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You might not like me after this.This is the toughest Revolution challenge yet.

Sure, I’ve had you write notes to your garbage men, teachers, co-workers, parents, etc. Some were hard, but none as hard as this one. Are you ready?

Before you read on, bookmark this page, come back and share your story below in the comments. I’d love to hear from you and I know others would as well.

Today’s challenge: Write a thank you letter to someone you don’t like.

I’ve never been accused of being the sanest person in the world, but I’m not crazy for suggesting this. I want you to write a note to someone you don’t really like, perhaps even someone who hurt you deeply, and thank them for something.

I’m doing it myself today and honestly, I’m not my own biggest fan for it, but I am doing it for three reasons:

  • It’s a growth opportunity for me.
  • This person really did something I should be thankful for.
  • I am called to be a light to the world and this is one way I can do that.

Eight years ago (man, I didn’t realize it was that long ago), my father passed away from a rare form of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Seven years prior, he married my stepmother. She and I never got along.

To this day, I can easily recount all of the things she did to hurt my father and to hurt me. I have battled with forgiveness for years and did so recently (talk about freeing), but I never thanked her.

Thanked her for what?

With all of her faults, she was there for my dad as best as she knew how as he was slowly deteriorating in front of our eyes. While I moved away from my business, she was right there with him, making sure he got the best care possible. And I never said “thank you.”

Today that changes.

Today, despite our differences and despite the past bitterness I had towards her, I will write to her what I should have said or written eight years ago.

I have no expectations of a relationship. I have no expectations of ever hearing from her again. But as she reads it, the world will indeed be a little brighter. My light will shine.

And the one thing I do expect is that I will smile more today.

This will be tough. For me. For you. Some of you will battle. Some of you will cry. Some of you will feel a freedom you haven’t felt in ages. Some of you will experience a restored relationship.

However tough it is, I urge you…I beg you to do this today. Don’t let one more day pass you by. This day might change your life.

Let your light shine.

With Gratitude,

Matt McWilliams

Matt | Life. Leadership. Love. Learned the Hard Way

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