price, and we actually added more to the program.

We added six weeks of live training. After we added a ticket to our World Summit, we actually added more, reduced the price.

And what we did for affiliates, though, is we found four ways for them to get paid on the way in.

There’s a VIP. We give 90% of the upgrade to a VIP. No one else does that.

We give 50% of the main sale, we get 50% of the upsell, and we get 50% of those.

People came in and ended up just buying a ticket to the World Summit.

So we found a way to compensate because we dropped the price, basically by our choice.

Even though we had two amazing years of the higher ticket, we wanted to serve more people.

And it went amazing last year, and the affiliates were static with the payouts because they had four ways to win.

And the truth is, it wasn’t as profitable as for us, but we served more people, and we reached our goal.

Matt: Yeah, that’s amazing. When your team told me about that, I was like, I like that.

And then I was like, because all they said was, we cut the price in half.

I was like, as an affiliate. And then he was like, oh, okay. I forgot. We also did 90% and all that.

I was like, okay, now we’re back on track here. That’s good.

So as we wrap up dean, first of all, thank you. I do want to touch on something, though.

I mean, two things in specific, we’ve talked about the mission and all of that.

That said, you guys have arguably the best affiliate prizes that I’ve seen.

Kind of like the dream of all of our clients could be able to do what you do, my job would be a lot easier. Type prizes.

Tell us about the I want to paint a picture of that for everybody listening or watching, and they’re going, I can’t be the number one affiliate.

Although we’ll talk about that, but talk about what?

That looks like some of the amazing things that are….!

Dean: Here’s, how I approached it. So everybody listening and really hear this for your business.

How I approach this one way, when somebody becomes an affiliate of you, if they’re an affiliate for a living, that means they’re choosing you over somebody else.

If they have their other separate business and they might do a few affiliates launches a year, you’re putting time into my company.

You have to put some of your stuff on pause and work on helping promote.

Tony and I, we take that into consideration immediately and say, how can we over-deliver to our affiliates?

Yes. Ask anybody in this industry. Nobody converts like this offer. It’s ridiculous. On how we convert.

Nobody serves people as we do. So it makes you feel what they buy or not.

They’re treated unbelievable, and they fall in love with what we do.

But over and above that, we wanted to say, what else can we do?

So as I go through the affiliate program and I know you do this, Matt, but the last four years, I teach almost once a week, and then we go closer.

I would teach once a day and just pull back the curtain on everything we’re doing.

You know how many of our affiliates have completely modeled our launch?

It might be a little smaller, like an accordion, but they model it to a T. From our emails to the way we think, to the way we do it, because I hold nothing back.

I don’t just say, send this email and you’ll get money. It’s like, no, let me tell you why this email.

How do we serve people? Emotional buyers, logical buyers.

This is how we do it. So we taught all three years.

When I do it again this year, we teach the whole way through. And I’m watching.

I did one yesterday. All the affiliates are taking notes like crazy for their own business. So reciprocity is huge.

We let people see that this is truly a mission, so they get behind it for more than just a paycheck.

And then we said, what is the most valuable thing we could give people?

Yes, we give amazing prizes. I mean, the first prize gets an extra $100,000.

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affiliate activation email templates

Tier prize is all the way down because we want someone fighting for their first ten sales or 1st 20 sales. So tier prize is all the way down.

But what else we did too is the most valuable thing to me is knowledge. It’s why we own mastermind.com.

So for the top 20, actually, we’re doing it again this year for anybody who gets over ten sales, we’re throwing a party and we did that year one.

But then Koba came and it was unbelievable. We did it in Las Vegas. Everybody came, and we celebrated, impacting the world. It was off the charts amazing.

Then we do an affiliate for the top, say 20 or 30. For the top 20 or 30 affiliates, I forget the exact number.

We do a Mastermind at my office and I pull back the curtain on what we did, work on their business, and create a blueprint. Nothing could be more valuable than that.

And for the top ten, we do something really special. And this is the last year we’re doing it.

We do a top ten mastermind with Tony Robbins myself. We did it in Fiji Year one, at Tony’s resort.

We did it in Palm Beach for two years and it is five days of complete Masterminding bonding, building relationships, and one day of intensive Masterminding with Tony where you get to ask your most personal questions.

And we filmed that, but no one gets to see it because it is the most personal able one day.

And I think a lot of people fight for that because who wouldn’t want tony gets a million dollars a year to be a consultant and he’s got a waiting list.

This is a day of asking your most powerful question to Tony and me and it’s unbelievable.

So we did something pretty spectacular. This is the last year we’re doing that because it’s just a lot of work.

But we’re going to rock it this year.

And I know there are a lot of people fighting for that top ten, but there are amazing prizes and giveaways all the way through.

Matt: That’s the most coveted room, I think, in internet marketing, that’s for sure.

So as we wrap up the final question, I would ask, so let’s look at those people who are going to their first ten.

Maybe they would finish in 30th, but if you could give them one tip to get them to 20th, like what are some of the things the top affiliates are doing?

Dean: I’ll tell you right now, number one is to start priming the audience now. Not manipulating, priming them.

Be honest about maybe your journey. What is the first product you ever sold online? What does self-education mean to you?

Who have you ever learned from? Share a Tony video. Share something I’ve done.

Start talking about this industry, start talking about most of you are in this industry.

What does it mean to you? What does it mean to others?

And I watched Jenna Kutcher do it. So amazing.

By next week, we are going to send out the first two or three modules of the course.

I want to tell you something. Jenna Kutcher bought the course from me. I told her I wanted to give it to her.

She bought it and she went through the entire course and she fell in love with it.

She said I wasn’t selling my list. I was saying, oh, my God, I can’t believe Tony and Dean gave all this information away.

It was different than just saying, oh, yeah, go buy this thing. I was like, no, I’m in module four. Holy crap.

So what I’d say is, care more about their end results, not just a check.

Prime them, get immersed, and go all in. The thing is, we’ll do our best.

I can’t guarantee anything, but in the last three years, I think we’ve converted higher than anyone I’ve heard of.

We will do our best. We will serve your clients, we will treat them right.

We’ll get them to say yes if they’re ready for it and, you know, they’re in good hands.

Matt: I love it. Thank you so much, Dean.

Dean: Appreciate you, man.

So you can see why I’m fired up about this. This is a program, it’s an offer, it’s a mission that I believe in.

We didn’t even talk about all the ways you can get paid for all the prizes.

Guys, trust me on this. It’s an amazing opportunity.

So I’m putting a link in the show notes. You can go sign up and learn more about it.

If you can just get ten sales, you get to go hang out with Tony and Dean and all the other top affiliates.

Like, that alone is exciting, not to mention or make a lot of money and helping a lot of people.

So if you’re in this for the mission and the opportunity, I’m telling you, it’s amazing.

So go check it out. If you have questions about this or anything else, feel free to text me anytime at 260-217-4619.

And make sure to come back for the next episode I mentioned earlier. Oh, my gosh. 500 episodes. 500 episodes.

As we’ll be talking about the evolution of affiliate marketing, the past, present, and future.

Robby, our operations manager, is actually going to interview me on just everything that’s going on.

My business, how the affiliate world has changed, what we’re seeing again, the past, the present, the future.

It’s going to be pretty awesome, I think. I’ve only been interviewed one time on my own podcast.

We’ll see how that goes. But episode 500, I can’t believe it. Actually, I can.

I talked about it earlier. That’s what we’ve done 500 times.

I’ve shown up for the podcast, I’ve produced the content, I’ve built the brand, and that’s what led to getting one of my dream clients.

So come back for that if you want to learn all about the past, present, and future, that evolution of affiliate marketing.

We’ll see you then.


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