Free Checklist Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Affiliates

The EXACT Template We Use to Get Affiliates to Share More Content

During a launch, it’s one thing to get affiliates to send an email or two. It’s another to get them to go “all-in” for your launch. Today, I’ll share the exact checklist that we use to get the most out of our affiliates.

When you first get someone to commit to promoting your launch, it’s exciting. You expect them to send a bunch of emails, share on social media, mention your launch on their podcast, etc.

How to Warm Up Your Affiliate Partners Before a Launch

Our Exact Timeline for Keeping Partners Engaged and Fired Up

You’re six months from launch date. What do you do to keep your affiliate partners warm before your launch? Here’s the exact strategy we use for our clients.

How to Warm Up Affiliate Partners

Unfortunately the “normal” way we usually see people warming up their partners is “not at all.”

Here’s a typical pre-launch calendar:

1 month out: Email announcing launch.

Day before launch: Here’s what you need for tomorrow.

Not exactly warming them up.