Two Powerful Words: Revolutionize Your Work, Your Relationships, and Your Life with the Power of Gratitude!

Thank you.

Two words not said enough, by bosses, by spouses, by friends, or by strangers on the street. We can change that.

That was my mission when I wrote my first post on thank you notes, entitled A Thank You Revolution.

What became of it was more than I ever imagined. I have received stories from revolutionaries worldwide via email, guest posts, and even via thank you notes themselves.

These are their stories.

Thank You Revolution E-Book Matt McWilliams

In it you will read about how the Thank You Revolution has improved workplace morale, brought families closer together, and earned a lowly IT manager an audience with the executives of his company. You will hear from revolutionaries such as Mary, Pat, Jon, and Leo who shared their stories with me and ultimately allowed me to share them with the world.

Each of the stories in the book is the type of story that, when I read it, caused me to sit back and shake my head in amazement. They will inspire you, instruct you, and invite you to join a revolution.

In addition to the stories, there is plenty of practical advice on how to get started and keep writing your thank you notes. You’ll learn what to write, whom to write to, and tips to pack more punch with your notes.

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You can change your life today. Experience the power of gratitude.