Thanks for your interest in reviewing my podcast, the World Changer Show.

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Why ratings and reviews are important

My goal with this podcast is to inspire others to find and unleash the World Changer inside of them. I believe that we are born to change the world, that we were born to make history. This podcast helps others believe that, become it, and pass it on.

To do that, we need to get the message out and one great way to do that is to rank high in the iTunes and Stitcher rankings.

How rankings work

Rankings on both iTunes and Stitcher are determined by four factors:


So the more of each we have, the higher the podcast ranks. The higher it ranks, the more people we inspire.

How you can help – Subscribe to the Podcast

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If you use a smartphone, I suggest getting a podcast application such as Downcast. Another popular one is Instacast. Both are the same price.

These applications make subscribing to and listening to podcasts so much easier. Plus, you don’t have to load iTunes on your computer, subscribe, and then manually sync to your phone. You can do the whole thing from within the podcast app. They also automatically update your podcasts every time a new episode is released.

How you can help – Rate and Review the Podcast

You can leave a rating and review for the podcast right here: iTunes | Stitcher

Thanks so much!

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