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01 – I want to make more money by mastering affiliate marketing

02 – I want to start an affiliate program from scratch

03 – I want to find more affiliates and scale my affiliate program


Master Affiliate Marketing

When I started my blog, I was terrible at monetizing. I didn’t know what products to create and sell, so I sold nothing. Affiliate marketing was the answer…and my business’ savior. My first $588 commission quickly turned into a steady income stream of more than $10,000/month and has since brought into millions of dollars. It’s also been one of the primary ways I find and connect with other awesome potential affiliate partners for my business.

I’ve also personally worked with more than 320,000 affiliates as an affiliate manager in nearly every conceivable niche. If you are ready to master affiliate marketing, here are some of my favorite podcasts, blog posts, and videos to help you:

Podcast Episodes

How To Introduce Affiliate Offers To Your Audience

How To SERVE Your Tribe With Affiliate Promotions

How to Avoid the Most Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

My $100,000 A Year Page (How You Can Create Passive Affiliate Income)

Blog Posts


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Sales secrets of successful affiliate marketers

Affiliate Marketing Sales Secrets

Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing with a resources page

Learn How to Create a Resources Page

guide on how to write a product review with affiliate marketing

Learn How to Write a Product Review


Start Your Affiliate Program from Scratch

I started my own affiliate program from scratch in 2005 and built it into a $1,000,000/month program in less than two years! If you are ready to experience the explosive growth that an affiliate program can bring to your business, listen, read, and watch the following:


Are You Ready To Bring On Affiliates

How to Start an Affiliate Program: The First 30 Days

3 Surprising Sources Of Affiliate Partners

Blog Posts


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Find Your First 100 Affiliates

template for affiliate program terms and conditions

Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions Template

email for recruiting affiliates

Get My #1 Affiliate Recruiting Email Template


Scale and Expand Your Affiliate Program

I’ve helped entrepreneurs such as Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, Michael Hyatt, and Rich Schefren as well as brands such as Shutterfly and Adidas dramatically scale their affiliate programs. If you are ready to take your affiliate program to the next level, check out these episodes, posts, and videos:


How To Work With Competitors As Affiliates

15 Biggest Affiliate Program Challenges (and How to Solve Them)

How to Hire an Affiliate Manager

Blog Posts


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top mistakes to avoid with your affiliate program

Avoid The Top 20 Affiliate Program Mistakes I’ve Made

email templates for activating affiliates

Turn Your Inactive Affiliates into Your Best Affiliates

Affiliate email template for affiliate managers

Get My Template for Writing Great Affiliate Emails

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