When you try to sell affiliate offers (or anything for that matter), do you have a unique “voice” you speak in or write in? If so, it’s killing your brand…and your sales.

Using a sales voice

I’ve made this mistake myself dozens of times. It’s time to sell something and BOOM – “Sales Voice” comes out.

“Sales Voice” Defined

Your “sales voice” is the voice you think you are supposed to use to sell something. It applies in spoken word and in print. It sounds and reads different than your regular voice. To the listener or reader, it is alarming and obvious that something is different.

When I use my “sales voice” verbally, I sound different (think Monster Truck announcer or cheesy used car commercial).

Even my writing takes on a new tone. I stop using humor. I write in a different format than normally. I use words that I think I am supposed to use to sell.

I am…no longer myself.

And it always backfires. Not only do I not make the sale, but I lose trust, likeability, and I get off brand…three long-term business killers.

I see others make this mistake all the time with affiliate promotions. When it’s time to sell, they start using “sales voice.”

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Why We Use “Sales Voice” (And How to Fix It)?

Here are five reasons you use a “sales voice” and how to fix it.

1. You Try Too Hard

Whether you are promoting our own product or an affiliate offer, you really want the sale. I get that. So do I.

But when you try too hard to make the sale, something changes in you. You lose the relaxed tone you normally use with your friends and you begin to talk faster and get more pushy. Your vocabulary even changes and you become virtually unrecognizable to the people who read your regular emails.

People don’t like that. The sound or sight of desperation is a major sales killer.

The sound or sight of desperation is a major sales killer.

The Fix: As simple as it sounds, the fix is to try less. I’m not saying to not ask for the sale, but do so in a way that is consistent with your normal voice. Don’t sound desperate or needy, even if you are.

2. You Try to Be Someone Else

Often, the reason you have a “sales voice” is that you are trying to sell like someone else.

You are Jim Gaffigan in your regular emails and suddenly Big Bob’s Auto Superstore in your sales emails. You go from endearing personal stories to pushy salesman overnight.

Usually, this is the result of seeing how others are selling and trying to mimic them. Remember, what works for them might not work for you.

The Fix: Don’t try to be someone else when you are selling. Be yourself. Observing others is a great way to learn, provided you pick and choose what you copy from them.

3. You Haven’t Clearly Defined Your Brand

If you have not clearly defined your brand, it’s easy to stray off course.

One day you might be funny storyteller guy and the next you are tough, in-your-face motivation guy. It’s important to pick one theme and stick with it.

The Fix: Write out your brand statement. One of the best ways to stand out is to have a unique personality or style. It’s important to get crystal clear on what that is and stick to it, especially when selling.

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4. You Learn Too Much

I am a big fan of learning. In fact, I think you should keep reading my blog and learn as much as you can. In fact, you should subscribe so you don’t miss a thing. I’ll even throw in a free training on how to make your next affiliate promotion your best ever (See what I did there?).

But you can learn too much about sales. You can read so many blog posts and books and take so many courses that you forget the basics of sales:

STEP ONE: Get people to know, like, and trust you.

STEP TWO: Make recommendations about products to them in a way that is consistent with your brand.

Yeah, that is pretty much the formula.

When you are constantly learning new sales tricks, you can quickly devolve into nothing but a pitchman.

The Fix: Stick to the basics of selling and stop trying so many new things in a short period of time.

5. You Copy the Swipe Copy Exactly As Is

Please, please, please…if someone gives you swipe copy for an affiliate promotion, do not copy/paste it.

Hold up your right hand and make this statement out loud now: I, , will not copy swipe copy without taking a moment to make sure it is on-brand for me.

When you use swipe copy “as-is,” you are giving up your ability to keep sales pitches on-brand. Swipe copy was written in someone else’s voice, not yours.

The Fix: Use swipe copy only as a guide. In this quick video, I share how I use swipe copy to craft a message that is true to my brand while getting the important points across.

How affiliates should use swipe copy

Don’t make these mistakes. Stay on brand and be yourself when you sell.

Have you ever fallen victim to using a ‘sales voice?’ What were the results?


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