Few people in the online marketing space have had a greater impact on my business than Jeff Walker. If you aren’t familiar with Jeff, he is the creator of Product Launch Formula (PLF) and has revolutionized the online marketing world. I owe much of my success in my business to the things that I have learned from Jeff’s course, book, videos, and emails. Today, I share the most powerful lesson I have ever learned from Jeff Walker (and, I promise, it’s not what you think!).

the most powerful lesson I learned from Product Launch Formula's Jeff Walker

The “F” Word Is Not A Dirty Word

Jeff Walker is best known for his course, Product Launch Formula. The key word in that title being “formula.”

THAT is the “F” word I’m talking about.

Formula. A word that is dirty to some people.

But there is incredible power found in proven formulas.

I used to HATE the idea of using a formula. But then I discovered the Pareto Principle (AKA the 80/20 Formula) and how it applies to ALL aspects of our lives.

If you aren’t familiar with it, the Pareto Principle originally stated that 20% of the people controlled 80% of the wealth. However, since Vilfredo Pareto developed the idea in the 1800’s in Italy, we have found that the 80/20 principle applies to almost everything.

  • 20% of your customers will bring in 80% of your revenue.
  • 20% of your marketing will bring in 80% of your sales.
  • 20% of your food will give you 80% of the health benefits.
  • 20% of donors will give 80% of the money.
  • 20% of what you read and study will produce 80% of your results.

The Pareto Principle (80/20 formula) in marketing

And formulas are the way that you can quickly harness the power of the 80/20 principle. That’s because a good formula embodies all of the best practices and highest ROI activities pertaining to a certain outcome.

Most of the online courses I have purchased and recommend are just that: formulas for simplifying and streamlining the process of achieving a desired result. In other words, they make challenging concepts easy to understand. They make difficult processes easy to execute. And they make extraordinary results easy to achieve.

The courses include:

  • Stu McLaren’s Tribe Course for membership sites
  • Ryan Leveque’s ASK Method for effectively bucketing your prospects and getting valuable feedback from prospective buyers
  • Ray Edwards’ Copywriting Academy, which teaches a proven system for writing copy that sells
  • Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula for effectively launching an online product or course.

These are all examples of proven formulas that help you achieve a specific result.

Formulas Are a Lot Cooler Than They Seem

I know there are some who will read this post and say “Yeah, but formulas, frameworks, and templates are SO BORING! I prefer to just be creative and see what happens!”

I know that because I used to feel the exact same way. I used to cringe just thinking of being “confined” by a process or (gasp) a formula!

Formulas can sound bland and boring — and who wants to be boring, when you can be fun and creative?

Marketing formula with Jeff Walker

But what I’ve found is having a good formula actually unleashes my creativity, rather than hindering it!

It’s the difference between me giving you a blank sheet of paper and telling you to write something funny, or giving you a specific scenario and asking you to write the punch line.

Does giving you the scenario mean you can’t be creative?


You can actually be MORE creative and come up with something MUCH funnier because you have a framework to work within.

The same is true with a good formula.

What Actually Happens When You Follow a Formula

It Worked For Others, But…

Some people don’t think formulas are all that boring. They just don’t think they will work for them.

“Sure,” they say to themselves. “It worked for him, but that would never work for me. He’s .”

Or they think that it was a fluke. Or that it was all about timing. Or that it only works for men in their 50’s, whose children are all grown up, who have a graduate degree, and whose favorite football team is in the NFC East.

But the reality is that the beauty of a good formula is that it is universally true. It’s time-tested and proven…even if you don’t think it will work for you, it will.

Nature is full of proven formulas that work – regardless of whether we believe in them or not.

Take water for example. The formula for water is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.

Whether you believe that formula works or not is irrelevant, because it still works.

Or a rainbow. The formula for a rainbow is simple. You need a light source and water droplets (typically in the air). But if you understand the formula, even a small child can create a rainbow at home!

Even your favorite mixed drink is nothing more than a formula.

I don’t drink, but even I know that a gin and tonic is nothing more than combining gin with tonic (I wonder how long it took to name that drink!).

But, the quality of the final product is dependent on the quality of the ingredients. Use cheap gin and flat tonic and the best formula in the world won’t make a good drink.

The same is true for a marketing formula. Follow it, but use a crappy landing page, it fails. Follow only part of it, it fails. Follow it, but believe that it will fail…and you guessed it…it fails.

That’s what I love about Jeff’s Product Launch Formula. It’s been proven to work in almost any niche.

  • My friend Kara Andretta has used it with great success in the cake decorating and cake business industry.
  • Susan Garrett got massive results in the dog training industry.
  • Barry Friedman used PLF to teach entertainers how to land high-paying gigs.
  • Joe Mercola used PLF to help people improve their vision without surgery.

Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula examples and Case Studies Kara Andretta and Susan Garrett

And my team and I have used PLF in my business to attract hundreds of students to our courses.

CASE STUDY: Watch the video recap of our recent NPNP Launch to see how we applied Jeff’s Formula.

Not All Formulas Are Created Equal

Just because someone has a formula, doesn’t mean it’s the complete or even the best formula.

The Lightbulb

For example, if I asked you who invented the light bulb, who would you say?

Thomas Edison, right?


Warren de La Rue, a British chemist invented the first light bulb nearly 40 years before Edison’s patent.

The problem was, his formula was extremely expensive and, therefore, uneconomical.

Edison wasn’t even the second person. That was Joseph Swan. He created a bulb a year before Edison, in 1878, however, his bulb burned out much too quickly.

Multiple people had the right formula for the light bulb, but it was Edison who perfected the formula and led to the mass implementation of the technology.

Therefore, we all remember Edison, and no one remembers de La Rue or Swan.

The Airplane

The same thing happened with manned flight.

Orville and Wilbur Wright weren’t the only ones with the formula for flight.

Wright Brothers formula for flight

Samuel Pierpont Langley was the only flight pioneer to get government funding and had several successful unmanned flights as early as 1896.

He understood the principles of thrust and drag that make flight possible. But because he was unable to make the leap to a successful manned flight, the Wright Brothers are a household name. And Samuel Pierpont Langley is not.

Every new innovation shares a similar trait – it is rare that only the person credited with the breakthrough was the only one to have the formula. But they ARE the one to put the formula together in the right way with the correct parts to make it work.

In other words, they have the right formula and the right (quality) ingredients…and they have the PROOF that it actually works.

When it comes to launching online products, Jeff Walker is widely credited with having THE formula that works.

RELATED VIDEO: Watch my recap of Jeff Walker’s event, PLF Live here.

It is based on timeless principles that have worked for hundreds of years.

Giving value before asking for a sale, which leads to reciprocity.

Building buzz and agitating the problem before presenting a solution, which leads to pent up demand.

Building community, creating scarcity and presenting social proof.

All of these have been used for generations, but Jeff organized them into a FORMULA that works.

After studying and applying Jeff’s Product Launch Formula, our business exploded! And soon, I recognized the value of discovering or developing formulas in other aspects of my business and life to achieve greater success.

How Do I Know If It’s a Good Formula?

So how do you know if a formula is a good formula?

There are two ways to know whether a formula will work:

  1. Your own experience
  2. The experience of others

How do you know that water and a light source create a rainbow?

By doing an experiment in your backyard, you can see for yourself. Or you can look up in the sky the next time it rains and the sun comes out. Either way, you can see the evidence of the formula. You can easily see proof that the formula works.

How do we know that the Wright Brothers’ formula for manned flight works?

We see proof every time a plane flies above us. And we have first-hand experience every time we get on a plane ourselves.

I know that Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula is a good formula because I have experienced the results personally in my business. But before I had my own experiences, I saw the countless testimonials, case studies and results that others had achieved using his system.

I knew before I even purchased the course that it would work. I knew it worked for friends and clients like Michael Hyatt and Ray Edwards, who’ve built multi-million dollar businesses using PLF. And I knew it worked for Kara, Joe, Susan, Barry, and others.

With any good formula, you will be able to both see the results of others and experience the results for yourself.

Which formulas will you implement into your life and business to achieve success?

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