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Happy Thursday,

Will this work?

That’s a question people often ask when I ask them to commit hours of their life every year to writing thank you notes. In other words, will I see the return? Will it affect everyone?

I liken it to the reason people question why they should eat healthier, exercise more, or read more. Without the 100% absolute guarantee of positive results, they default to the easy route. (AKA, they are lazy).

So…will it work?

The short answer is…maybe. Likely yes. On a macro level, it will work. It will change your life.

But it might not work with everyone.

I received an email from a fellow Revolutionary recently that read:

I am a fairly new team lead and my team is very beleaguered at the moment because our call center is flooded with early morning calls and high call volume and lots of call-ins. I just sent an individually tailored thank you note to all 9 members saying thank you for showing up and being awesome. I do not know that it will help, but I feel better having put that in the Universe.

So I THANK you, for helping me get there.

Did you catch that? In the midst of difficulty, she stopped to say “thank you” in a unique way. A weird way. To nine people. And she’s not sure if it will work.

And it might not…for all nine.

Why will it work for some and not others?

I have no idea. Some people are just different.

But will it work for her?

It already has. And the continued habit of doing that will change her life.

If you haven’t already read my book, The Power of Gratitude: Stories from the Frontlines of the Thank You Revolution, download it now. It’s yours free as a Revolutionary.

Read the first story about Mary then read the next link. It takes time, but the positive results will happen eventually. If you read the rest of Mary’s story, you’ll see for yourself.

This Revolutionary is right, the Revolution is just as much about you as it is others. So keep writing notes whether they respond or not.

With Gratitude,

Matt McWilliams
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